Why Everybody Is Switching To Natural Perfumes

When it comes to matters fragrance, just a whiff makes it very clear why many people are going natural. Picture this: wouldn’t your friends or people around you rather think of you whenever they smell a blooming rose than associate you with some weird smelling chemical cocktail?

To help you figure out why choosing a natural perfume is a no-brainer, the following are some of the benefits of using natural and organic perfumes:

1. Emotional and Healing properties: natural/organic perfumes are created using natural essential oils that brings physical healing and emotional properties, including mood boosting, energy-enhancing, and calming effects among other benefits. Many floral oils also increase confidence, self esteem and are good for the skin. Other essential oils relieve nervous exhaustion, encourage inspiration and boosts inner vision.

2. Organic perfumes are free from pesticides, chemicals and other toxins which may result into skin sensitivities and environmental degradation.

3. Synthetic smells from inorganic perfumes can cause lung irritation, nausea, and migraines.

4. While mixing two or more synthetic perfumes is often unpleasant, natural perfumes can be layered to create a mixture of scents, depending on the mood of the wearer.

5. Synthetic perfumes simply mask the skin while organic ones create a bespoke and more pleasant scent on the wearer.

6. Various researches have revealed that an average synthetic fragrance often contain up to 14 harmful chemicals.

7. Synthetic perfumes are often tested on animals, which is unethical. Ingredients in mass produced synthetic fragrances, for instance, include musk and phthalates which have been criticized to lead to dreadful mistreatment of animals.

8. Most natural fragrances are bottled by hand and not in the factory and therefore retain the live plant energy that’s very beneficial to the body.

Bottom Line

46bNatural fragrances have much more perceived value than their synthetic counterparts and are believed to be more sustainable by consumers globally. Besides being healthy and therapeutic in nature, they are perceived to be safer and manufactured through ethical processes. On the other hand, synthetic perfumes are perceived to be stronger, sophisticated and complex, long lasting, and less expensive. They are also easy to manufacture as most of their components are easy to reproduce. Nonetheless, despite these technical advantages of synthetic perfumes and although some perceptions about natural fragrances have been criticized to be inaccurate, they remain reasonable and continue to drive the demand for natural perfumes.

So if you have sensitive skin that is allergic to certain chemicals or you simply prefer using natural skin care products or want products that are manufactured with high ethical standards, going to try natural perfumes is the best way to complement your organic beauty products arsenal.