A Guide On Choosing The Types Of Westinghouse Pendant Lights For Your Spaces

Westinghouse pendant lights are undoubtedly becoming so popular in many homes, offices and commercial settings thanks to their chic look. These lights rival the chandeliers, another type of lighting that has found a lot of accommodation from homeowners and designers.

Differences Between Pendants and Chandeliers

The underlying difference is in the number of lights on each unit. Pendant lights feature one stem, wire, or chain per bulb while the chandeliers come with multiple bulbs that hang from a single stem. Similarly, chandeliers are used to deliver ambient light, meaning that they are used as primary sources of light. The other difference is that the chandeliers have downlights while the pendants are conventionally used for accent and a more focused source of light. Pendants also come in downlights that can be used to light table or kitchen island surfaces. The pendants are tall and narrow in shape while the chandeliers are short.

How to choose Your Pendants

With multiple types and styles of pendant lights available on the home, homeowners are spoilt for choice on what to install in their kitchens, bedrooms, study rooms and dining rooms. As technology gets even more advanced, manufacturers are continuously releasing cutting-edge designs and styles of pendant lights to fit the varied needs of people across the divide.

Here are some of the most common designs of pendants you can find and which you can choose for your various rooms.

Globe: This type provides a soft light, especially for dining and kitchens. They are designed with a circular enclosure that sandwiches the bulb, which allows for a softer light. These lights are made from glass and are popularly suited for both traditional and contemporary spaces.


This is chic and modern lighting that any homeowner would love to install in a kitchen or dining room. They have an enclosure that is larger at the base. They come in a variety of materials, styles, and finishes all of which are meant to fulfill various needs.


This type of pendant light is crucial for lighting pathways, foyers, kitchens, and more. They are made from crystal and glass and can be applied in various arrangements. If you want to make your garden or backyard to look great, star lighting pendants are what you need to create that amazing look.


This style gives a minimalistic lighting option, especially for interiors in modern spaces. They feature soft, diffused light that is good for the kitchens and living rooms as well. They come in Mica, Blown glass, and Alabaster shades.


This bright light is specifically meant for both traditionally styled kitchens and modern dining spaces. They are made from metal enclosures that are placed around the bulbs. They also come in Mica and Blown glass varieties.

No matter the choice of the Westinghouse pendant lights, it is critical to choose the kind of style that resonates with the interior décor, style and theme in your target space. You can ask your lighting expert or interior décor expert for help on choosing the best lighting fixtures to install in your rooms.

Tips On Choosing The Best CLA Lighting

If you want to ensure that your home is secure, safe, and beautiful, then you should highly consider the type of lighting systems you use. To attain all your lighting goals or objectives, you should find the best lighting company known for providing the best to help you get through with your projects. Various companies claim to offer the highest quality services when it is about lighting and other related activities; however, it takes to research and studies to find the suitable CLA Lighting company to meet all your needs and expectations. Reading through articles with enough information to lead you is what you need to do; here are some factors to look for in the best lighting service providers:

Available lighting fixtures

How do you know the company is the best to work with? The various lighting fixtures available will lead you to see whether they give the best services or not. You need a wide variety of colors and types for your lighting system at home; remember, various rooms and occasions might require different lighting; therefore, you should not be limited and stuck in only one type or color. You should enhance the beauty of your place by using different colored and shaped bulbs.


Any best company offering lighting services should always have warranties to their customers; this means they should always follow up and find your experience with their products. Therefore, it will be better to find a company that offers a long-term warranty for at least one to two years. In addition, you should know that the warranty a company gives reflects the quality of their products and services; if they are confident enough, they will provide a more extended warranty, unlike when the products are likely not to last long.


When doing your budget, you will realize that you spend a lot of money on electricity bills; therefore, you probably need lighting fixtures that will help you save energy at home. Ensure that the company you choose for the supply and installation of such services is creative enough to add more features to their fixtures, enabling them to save light and energy. This is mainly found in the companies with the best reputations in the market; evaluate every option you get until you get where they provide better bulbs and other fixtures.


You do not need any special knowledge to get the best CLA Lighting service providers; you only need to understand the basics and what goes in hand with your preferences.

Tips For Using Westinghouse Pendant Lights In Your Kitchen

Westinghouse pendant lights are a great way to give your kitchen a fresh, new look. These will provide the room with a timeless, classic look. While adding some extra light to your kitchen they’ll also add an additional design element. What’s really great about pendant lighting though is that you can use it along with the ceiling lights you already have. To choose the right ones for your kitchen there are a few things you do need to know though.

What Pendant Lights Are

Pendant lights are a style of light fixture that you mount on your ceiling. From there they’ll hang down from a rod or chain. With such a broad definition it’s clear to see that there are a lot of different styles and options available for you to choose from here. It’s up to you to find something that you feel will highlight and complement the countertops in your kitchen.

People really like these lights because they allow you to control where the light falls in your kitchen. For instance, if you’ve found that natural lighting runs out in certain areas or you find yourself constantly squinting somewhere then you can stream light directly into these areas. Of course, you can also choose to use these lights to create ambient lighting by directing them up towards your ceiling or accent (a.k.a. task) lighting by placing the light in this location.

How to Install Pendant Lights in Your Kitchen

There are a few things you should know before you install Westinghouse pendant lights in your kitchen. The first is that you’ll need 30 – 36 inches of space above your kitchen counters from which these lights can hang down. This is important because you want to make sure that the lights don’t get in your way or block your view.

Once you’re sure you have enough space and you’ve carefully selected the lights and their bulbs you’ll want to leave the rest of the installation process to the professionals. After they’ve been installed they’ll enhance the natural light in your kitchen while also looking like they time seamlessly into the rest of your kitchen’s design, regardless of whether that’s something traditional like a farmhouse or something more modern in style. This isn’t a difficult task considering there are lots of styles and sizes of these lights available on the market for you to choose from for your kitchen.

Byron Bay Pendant Lights

When it comes to injecting some personality into a space in your home, you should think about the great difference pendant lighting could make to the room. Ceiling pendant fixtures are adaptable and offer a number of benefits to homeowners who would to add some flair and jazz things up a bit.

Versatile and Adaptable

There is a wide range of styles from which to choose. Whether your décor is a reflection of a classic or retro style, you will be able to purchase pendant lighting to complement and complete your space. These lights are also available in a broad array of sizes and colors.

There are some fixed, lighting fixtures; however, ceiling pendants can be mounted to suit your preference. Whatever the preferred height, you will be able to easily adjust it to satisfy your needs. These lighting fixtures are the decorative and adaptable lighting option.

Provides More Light and Saves Space

Byron Bay pendant lights are perfect for areas where a bit of extra light is needed. Due to the height and angle, these fixtures illuminate areas where light is needed the most and would have been too dark otherwise.

If you are consider having a pendant light fixture installed above your kitchen counter or dining room, you will not have to be concerned about compromising any table space. These fixtures are remarkable for keeping work areas uncluttered and saving space.

Decorative, Affordable and Creates Ambiance

Pendants are ideal for accent lighting and decorative purposes. As previously mentioned, there are tons of materials and designs available. It is quite functional with the added benefit of being the quintessential décor item.

Additionally, you will not have to spend a huge amount of money to purchase and install pendant light fixtures. Thanks to the availability and popularity of these varieties of light fittings, you will be able to get a design that will suit your taste as well as your budget.

Adding a pendant fixture to a particular space in your home will not only inject some amount of flair, but it will establish some ambiance as well. There is no need to light candles and be bothered with wax spills with a beautiful pendant light fixture.

A number of benefits can be gained from buying Byron Bay pendant lights to light your home. Bear in mind that pendants are not necessarily task lights, based on the design; they are mainly for accent lighting purposes.

Outdoor LED Strip Lights

In this modern era in which we live, LED lights are becoming increasingly popular as the preferred option for most homeowners. The is because of the many benefits of this type of lighting and LED lights provide an upgrade to outdated incandescent lighting technology. Outdoor LED strip lights can be best described as ropes of lights. In essence, they are long and flexible circuit board sets that are equipped with light-emitting diodes. These types of lights are immensely popular for decorative or accent lighting but can be utilized for more practical purposes as well.

Energy Saving and Provide Flexible Lighting Options

LED lights utilize 75 percent less energy when compared to incandescent bulbs. This indicates that power plants are not producing as much pollution or working as hard. As such, LED solutions are more practical for continuous use. As opposed to the Christmas style lights or older types of rope lights, the LED diode emits light that is merely the size of a speck of pepper. These teeny lights use less energy and still has the capability to outshine its competitors.

With these lights, you are limited only by your imagination. They can be used to light any area, whether it is around a camper or a dorm room. This assists you in shaping how and where the light shines. Additionally, you can opt for different colors and color combinations to create a more atmospheric effect. This remarkable flexibility makes accent lighting achievable anywhere and by just about everyone.

Easier to See and Longer Lifespan

Very high-quality light is emitted by LED light strips. The light is more easily seen from further distances as LED light is radiated in a straight line. This indicates that you do not need reflectors or mirrors and as such, the light is not scattered.

Therefore, LED strip lighting is good even for vehicles owners who would like to be visible at night or in poor weather conditions. There are custom semi-trucks that utilize LED strip lighting as a means of creating stunning accents around their trailers and cabs. However, this is not merely an aesthetic option since it causes the vehicle to be far more visible.

Outdoor LED strip lights have an impressive lifespan. In some cases, they have the capacity to operate between 40,000 and 50,000 hours. This is the equivalent of never turning the light off but leaving it on for a number of years.

Choosing Westinghouse Pendant Lights

There are a lot of different, unique-looking Westinghouse pendant lights available to choose from today. The most basic ones have a single light bulb that’s mounted on the base upwards. The light bulb is in a globe or under a shade or reflector.

What Pendant Lights Are

With a pendant light, you essentially have a light fixture that’s mounted so that it’ll hang downward from the ceiling on a rod or at least one chain. In this way, it’s suspended in the air like a pendant on a necklace hence its name. It’s different from a chandelier because chandeliers have multiple light bulbs incorporated into their single fixture but a pendant light only has one.

How to Use Pendant Lights

There are many different ways in which these lights can be used. Typically they’re used for lighting an area or a specific part of an area. However, they can be used in bedrooms, dining rooms, entry halls, family rooms, kitchens, porches, and stairwells. You can also use pendant lights to highlight a painting, photo, or sculpture. You can even use them to light up a narrow hallway or add some sparkle to a fountain. These are clearly the most useful lights to have in your home since they can be used anywhere for anything.

The Advantages to Using Pendant Lights

When you need a truly versatile light to use in your home, you’ll find that pendant lights are very advantageous. They’re a great way to add some glamor to an otherwise boring room.

Traditionally pendant lighting was only utilized for making a room look more contemporary. Today these lights make it easier for you to accent anything in your room. This is because they’re available in a wide array of colors, designs, shapes, and styles.

The fact that you can install pendant lighting at any height you need or want gives you even more options. You can even use these lights in those areas where you don’t have a lot of space. Placing your pendant lighting in these areas will provide you with a larger spectrum of light that’s also more intense. Nevertheless, it’ll still be stylish and just as reasonably priced as a traditional lamp.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know what Westinghouse pendant lights are and how useful they can be, you’ll want to place some of them throughout your home. Fortunately, this is an easy DIY project that you can undertake today.

5 Attractive Benefits Of Outdoor LED Strip Lights

The lighting in a place, whether it is a commercial or residential space, plays a key role in determining the ambiance of the building. Especially the façade, which is usually the first thing people notice. Outdoor LED Strip Lights are a decorative and functional lighting option that can completely transform the style of a building. It is becoming more and more popular because of the many advantages and benefits it has over other lights.

LED strip lights are long flexible strips with multiple LED lights on one side and sticky adhesive on the other. Because of its design, it is very easy to use and is the preferred lighting option for holiday and commercial decorative purposes. Below are some incredible benefits of these lights.

Exceptional Flexibility

There is nothing that is quite as flexible and easy to install as LED strip lights. You can bend them to almost 90 degrees allowing you to install them in hard-to-reach places with ease. Premium strip lights also offer a range of color options and the ability to customize the colors any way you want.

Low Energy Yet More Light

Halogen bulbs consume a lot of energy which is not only harmful to the environment but is one of the reasons why your energy bill is so high. LED lights are significantly more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs and take up less space as well. If that wasn’t good enough, they are also brighter than your traditional Christmas lights or halogen bulbs.


Light strips that use LEDs have a longer life span. This means that you don’t have to replace them every year like other traditional lighting options. Higher quality LED strips have five times longer life span than other types of light strips.

Warms up Fast but Doesn’t Get Too Hot

Outdoor LED Strip Lights instantly reach their maximum brightness, whereas other types of light strips take some time to warm up. This is beneficial for commercial buildings because you no longer have to wait for the lights to reach their maximum brightness. Additionally, light strips that use LED are also very safe to use as they never get hot enough to start a fire. Consequently, it makes working with them safer and easier.


Good quality LED strips are usually waterproof. This means you can use them in wet outdoor areas like patios and swimming pools without worrying about damaging them.

Byron Bay Pendant Lights For Your Home

Byron Bay has been renowned for its outstanding pendant lighting systems. They have been innovating and manufacturing high-quality lighting for a long time. They are experts in creating unique lighting systems that beautify your house and give it the perfect interior design that you desire. For this reason, many homeowners choose Byron Bay Pendant Lights. If you want to use their products, there are some steps you need to take to ensure that it works properly. These steps will help you obtain the desired results so that your interior design looks great!

When hanging the pendant lighting fixtures, be sure to use the right type of brackets. Some people prefer to use a drill and bolt them into place, but it is better to use wall anchors for this kind of installation. Before doing so, you should test each bracket and its mounting points to ensure that they will hold the Byron bay pendant lights securely. Remember to place all the wiring and connections back where they were originally placed. Check if the wires are securely affixed to the mounting bracket as well.

Byron Bay has various designs and styles of lighting fixtures such as solar lights, underwater floodlights, chandeliers, recessed lighting, wall sconces, recessed lights, and track lights. All these lighting fixtures are made to provide good illumination to the home. You should choose a Bay mark that will compliment your home’s interior design. Place the lights according to their length and diameter to get a clearer view of the areas where you are planning to place them. If you want to add some ambiance to your house, it is recommended that you hang the pendant’s lamps in groups to create a beautiful atmosphere in your house.

You can add beauty to your yard or patio by installing these beautiful pendant lights. The beauty of these pendant lights makes them perfect for placing in your outdoor settings as well. It is available in different sizes and shapes. These pendants’ colors are white, silver, bronze, copper, brass, and even gold. The size of the pendant clusters that you can buy depends on the size of the lamps you have. They are designed with perfection and style, so you don’t have to worry about buying one that will look out of place in your home. Of course, you can reach out to any lighting hire services that can help you select the best lighting arrangements.

How To Choose Kitchen Lighting Design

The kitchen is always the center and heart of any home, where all the essential and life activities such as meal preparation and dish washing occur. When you design or renovate your kitchen, you need to put much effort into the kitchen lighting; however, finding the best fixtures will not just happen; it will need much effort and research to get the best. The following are some essential things that will help you find the best Kitchen Lighting Design for your kitchen:

Lighting functionality

There are many different lighting fixtures in the market; therefore, if you are looking for a lighting system to fit in your kitchen, consider learning the various functionalities of the ones you come across in your search. As it should be more than lighting, you would want to add visual appeal to your kitchen; this means installing decorative lighting in specific areas. This can be overwhelming for anyone interacting with lighting fixtures for the first time. Thus, you might need to hire a lighting professional or agency to help you identify the best of all that will suit your kitchen needs and meet all your expectations.

The mood you want achieve

The lighting in your kitchen should not only be focused on providing light while cooking or carrying out other kitchen chores. Sometimes it should go in hand with various meals or even events that happen in your dining area, considering that the dining and kitchen need the same lighting at some as they might be located close to each other. If you are always aiming at a happy and soft mood, you can choose the translucent lighting fixtures and ensure you have a clue or idea of how you want your final kitchen to look.

Lighting efficiency

Efficiency is another essential thing to always put concentrate on when finding lighting fixtures for your kitchen. The bulbs that will be used should be energy efficient in that they give you leading lights as they save on power consumption. Energy-efficient lighting fixtures will enable you to control how you use your light and the various things or situations you will need not to use light so you can manage them easily.


To get the best Kitchen Lighting Design, you should be determined on what you want and the lighting companies you want to work with; however, you might be new to this industry, and that means you might not be able to find what you want quickly. Consider finding an expert who can lead you through all the requirements you need in your kitchen lighting fixture.

Awesome Outdoor Lighting Projects With Light Strips For Your Landscaping Renovations

If you want to renovate the outdoor spaces around your home, the addition of LED light strips can be a great investment. There are several projects that you may want to consider to update the outdoor lighting around your home. The following Outdoor LED Strip Lights projects are some of the improvements you will want to consider for the landscaping around your home:

Adding Lighting to Areas for Better Safety

The safety of outdoor spaces around your home should be a concern. Therefore, you want to make sure features like stairs and paths are clearly visible at night. LED lighting is a great way to make these areas more visible and safer after sunset. Another great benefit of using the lighting strips is that it gives you a lot of options to accent the design of these features to enhance the appearance of landscaping at night.

Accenting the Design of Fencing with LED Lights

The fence of landscaping is another area where you may want to consider adding accents with lighting. The LED light strips can be a great way to add lighting to the fence in areas near the outdoor living space. This can be indirect lighting that helps accent the design of the fence and other features like plants in landscaping. You can use shorter strips in areas that need less lighting to provide just enough light to accent landscaping design features.

Using RGB LED Light Strips to Add Colors to Outdoor Spaces

You may want to consider RGB LED ropes for the lighting design in landscaping. These solutions can help give some of the areas of your landscaping colors. There are also options to install programable transformers with the RGB strips. This will allow you to change and customize the colors of your outdoor lighting. It can even allow you to program the colors to change with sound and music for entertainment purposes.

Accenting Structures with Outdoor LED Strip Lights, there are also options to accent the outdoor structures with your lighting design. The strips can be installed to highlight features like beams, custom ceilings, and other architectural details. This can be done for outdoor areas like covered porches, arbors, and other outdoor structures that you want to accent with an interesting lighting design.

Installing outdoor LED light strips is a great way to brighten up the landscaping around your home at night. Contact an LED lighting service and talk to them about these solutions to brighten up your landscaping with light strips.