Choosing A Reliable Windscreen Replacement Service In Perth

There comes a time in every driver’s life when they need to replace or repair their windscreens. When this happens, it is important to have a reliable windscreen replacement service on speed dial. However, with so many services to choose from in Perth, the task of selecting the right one can be somewhat daunting.


The first thing you need to check before hiring a windscreen replacement service is certification. The company you have your eyes on should have an operating license from a reputable car safety body. Such a body will have inspected the company to ensure they are qualified to provide windscreen replacement services in a safe and professional manner. A good way to ensure your company is licensed is to ask for their license number which you can check against local licensing authorities to see whether it is up-to-date. The more confident companies will have already shared this information with you in their websites and other online sources.


Another good way to ensure you are choosing a reliable windscreen replacement service is to get opinions and advice from friends and relatives. This will save you a lot of time and trouble when searching for the service since the information they provide won’t be biased.

Experience and Windscreen Replacement Cost Perth

Newly established windscreen replacement and repair companies will often lower their prices in order to lure in business. While not all new companies do this, you’d be safer working with a company that has been around for a while. A company that has been operating for at least 3 years will have gone through different challenges and will possess the skills and knowledge it takes to do a proper job.

Replacement Period

It is important that you find out how long it will take to have your windscreen replaced. Without this information, you may wind up waiting longer than you should to receive the service. In addition to this, find out how long your car would have to sit before you can drive off. If the company tells you that you can drive off immediately, then this should serve as a red flag and you should consider looking elsewhere. This is because your car needs to sit for at least an hour for the resin to settle before you can safely use the car.

Mobile Services

Sometimes it is more convenient to have your windscreen replacement company come to you as opposed to driving your car to their shop. If this is a concern for you, make sure you look for a company that is willing to come over to you when you need their services.