Awesome Outdoor Lighting Projects With Light Strips For Your Landscaping Renovations

If you want to renovate the outdoor spaces around your home, the addition of LED light strips can be a great investment. There are several projects that you may want to consider to update the outdoor lighting around your home. The following Outdoor LED Strip Lights projects are some of the improvements you will want to consider for the landscaping around your home:

Adding Lighting to Areas for Better Safety

The safety of outdoor spaces around your home should be a concern. Therefore, you want to make sure features like stairs and paths are clearly visible at night. LED lighting is a great way to make these areas more visible and safer after sunset. Another great benefit of using the lighting strips is that it gives you a lot of options to accent the design of these features to enhance the appearance of landscaping at night.

Accenting the Design of Fencing with LED Lights

The fence of landscaping is another area where you may want to consider adding accents with lighting. The LED light strips can be a great way to add lighting to the fence in areas near the outdoor living space. This can be indirect lighting that helps accent the design of the fence and other features like plants in landscaping. You can use shorter strips in areas that need less lighting to provide just enough light to accent landscaping design features.

Using RGB LED Light Strips to Add Colors to Outdoor Spaces

You may want to consider RGB LED ropes for the lighting design in landscaping. These solutions can help give some of the areas of your landscaping colors. There are also options to install programable transformers with the RGB strips. This will allow you to change and customize the colors of your outdoor lighting. It can even allow you to program the colors to change with sound and music for entertainment purposes.

Accenting Structures with Outdoor LED Strip Lights, there are also options to accent the outdoor structures with your lighting design. The strips can be installed to highlight features like beams, custom ceilings, and other architectural details. This can be done for outdoor areas like covered porches, arbors, and other outdoor structures that you want to accent with an interesting lighting design.

Installing outdoor LED light strips is a great way to brighten up the landscaping around your home at night. Contact an LED lighting service and talk to them about these solutions to brighten up your landscaping with light strips.

Top Considerations When Buying Outdoor LED Strip Lights

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Led strip lights are the current most sorted and popular LED products present in the market. The product has outdone not only the incandescent ribbons but also the use of fluorescent tubes. They have endless benefits and uses, including advertisements, decorations in hotels, bars, and other outdoor and public places. All thanks to the LED company, for their improved technology to ensure developments of brighter versions. They are known to create a good atmosphere for homes, but only you choose the right lighting.Here are top considerations for the best choices that will guide you when buying outdoor LED strip lights.

Number of LED Chips Within a Meter of the Strip

This is a factor you need to take too much considerations on. The higher the number of the chips, the brighter the strip will be. However, you need to check the technology used. In case the LEDs are too close to each other, they might end up emitting excess heat; therefore, shortening its lifespan. The best technology would be LEDs arranged in two or three rows. This would ensure enough spacing and also maintain the required number of LEDs for quality lighting. To be specific, a good strip should have more than 60 LED chips within a meter.

The Conductor Track

Conductor tracks are used to connect each of the LED chips to allow power flow through them. The tracks are made of copper, which is an expensive element. To save this expense, some manufacturers go to the extreme of cutting back the amount of copper used. This usually results in thinner conducting tracks that may lead to poor heat supply. Thinner strips may also fail much easily. Therefore, always check for strips with larger and thicker copper tracks to ensure durability.


The smaller the size of resistors, the poor the luminous results will be. This can also increase a burden to the LED chips, ultimately shortening their lifespan. High-quality strips will have proper resistors that will provide excellent luminosity and serve you for a long.

Other than the three mentioned above, there are many other factors that you need to consider for a quality strip. They include; IP rating, voltage, dimmers and controllers, and the strips’ carrying capacity. However, the main question we need to answer is how you can know a quality strip. This is a very easy task since quality outdoor LED strip lights have quality conductor tracks and will never bend easily.

This Is Where You Are Going Wrong With Your Kitchen Lighting

A kitchen is not only a cooking zone but also a social space. Beyond enhancing the visibility so you can retrieve items freely, you should make it a display room for decor. The main culprit of a dim kitchen is lack of natural light. But installing artificial light in the wrong places ca be a recipe for disaster. Do you feel like you have failed in coordinating your kitchen lighting design? Perhaps you are committing these mistakes. Learn how to fix them here.

Lighting Fixtures Falling Out of Proportion

So you have installed a small pendant light above your kitchen island. Maybe it is a huge chandelier suspended over the eating space. This is how you are ruining the proportions and possibly causing insufficient lighting. To avoid disproportionate lighting, first understand the size of the entire cookhouse, the island workspace, and the counter. Choose lighting fixtures that are appropriate for the scale. Measure the height and width in feet and get the sum of the two. Change the sum into inches to find the diameter of the pendant light that fits well in the space.

Highlighting the Wrong Spots

Accent lighting is not always needed. Your kitchen requires well-spaced décor bulbs. Another area you could be highlighting incorrectly is the area above the sink. You cannot hang an elegant chandelier above the sink. For unique expression, highlight the eating area and the island only if they are a few feet away so they don’t compete. Decide on one focal point.

Too Dark Counters

Kitchen cabinets with workspaces under their surface often block overhead lights, thereby adding shadows. That’s why you need undercabinet lighting for a utilitarian kitchen. This makes the workspace more functional. Choose from hard-wired direct lighting and plug-in options with accessible wall switches. Dimmable options are an added advantage since they double the ambient light when you are done with cooking. Look for modular tracks to create a custom kitchen layout.

Excess Recessed Lighting

Less is more when it comes to recessed lights. Keep in mind that recessed downlights never illuminate walls so you cannot depend on them as the sole sources of your kitchen light. Avoid making your kitchen ceiling seem like an airport runaway. Only install a single recessed light for 5 sq. ft. of the ceiling.

To be on the safe side of kitchen lighting design, always follow the 3-level lighting design rule. Combine pendants with undercarbinet and recessed lights. Control them independently for the perfect accent lighting.

Tips When Choosing Kitchen Lighting Design

In most households, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a space where diverse tasks are accomplished, ranging from school projects to entertaining, preparing, and cooking meals. Kitchen lighting design not only ensures functionality but also affects the ambiance and energy in the space. Here are some lighting design tips to consider.

Layers of Lighting

There are three layers of lighting to be considered; ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the main source of light and adds a soft glow to the room. Task lighting lights surfaces such as counter-tops where meals are prepped and cooked. Accent lighting which helps highlight areas you like in the kitchen.

Light Color Temperature

Choosing the right light temperature can give your kitchen a warm and homey feel. Therefore, the choice of bulbs should also be considered carefully when lighting various areas in the kitchen.

LED Lights

The use of LED lights is becoming popular for kitchen lighting. They provide excellent quality of light, are energy efficient, and are durable. LED lights are small and thus convenient for eliminating shadows in small spaces such as under cabinet lighting.


Seeking an expert opinion or an interior designer can help figure out the best kitchen lighting design for your space. Considering the layers of lighting is essential in ensuring that the functionality and atmosphere of the kitchen are achieved.

Tips On Shopping For Byron Bay Pendant Lights

The word illuminate finds its etymological roots in the Latin word ‘illuminare’, which means ‘to light up or make bright’. When you shop for light fixtures, you will find a wide and varied range of styles and designs to choose from. While pendant lights are usually used in the interior of the house or property, they are also great for lighting up a balcony or a patio. Some of the styles and shapes of Byron Bay pendant lights for you to consider include bell, linear, bowl, and the mini lights.

Choosing Lights to Suit the Room

One of the first things you should consider when looking at Byron Bay pendant lights is the direction of the lighting. When the pendant lights face downwards they offer directed and focused lighting. They are particularly great for the dining area, or to light up a corner of the room. If you want to increase the lighting in a room but do not want to focus on any particular portion, you can opt for pendant lights that throw the light upwards. Such light fixtures offer soft, indirect lighting.

Choice Galore

Pendant lights are available in a wide range of materials including glass, copper, bronze, and rattan. You can also find fabric pendant lights that are just right for the color scheme in your room. Whether your interior décor is traditional, contemporary, or an eclectic mix, you will find a range of pendant lights that will be just perfect for your home.
A quick online search will reveal the many different shapes and sizes that are available so that you can pick one or more lights that meet your requirements and preferences. You can choose to hang a pendant light or a set of them in your room. They will not only light up the area but also add an interesting design element to space.

Practical Considerations

Before you are ready to start shopping for pendant lights for your home or office you will need to decide where you intend to hang them. Since they are great for task lighting you should measure the space you wish to illuminate. The height at which the lights will hang should be adjusted based on the height of the ceiling.
For a ceiling that is eight feet tall, the lights should hang about 12-20 inches. If your ceiling is higher, you can let the pendant lights hang down a few more inches. Do remember to keep the lights at least 35-38 inches away from countertops and surfaces such as tables that are illuminated by it.

Incredible Ways To Light Up Your Outdoor With LED Strip Lights

Are you looking to light up your project or property? Outdoor LED strip lights are some of the best tools to take advantage of. The good thing about them is that they are flexible, lightweight, versatile, and quite easy to set up. Besides using them for room decoration, there are many ways to incorporate them in your outdoor projects.

Holiday Lighting

Festivals and holidays are perfect times to light up the outdoors. There are many fun decors you can implement using LED lights to elevate the holiday spirit. For instance, you can light up the Christmas decorations and the chimney. Christmas tree is usually the main attraction. Use the LED strips on the roofs, walls, and doors as well. You can take them off afterwards and reuse them in the next holiday season.

Halloween Costume Lighting

Halloween is another exciting moment when people dress up as their favorite characters. You can make outstanding family costumes that pop using fun LED lighting effects. Battery operated LED strips are absolutely safe and can be used by anyone. You can enhance just any part of your costume including the shoes, eyes, and hands. Just ensure you’ve followed safety instructions.

Signage Lighting

The technology of Light Emitting Diodes ha completely changed the design of outdoor signage. Advertisements must be lit to attract the audience. A good example is the 3D billboard and hoardings that can be illuminated by LED strips. These designs are actually more economical and very easy to maintain. The most innovative advertisers and designers never allow natural lighting conditions to limit the placement of signage posts. This is because outdoor LED strips can light up just any design- small or big displays. Color changing is recommended if you want to make the ad pop. There is a trending wave of neon color that is possible to attain with LED. The glass neon lights are more affordable and very safe.

Bike Design

Want to express your unique personality and style? You can design your bicycle using LED strips in whichever way you like. Install the flexible strips around the trim or wheel spokes. Also, decorate the handles and add small fixtures to act like headlights. When you use the battery-operated lights, your bike will be seen while on the move. You ca also use them on the seat without worrying about safety because there’s no danger posed.

Want to start a cool project with outdoor LED strip lights? Be creative and enjoy it!

Kitchen Lighting Design – A Few Tips

Planning the lighting for your kitchen isn’t just sticking in a ceiling light and calling it a day. There are many aspects to consider when making your kitchen a place where you and the family will enjoy spending time.

There are four main categories to consider when you start to plan your kitchen lighting design. These are Ambient lighting, Task lighting, Accent lighting, and Decorative lighting. So, let’s jump in and figure out what fits in where.

Ambient Lighting

This is the general lighting of your kitchen and the most basic of the four categories. The aim of this type of lighting is to find a comfortable level of overall brightness without glare. Depending on the aesthetic that you’re going for, ambient lighting can be created with wall fixtures, ceiling-mounted fixtures, or even table and floor lamps. Ambient lighting should serve as the central source of light and the rest of your lighting should be built around it. Consider this the foundation.

Task Lighting

This is fairly self-explanatory. Task lighting is functional and should provide light around areas that daily activities are performed. The most precise work that is performed in the kitchen happens on the countertops, so consider under-cabinet lighting. Simple LED soft strips can be used to light the insides of your drawers. Some down-lights in the right places can also make a big difference. Don’t only think “ceiling.”

Accent Lighting

Also called “Directional lighting,” this kitchen lighting design is used to enhance visually impressive features you might have in your kitchen. Think of architectural focal points you might want to draw extra attention to or decorative items like plants or sculptures that you’d like to draw some attention toward. But make sure you do it in a way where it doesn’t become the focal point but rather as a subtle draw of attention. It’s a bit of a “less-is-more” approach.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative items in your kitchen don’t have to be limited to just sculptures and plants etc. With the impressive designs now available to choose from, you can change the whole feel of your kitchen by choosing the right decorative lights. From industrial chic to a home-style kitchen, or even a modern-contemporary atmosphere, your only limit is your imagination.

Last, of all, all things considered, it’s never a bad idea to get a professional in to help out with some design ideas, so you can get that “just right” feel.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Lighting For Your Home

Although choosing the right lighting for one’s home may seem a simple task, the truth is that it is more complicated than you can imagine. Some people opt for Replica Lighting while others go for LED lighting. Whatever the type of light that you are going to choose for your home, you need to make sure that you hire the right contractor. A good contractor should be in a good position to advise you on the best lighting system that you can choose for your project. The following tips guide you through the entire process of choosing ideal lighting for your home.

Know the Basics

Before you get deep into choosing ideal lighting for your home, it is important to make sure that you know the basics. The good thing is that you have the internet to help you understand the different lighting systems in the world. Your main task is to ensure that you have enough time to do your research. Ensure that you have a better understanding of the four common types of lighting: ambient, general, task, and accent. Getting a better understanding of these lighting types will increase your chances of choosing the right lighting for your home.

Choose a Style

Once you have identified the appropriate lighting type for your room, the next important thing is to settle on an ideal style. This will require you to narrow down the available styles to get to the one that you think will services you in the best way possible. If you are not sure about the style that is good for your needs, you may need to consider what your friends and neighbors have done. In addition to that, you can explore the internet to identify some of the styles that you can opt for. Always remember that if you choose the right style, you will increase the chances of reaping the most from the light installation project.

Get the Experts

You may have incredible ideas on the lighting styles and systems you want for your home, but if you are not going to hire the right contractor, you will definitely make the wrong choice. Therefore, anytime that you think of installing Replica Lighting in your home, it is imperative to choose an experienced contractor. Apart from experience, you should also consider the quality of lighting materials, the reputation, and the track record to ensure that you are working with the best lighting contractor in the market.

3 Things To Consider For Kitchen Lighting Design

Lighting any part of your home serves several purposes, functional as well as aesthetic. When it comes to kitchen lighting design, no one solution serves every kitchen. And this is why the size of the kitchen, its design, and how it is used are key aspects that must be considered.

While some kitchens may simply be used to prepare food, others may also serve as a location for children to finish their home assignments. Still, others may include a breakfast nook. Thus, the lighting needs of a kitchen must be first calculated before one considers an appropriate design.

Types of Lighting

There are essentially three basic types of lighting for you to consider. General lighting aims to offer light to the room so that it is illuminated. Task lighting offers focused illumination to a specific part of the area. And accent lighting is used to create a focal point that the eye is diverted towards.
In a kitchen, different parts require varying levels of lighting. General lighting will ensure that everything in the area is visible. Ceiling lights help in this direction. The higher they are placed, the more light they will spread. If you are worried that the light may get too bright, you can add dimmers to control it.

How the kitchen is laid out, especially the counters, will play an integral role in the kitchen lighting design. Rather than opting for one bright source of illumination, lighting specialists recommend that one use multiple sources of light from different directions.

Bringing in the Light

Center islands can be lit up with pendant lights, chandeliers or with recessed downlights. Counter tops will receive clear unobstructed lighting from installations under the cabinets. This creates a shadow free area for reading recipes and food preparation. And as such makes it easier to focus on the task at hand. It also makes the kitchen look well accentuated and inviting.

Task lighting with products such as strip lights and puck lights ensures that one can clearly and easily see the jars and storage containers in the cabinets. This makes it easier to find the ingredients that a recipe requires.Recessed lighting offers the area a softer illumination.

When it comes to the color of the light, experts recommend warm, incandescent lighting. You may also wish to go with halogen and LED lights that now offer a range of shades for you to select from. Toe kick lighting can be used as an accent light as well as for safety.

Find Beautiful Byron Bay Pendant Lights

Whether you’re decorating a new home build or you’re looking for an easy way to switch up your current home decor to something with a bit more style, choosing the right lighting is always an important decision. There are numerous light designs, many will offer a great option for various rooms in your home; however, there are some lighting options, such as pendant lights that can make a dramatic statement and add the illumination and style that you’re looking to achieve.

When you choose Byron Bay pendant lights, you’ll find something that’s perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or just about any other area where you want to add a unique lighting fixture that will add to your home’s overall decor and sense of style. With lights that hang from the ceiling, you’ll not only be able to add a wonderful way to provide light just where you need it, but it can bring some interest and depth to a room. This can help to balance other aspects of your decor and will ensure that the room has a beautiful focal point that will draw the eye in and provide a lovely touch to even an ordinary space.

Of course, pendant lights are often able to be adjusted so that you can stagger how far they hang down or you can make sure that they are high enough to be out of the way of regular home traffic. You can put these lights in areas where you want to concentrate light, such as alongside a mirror or over the eating bar in a kitchen. There is a great deal of flexibility because you can have more than one light hanging in an area, but they will all coordinate to ensure you have a very cohesive look that meets your specific lighting needs.

Byron Bay pendant lights are also available in a wide variety of designs and color options, so there’s something unique and beautiful for any home decor or room. You’ll find fun and whimsical designs as well as sophisticated and upscale options that can be used in areas with a formal or more elegant design style. Additionally, when you shop for lighting in Byron Bay, you’ll find pendant designs that are very affordable. It’s usually a good idea to spend some time getting familiar with the various sizes, designs, and materials so that you can narrow down the lights that best meet your design needs for a particular area in your home.