Phone Systems In Sydney

Phone systems are perhaps the most efficient communication tools on the planet. They make voice communication over great distances possible. There are many types of phone systems in Sydney and they are suitable for different types of users. Choosing the right phone system for your needs will help to ensure you get the best results possible. The following are the most popular types of phone systems available to Sydney residents:

i) Internet Phones

These are also known as VOIP phones. As the name suggests, these phones use an existing internet connection for both voice and video communication. The phone system comes in form of a handheld device with a cable which can be plugged into the standard LAN port. When it is connected, the device registers the network and is automatically assigned an IP address. All you need to do is plug the cable and make calls. It is important to note that the device retains its phone number regardless of where it is plugged. You can take it with you to the other side of the planet and make calls with the same phone number. If the network you plug into has a large bandwidth and offers high-speed internet, you can also make video calls.

ii) Telephone Land line

This is the oldest type of phone system. It uses overhead and underground telephone lines for communication. To get connected, there must be telephone lines near your home or business premise. Due to the infrastructure needed to connect homes and business premises to traditional land lines, the phone system is only suitable for consumers who are located in the city and the suburbs. The system is both affordable and reliable, but the number of providers is limited.

iii) Cell Phones

These are mobile phones which use either GSM or CDMA wireless networks. They can be used in both homes and businesses. The only shortcoming of these devices is that they require regular charging of the battery. Due to their small size, they can be misplaced. The good news is that there are many cell phone networks in Sydney, so you can find a carrier offering the highest quality services at the lowest rates.

iv) Satellite Phones

In remote locations, telephone lines, internet broadband and cellphone signals may not be available, making communication almost impossible. This is where satellite phones come in. If you own a fishing boat or cruise ship, you will need to have a satellite phone to communicate with your team or relatives on land. While it may be costly, satellite communication is reliable and covers the most remote of places.