Factors To Consider When Buying Second Hand Washing Machines

In today’s world, a washing machine has turned into a necessity, but not everyone is willing to spend what it requires to get a brand new one. This is why you may want to go for a second hand machine. However, because it can be tricky to get a good second hand washing machine Brisbane, the following guidelines will ensure you get a good one and you are also not cheated.

Washing Requirements

Before you buy anything, it’s vital that you consider the requirements you have from the item. Start by reflecting on the washing machine load capacity you need, the cycle types, and the spin speeds. It’s also critical to consider whether the incoming machine is going to fit into the space where you want to place it. Nothing could be as disappointing as to bring home a worthy used washing machine only to find it’s too big for your space.

Machine Brand

Whenever possible, go for a branded washing machine as it is likely to last longer. They are also generally considered as more durable. It’s also easier to get it repaired or serviced in the future.

Working Efficiency

Theoretically, the better the grading, the more your machine is going to be efficient. Therefore, aim for a machine with good grading because machines ought to generally have more efficiency features like time savers, and unique wash cycles.

Service and Repair Requirements

Ensure that the machine model you are targeting is readily available in the local market. This makes getting spare parts easier and having it service doesn’t become a complex process. A model that is outdated will cost you more when service time comers or when you need to have it repaired.

Functioning Cycle Timer

A major potential problem area with a used machine is usually a faulty cycle timer. When inspecting the machine, make sure you test that function to be sure that it can wash, spin, and rinse your clothes properly. While it’s on, you can also verify if the machine leaks any water from either the tube connections or the door.

Check for Rust

Check for signs of rust on the inside which could have been caused by the owner leaving wet clothes in the drum overnight or metallic zips/ buttons stripping off the paint work. When you buy a machine with rust, it could end up getting onto your clothes.


Purchasing a used washing machine can be a tricky and rather risky affair as there is no way of telling how it has been used by the previous owner. The outward look may be deceptive. However, with the above tips, you can at least ensure you have checked the most critical areas.