Busting Fitness Equipment Myths

Sales of fitness equipment have soared in the past year. People are trying to exercise in their own homes while they are not able to go to the gyms. It’s a great idea for staying in shape but many are bogged down by fitness equipment myths. We tackle some of them below:

Myth #1: You need a fortune to build a home gym.

There is a misconception that you need lots of money just to be able to work out at home. This is definitely wrong. Plenty of people have been able to achieve so much with so little. The reality is that you don’t need any equipment to start as basic bodyweight exercises can take you far. Once you reach your plateau, you will need to add more load but free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells are quite affordable. Even spin bikes and treadmills come in affordable models.

Myth #2: You have to lift heavy weights to get fit.

Lifting heavy can help you bulk up. If your aim is to pack on more muscles, then this will be necessary. However, heavy is relative to each individual. Beginners might find a 10lb dumbbell quite heavy whereas a body builder might think nothing of it. If you’re just starting out, then you don’t need to invest a lot on massive weight plates just yet. Small ones will offer ample resistance for you level. Build your collection as you go. You should also remember that fitness is not just about bulging muscles. Think about your balance, endurance, agility, and speed as well, especially if you are playing sports.

Myth #3: Fitness machines will get you shredded.

Fitness machines can help you get shredded but you will have to work hard to make this happen. It’s not guaranteed by just buying one. It will take a long time to achieve the incredible physique that you see on TV. Those models using the machines had to work on their fitness for years. Set your expectations accordingly.

Myth #4: Machines are safer because of guided motion.

This may be true to some extent. You are less likely to go out of position or get seriously injured with a machine that guides your motion. However, these machines will only work optimally if they have been adjusted to the correct settings. These may be different for each user. Study how to do this so you can get more out of these machines.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Fitness Equipment

Today, most people find it easy to buy Fitness Equipment for their homes to reduce the time they spend every day going out to the gym. Working out at home is one convenient and less costly way to keep fit; however, due to minimal knowledge of what makes the best equipment for the gym, people find it challenging to choose. Therefore, before you get out to the store looking for this equipment, you should research and get some vital knowledge and information on what makes the best tools for your home gym. While some people find it easy to ask the dealers but it is essential to know to help you find the best from your perspective:

The type of the equipment

There are thousands of gym equipment available in various stores whose purposes and functionality differ. Therefore you need to know which equipment is best for your workout at home; the first thing to help you understand what you want is the type of exercise you engage in or plan to get into. There are two categories of such tools, that is; cardio and strength equipment. Once you have noted the differences between the two and know what you want to achieve, the rest will be easy for you.


In these cases, you should know that paying too much is not a guarantee of getting the best, be careful about what you spend as you evaluate the value. You should always find out every part of the equipment, its features, and the services they will offer and match it with the amount of money you are about to pay. However, higher prices are associated with better quality; it should not be the case everywhere; you should first evaluate and find out what is best for you. There is affordable equipment that will give you the best than you thought you could get.

The available space

If you have been keen enough, you will realize that most people with home gym equipment have them scattered in the basements. This happens mainly because they did not evaluate the available spaces to store their tools ideally. Therefore, you should analyze the area open before you get out to find the right equipment for you. If you think this hard, you should consider asking the store about the best tools and the approximate space they can occupy.


When finding the best Fitness Equipment, you should be prepared pocket and mind-wise; without the proper knowledge, you might end up getting what you never desired.

Why You Should Have Fitness Equipment At Home

A lot of people have the wrong impression that fitness equipment belong to fancy gyms. Although they know that it’s possible to exercise at home, they tend to think that only the most basic bodyweight exercises can be done. The reality is that there are no limits to what you can in your own house. You can purchase consumer-grade or professional fitness equipment if you want to. Of course, you should make sure that you have the space to accommodate the bulky machines. You might have to rearrange your stuff and perform renovations to make a room suitable for workouts. Your efforts will be rewarded with the following:

Eliminate Common Excuses

It’s hard to get up in the morning to go to work. It’s even harder when you need to wake up earlier and go to the gym before going to work. Often, you just end up snoozing the alarm until you realize that it’s already late in the morning and you have to rush to the office. You can move your gym visit to the evenings but that can be ruined as well if you need to go on overtime. On other days, you might be eager to go to the gym but the weather just won’t cooperate. The distance may also become an issue. If your fitness equipment is right inside the house, then you only need to walk a few steps to use it.

Encourage Family Fitness

When you introduce gym equipment at home, you are creating an environment that is conducive to fitness not just for you but for the whole family. It’s a great investment when you consider that anyone in the house can use the machines when they need to. This takes care of their physical health so you can worry less. They can also reduce household expenses since no one needs a gym membership anymore. Of course, healthier individuals will also spend less on medical bills.

Ensure Long-term Consistency

With all of the equipment situated right at home, it is easier to stay consistent with workout routines. No one gets fit overnight. No one losses all excess fats with one exercise session. It is vital for people to keep doing the work day in and day out. When you remove the known difficulties and make workouts convenient, you are going to see schedules being adhered to. Even if there are unexpected life issues, it would be easy to get back to the grind with the equipment within reach.

What Is Best Home Gym Equipment?

It has become almost a necessity to have your own best home gym equipment. Now that it’s not really advisable to go out much, people are looking for ways to stay fit while in isolation. Fortunately, we are in an era when fitness products are abundant on the market. If you are trying to pick items that would serve you well, then consider the following:

Your Fitness Goals

Think about what you would like to achieve. This will be your guiding light in all of your decisions. For example, if you want to lose some weight, then you need to perform exercises that will primarily burn fats. This calls for low intensity but long duration such as brisk walking for beginners or slow running if the joints can handle it. Others might wish to focus on gaining more muscles. They will have to perform a different array of exercises that involve progressive loading. For example, they might lift weights and go heavier each month or whenever they feel like they can tackle more.

Your Fitness Level

You will also need to consider your own current fitness level as this will be your starting point. As much as you would like to run a marathon, you cannot do 42K tomorrow if you have been sedentary the years prior. How long can you go without huffing and puffing? What is your most comfortable pace? Do your joints hurt? Some might need to strengthen their legs first with cycling or elliptical before running. Others who wish to lift weights will have to start with loads that they can carry safely. There is no point in overloading if your form breaks down. Look for a set of dumbbells with a range of weights that can take you from A to Z.

Your Gym Budget

Not everyone can purchase items without worries about the price. Most households have limited budgets so every cent should count. Maximize your funds by selecting the best home gym equipment for your needs today. Opt for versatile items such as dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension straps, and resistance bands that can be used for countless exercises that can target every muscle group.

Your Storage Space

Think about the room where you will put everything in. Is it a corner of your bedroom or a dedicated gym room? How large is the floor space? If it’s a sizeable area, then you may be able to fit a treadmill and an exercise bike. Some might need the treadmill to be small and foldable. Others will simply have to run outside. Instead of a squat rack, maybe all you can fit is a small dumbbell stack and that’s fine. You can also mount suspension straps on the ceiling or on the wall to save floor space.

Tips For Selecting A Wholesale Commercial Gym Equipment Supplier

One of the significant things that can affect the type of gym you have is the kind of supplier. The supplier can have a considerable impact on the cost of setting the gym and the experience the users get. This comes from the price and quality of the equipment. With that said, you must be cautious and take time when deciding which supplier to choose for your commercial gym equipment. The points below will help you to avoid mediocre suppliers and focus on the quality ones.

Think of Local Sources

If you search online for different commercial gym equipment, you will realize that most come from overseas. Some of them as cheap, and you may be tempted to go for the option. However, the downside of such is that you may not know their actual quality. It may also take months before you get them. Furthermore, you will be required to pay extra fees for items from overseas. Instead, work with local dealers. The tools will be transported on time, and you can enjoy discounts. There are no customs fees to pay for. As if that is not enough, you get a team of experts to help you fix them gear.

Ask for Quotes

If you want to get the best deal on your exercise gear, it will be wise to ask for price quotes from several suppliers. Compare the price of wholesale items from the suppliers. You will notice that they will give different estimates. With the figures, you will choose the favorable one. Check the options that each one is giving you. Some may offer extras like free installation or inspection. You can also check how each is willing to negotiate the price.

Ask for Previous Jobs

One way you can know if your potential supplier is the right one is by looking at their previous work. Ask them to show you the fitness centers they have worked with. If their fit-out jobs in the last commercial places please you, then you may go for the person. A good supplier will not only give you promises. The will also show you evidence of the work they have done before. For credibility, ask for contacts that can provide details on the same.


When searching for a supplier, you can rely on, make sure to use the above tips. They will help you locate a reliable one with all the tools you require for your gym. A good supplier will offer a wide range of quality gear from the best-known brands.

Tips For Choosing The Best Home Gym Equipment

When it comes to gym equipment for the home, not all equipment is created equal. If you want nothing but the best home gym equipment, then there are several things you’ll want to consider when you’re shopping around for it. These things include:


First and foremost, consider the quality of the equipment You don’t want to purchase and use home gym machines that are not constructed well. Poorly made equipment can put your safety as risk, and the equipment could end up failing you within a short period of time. If you want peace of mind knowing you can workout safely and that your equipment will last for many years to come, then opt for equipment that is of high quality.

Exercise Choices

The best equipment will offer you the option of doing various exercises. Try to buy equipment that allows you to train your entire body. If you don’t want to buy a multi-station machine, then buy separate equipment; Just make sure you can train all of your muscles.

For example, you can opt for a machine that allows you to train your full upper body, and you can purchase another machine that lets you train your legs. Alternatively, you can just buy several machines that target a single muscle group and maybe secondary muscles.


Another thing to consider is the resistance. Always go for equipment that offers plenty of resistance. Generally speaking, the resistance levels should range from very light to very heavy. The more resistance options, the better because it means you can always tweak your fitness goals. Whatever your fitness goals are at any given time, you’ll be glad you have equipment that offers the resistance you need to reach those goals.


Bear in mind price isn’t everything when it comes to equipment for the home. Nonetheless, you should be willing to spend quite a bit of money if you’re serious about your training regime. The last thing you want is to choose a piece of equipment that is very inexpensive, only to find out it actually wasn’t worth the money. Have a general idea of how much you’re willing to spend before you start shopping around.

The best home gym equipment offers an array of exercises you can do, and it is well-made. The resistance should be sufficient enough so you can get a good workout in every single time. Price is important too, but it’s not the most important thing to consider.

The Best Home Gym Equipment For You

Home gyms are quickly gaining popularity with the corona-virus pandemic occurring worldwide. With many regular gyms closing down for periods of time, more and more people are turning towards home gyms. Building your own home gym can be fun and rewarding, and it is a great way to stay in shape without ever leaving the house. You want to make sure you are purchasing the best home gym equipment so that you have a gym that is not only highly-functioning but full of equipment that will last for a long time.

One of the most popular home gym equipment of all time is the treadmill. Treadmills are used for running and walking. Many treadmills let you adjust the incline so that you can mimic being on hills or down in valleys. There are many ways to customize treadmills as well, such as adding a flat-screen TV to it so that you can follow a workout instructor or watch sports during your run. There are many different brands and price ranges, so do your research beforehand.

Another item to consider has to be an all-in-one home gym. These generally feature numerous exercise stations so that you can work out all the different areas of your body. The number one factor to consider with these all-in-one home gyms is what types of exercises you are looking to do. You want to purchase one in your price range that has the equipment you will be regularly using.

Strength training has many benefits for your physical health, so dumbbells have to be in consideration for any home gym. Normal dumbbells work great for doing a variety of curls and lifts. Adjustable dumbbells have also gained popularity recently, and for good reason – you can quickly adjust the weights to fit the exercise you are performing. Adjustable dumbbells are also great for tighter spaces since you only need one piece of equipment.

You want your home gym to have equipment that is useful and durable. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on something that collects dust because you never use it. Think about what you want your home gym to contain, research the brands, and read consumer reviews and you will end up with a gym that you are proud to spend time in. The best home gym equipment is the item you will regularly use to keep your health in top shape.

How To Buy The Best Home Gym Equipment

Body fitness and general health are the best things to own in the 21st century; a single exercise means a lot to your body’s growth. That is why a gym equipment purchase is the best move to make if you are to maintain good body shape. But you need to ensure that you choose the best home gym equipment that will aid your transformation. And choosing is not that simple in our free-market world availability of different brands claiming to give you the best can turn your buying process into something hard and confusing. However, with some tips on how to buy the best gym equipment, your selection process can be narrowed and improve your choosing ability. Well, this being the case, here are some choosing tips when it comes to fitness equipment.

How to Buy the Best Home Gym Equipment

Online Review

When looking for best home gym equipment, it is wise if you take your time and try to understand more about the equipment before making your purchase. Online plays a crucial role in helping buyers make a wise decision on what to buy by providing other buyers’ experiences using the same equipment. For instance, if you happen to buy a treadmill and fail or disappoint, you can write back to the company that the product is fake or doesn’t fit your specifications. These comments are displayed on the company’s website, and through this, you can make a wiser decision.


Price, as usual, plays a crucial role in what you should buy, and the quality of the comes with your valuation. It is accurate to say that quality and price rise and fall together, which means an increase in price results in an improvement in quality. However, it is crucial to design a budget that you wise to spend in purchasing the equipment then find something that you can afford or something much higher than your budget but not lower.

Your Fitness Goal

Your aim and fitness goal play a key role in which equipment to buy and which ones not to buy. For instance, you might need a roller and a treadmill for abs development, but for a full-body fit, you might need something else. Your goal should help you come up with the right training equipment. Other factors like space and personal health should play a significant role in your buying process because you need something to help you get fit.

What To Look For When Buying Best Home Gym Equipment

Why go to a Gym?

Rest assured, going for exercising in the gym is not a tedious activity. It is fun, involving, and a regular fitness routine will keep you in excellent physical shape. Exercising will not only shape your physical strength, but it will also enhance your mental alertness, reduce stress, and put your body in a relaxation mode. While there are many benefits of best home gym equipment, unfortunately, most people either discontinue going to the fitness center, or they never take a gym membership! Either way, it is not a neat idea to miss this healthy routine.

The Reasons for Not going to a Gym

While some people are lazy and prefer not to work out, not all have the same sluggish attitude. Some people miss going to the gym due to genuine reasons. Some people do not have a gym close to their home, and it is tiresome to travel a long distance every day. Other people are busy professionals who do not have a schedule to go to a gym. Some people even find it uncomfortable to work out in the gym with people around them. If you are one of those people who find it challenging to going to a regular gym, you can start a small fitness routine at your place by buying the best home gym equipment.

Buying the Best Home Gym Equipment

If you have some fitness routine and have been to a gym, you have an idea about what to buy to start a gym at home. If you are a newbie, you do not have to worry as the Gym store has fitness experts who will guide you in selecting the gym equipment according to your fitness level and health goal. You do not have to purchase heavy pieces of equipment and spend a lot buying big pieces of machinery. At the start, you can find some necessary gym tools for weight training and cardio. As you advance your workout routine and set a schedule at your home gym, you can add more of the best home gym equipment.

One of the best parts of having a home gym is that you can take your time to get all the best gym equipment. Since you will set the fitness area in your home, you do not have to worry about spending heavily on buying the machines. You can start slow, and once you get in the routine of working out, you will learn which machinery to buy and how much to spend on the best equipment.

Considerations When Buying Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial gym equipment are available to the masses. Fitness enthusiasts can get these instead of residential gym equipment if they have the money to spend. These can provide a wealth of options in terms of features and designs. There will be no need to go to a regular gym if you have these in your own home. Just be sure that the following are clear to you before you shell out any amount:


What are your fitness goals? Where are you at currently? Seniors who simple need a treadmill to do consistent walking no matter the weather might not really need an advanced model. Even a small motor will do for their purpose. On the other hand, student athletes who have set the bar high for themselves will need commercial-grade equipment because anything less might not take them where they want to go. They need a treadmill that can keep up with their speed. Road runners have a wide range of PRs and goals so they could opt for home or commercial equipment depending on their targets.


How big is your house? Do you have a specific room that can hold the treadmill? Small ones are about one and a half meters long and less than a meter wide. The top portion is usually easy to fold down for under the bed storage. You can also wheel them in and out of different rooms. As for the advanced ones, expect a large platform that is over two meters long and over a meter wide. The console and its frame are generally fixed for stability. It will be extremely heavy so you need to find the perfect spot for in the house right away.


It’s time to be realistic with your budget since commercial gym equipment are quite pricy. See if you can afford the model that you want despite the cost. This probably exceeds several thousands of dollars. You might want to look around for slightly cheaper options with the same general features. If budget is really tight, then you can get a home treadmill for now and upgrade later. Perhaps you’ll find that it is adequate for your needs.


Home treadmills are not as well-built as commercial ones. This matters if the user intends to train for long hours as the motor will take a lot of punishment. It is also relevant with heavy users as the treadmill needs to have enough cushioning to prevent joint soreness and early breakdowns.