Reasons To Implement EAP NSW For Employees

EAP NSW is a government-supported service that provides free and confidential counseling services to employees people seeking employment or vocational guidance. The EAP aims to support employees in relation to work-related issues such as personal/workplace conflict, stress due to change at work, risk of workplace violence. Here are reasons why EAP may help you.

  1. It’s Free – the EAP is provided free of charge to employees and employers, regardless of an individual’s personal insurance, enterprise agreement, or salary.
  2. It’s Confidential – the counseling service is completely confidential, and there are no disclosure requirements for counselors even if workers disclose work-related information about colleagues or clients.
  3. It Can Help You Find A New Job – if you’re thinking about a new job coming up in your company, don’t delay and talk with your adviser at EAP. If the role is right for you, it may be possible to arrange a move through EAP before external applicants apply or know about it. This will give you the edge over others by increasing your knowledge of the role and the company.
  4. It Can Develop Your Career – EAP NSW advisers can help you with information on career development, training options, and how to take advantage of internal programs offered by your organization. The adviser will work with you to identify any barriers that are preventing you from reaching your full potential so they can be overcome before applying for internal roles or promotions.
  5. It’s A Healthy Option – it’s much better to talk about issues now rather than waiting until serious problems develop at work, which then has a flow-on effect in other aspects of your life such as home, family, relationships, etc.
  6. It Can Save You Money In The Long Term – EAP NSW offers early intervention and prevention, which means you may not continue to have problems at work that sees you losing on-the-job time or being off sick. This can reduce possible work-related costs for your organization, such as reduced productivity, lost opportunities, etc.
  7. It Builds Resilience – if a problem occurs, even though it is distressing at the time, many people report feeling stronger from going through it. An adviser will support you in finding solutions or coping strategies to deal with situations more effectively next time they occur.
  8. It Makes Work More Fun – problematic situations are often ameliorated by making changes — both personally and across entire organizations — that enhance atmosphere, morale, and collegiality. The advisor will help you talk about issues in a productive way that leads to problem-solving instead of endless conflict.
  9. It’s Seriously Valuable – the time spent with an EAP NSW counselor may prevent ongoing relationship problems or family breakdowns which can cause major long-term stress for individuals and their families. Additionally, employees who engage in counseling learn skills that reduce intense reactions to future stressful events so they can remain at work more productively.
  10. It’s An Investment In All Of Us – many employees are not aware of the benefits of getting support before problems escalate into crises that impact everything they do, whether it be at home, socially, or in other parts of their life. If we could save just 10% of the $5 billion dollars spent by Australian companies each year in dealing with issues such as stress, mental health problems, and other personal issues, we would make a huge difference to increased productivity; increased staff morale, and decreased absenteeism. Employers and employees should consider accessing early professional support when difficulties emerge in any area of their lives because it can be an investment in themselves and will usually result in saving money for employers.