How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell

Cat urine odor can hamper the ambiance of any house or room. If not cleaned, bacteria grow, leading to a terrible ammonia smell. Cats tend to urinate outside of their litter box for multiple reasons: dirty litter box, health-related problems, or behavioral issues. The biggest challenge to getting rid of cat urine smell is locating the problem source. Once located, the offensive odor can be removed from the spot with professional cleaning tools and also common household items.

Baking Soda

Baking soda comes with multiple deodorizing traits. Sprinkle the soda over spots the cat has urinated, such as furniture or carpets, post blotting the spot to absorb the maximum urine possible. Let the soda sit on the area overnight, and then vacuum the place completely.

Baking soda soaks up residual odors. It can also be blended with hydrogen peroxide and applied to urine stains as a paste. Once the paste dries, vacuum away the dried leftover. Hydrogen peroxide helps deodorize the spot and kills bacteria.

Enzymatic Cleaners

There are enzymatic cleaners designed especially to tackle cat urine. It can be found at most local pet stores. The cleaner breaks down the urine’s odor-causing organic components, converting them to ammonia and carbon dioxide that evaporate. As enzymes reactivate with water contact, any trace of enzymes left post usage would continue to manage odors within the home. Enzymes attack particular organic matter; therefore, look for products that specifically target cat urine. Spray the cleaner on urine stains directly – including fabrics, carpets, wood or grout and allow it to dry for cat urine smell removal.

111bFor best results, strictly adhere to the product’s usage instructions. Enzymes eliminate odors completely, and don’t pose toxicity issues to the environment and pets.

Oxygen Bleach

Also called non-chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach comprises sodium percarbonate, a strong hydrogen peroxide variant that’s bonded with organic soda ash. Water invigorates the oxygen bleach components, which emit oxygen and work against odors and stains relating to cat urine.

These bleach cleaners are available in spray or powder form. Add water to the powder, as per directions, to sprinkle on urine odor and stains. Completely saturate the spot, blot and give it 10 minutes to do its magic. Once done, rinse and blot.

Add the powder to the washing machine to eliminate cat urine smell removal from clothes, following the oxygen bleach cleaner directions. Similar to enzymatic cleaners, the oxygen bleach removes odors completely, preventing any remarking. Not to mention, it’s biodegradable and nontoxic.


Before implementing any cleaner or cleaning method, pilot-test a small spot first to ensure the carpets, fabrics, etc. remain colorfast. Wooden floors could fade or stain from using specific cleaners and may require a sealant or stain application after use.