Signs That You Need To See Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy (OT) refers to the treatment for persons to develop, recover, or maintain their daily skills. It often helps people with mental disabilities, impairments, or injuries to attain their independence or self-esteem. Furthermore, the practitioners address the psychological and social well-being, making it essential for optimum mental and physical health. Below signs in your child will call for an appointment with Occupational Therapy;

Poor Motor Skills

Gross motor skills involve entire body movement that requires the body to perform everyday functions like standing, sitting upright, walking, and running. If your child appears to be clumsy or uncoordinated, it could be she/he has low body tone, strength, and lacks balance. Another sign is in fine motor skills such as writing, holding a small object, or picking up a spoon. When these motor skills are not addressed, your child may have a difficult time performing everyday activities. The good news is that OT can provide physically based therapy procedures and modified movements to help your kid complete daily tasks.

Difficulty achieving age-appropriate developmental marks

You may need to seek occupational therapy services if your child is behind in developing skills during a particular period. For instance, your child could be behind reaching developmental milestones of sitting, crawling, or walking at the common time. Similarly, when you notice a delay in communication or not developing age-appropriate play and social skills. Therefore, you may need an occupational therapist’s assistance when the developments lag way too behind.

Inability to Focus

In case your kid is having issues focusing on their homework, it could be an indicator that he/she has difficulty concentrating in class. Although most children do not focus entirely on completing an assignment, if they get distracted easily by noises and movement at home may have a problem paying attention at school. An occupational therapist can help your kid stay focused by providing products that ease their stress like fidget toys or chewable pencil tops. Furthermore, they enable special sitting and testing in separate rooms to avoid sensory overload.

A good occupational therapist can play a major role in improving the child’s ability to focus and learn. Besides, OT considers all the patient’s needs, whether physical, social, psychological, or environmental. As a result, it goes a long way toward supporting the patients, which gives them hope. Additionally, it provides them with the expectations of performing their activities without depending on family members and friends.

Why You Need Massage Therapy

Body massage has for many years been used to treat chronic pain of the joints, neck, muscles, and tissues thanks to its amazing therapeutic effects. According to a study conducted by Mayo Clinic, massage therapy can help to improve the health of a patient and boost the quality of life. There are different types of massage, including the following:

Types of Massage Therapies

Swedish Massage Montville, also called the Classic Massage, the Swedish massage is a massage treatment that targets the entire body in which pressure is applied in circular motions to cause a feeling of relaxation. In this type of massage, a therapist can deploy various techniques such as rolling and kneading the muscles, effleurage, tapotement, and friction all of which are directed at the heart to promote a smooth flow of blood and the lymph.

Swedish massage has been proven to help patients heal through manipulating and stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. All these processes are done to cause a relaxation of the body.

Benefits of Massage

Patients who choose massage end up gaining more, including the following:
Pain relief, relaxation, relief from fatigue, better circulation of the blood, and boosting the body’s immunity. Before you go in for any other treatment, it is important to consider talking to your physician or therapist to help you decide the best type of massage that suits your particular conditions. Massage, especially if done by a professional massage therapist, has the potential to heal, regenerate, and prevent t the body from fractures and injuries. Depending on the severity of your condition, you can choose to have light, medium, or intense pressure. As you continue with the sessions, you may ask your massage therapist to adjust accordingly.

If you are looking to treat your joint pain and feelings of pressure in your muscles, or simply want to feel relaxed after a tiring activity or work, massage therapy would go a long way in helping you feel relaxed and at peace.

Summary of the Benefits of Massage

• Treats anxiety
• Improves the circulation of blood
• Improves the health of the skin
• Promotes a sense of well-being
• Reduced stress
• Relaxation
• Reduced joint pain

Deep Tissue Massage

Unlike full-body massage that is directed towards relaxation, deep tissue massage focuses on deeper layers of the muscles and the tissues and is aimed at rehabilitation. In this type of massage, the therapist applied firm, deep but slow pressure on specific areas of the body to help enhance blood flow so that you feel relieved from stress. Some of the benefits of deep tissue massage include:

• Back pain relief
• Break up scar tissue
• Management of arthritis
• Reducing stress and anxiety
• Improved recovery after rigorous physical exercises
• Reduces risks of high blood pressure

No matter the type of massage you opt for, it is important to choose a massage Montville premium provider with undoubted working experience.