Reasons To Buy An Android Box Right Now

In these difficult times, video streaming is providing people with a much needed escape from problems and restrictions. Many are trying to find ways to improve their home theater experience given the amount of time they spend watching online. Some are getting new furniture to keep the whole family comfortable throughout the movie marathons. Others are upgrading their sound systems to enhance the bass and enjoy true surround sound. As for the video itself, people can choose to purchase a smart TV that can connect to the Internet directly. It is also possible to get a small Android box instead for the following benefits:

Value for Money

A smart TV can cost more than a thousand dollars if you buy the latest and greatest. You might even have to shell out several thousands of dollar if you are aiming for a large screen. Those who already have a perfectly functional large-screen TV may find this quite excessive. It simply isn’t financially sensible. On the other hand, an Android box will only cost them around a hundred dollars while providing the same Internet connectivity. Clearly, the latter provides better value for money.

4K Content Streaming

It took a long time but 4K content is finally becoming the standard in video streaming. This is thanks to the popularity of 4K television sets and the increase of Internet speeds across the country. This resolution provides such clarity that you almost feel as if the characters are there in your home. It also makes having bigger screens logical since you won’t encounter pixilation. New Android boxes are optimized to process 4K content so you won’t have to worry about dropped frames and other technical issues.

Clutter-free Software

The software included in smart TVs differ from one manufacturer to another. They usually contain special branded apps and inclusions from advertising partners. Some of these are useful while others are simply clutter. People who like a clean and streamlined operating system should look into models with a minimalist software aesthetic. The same is true if they are buying an Android box which usually comes with barebones software.

Easy Setup

Android TV boxes are easy to set up and use. Just connect the ends of an HDMI cable to the box and the TV for the audio and video. Plug the AC adapter and turn it on. Configure your Wi-Fi settings to connect to your home network. Log into your streaming account, sit back, and enjoy.

Importance Of Android TV Box

Just like the average smartphone, android TV box have become very popular in recent years. The only difference is that their operating systems are slightly different from the current smartphone. They have an older version of an operating system such as Android 9 and below. The good thing about them is that you can run the android smartphone apps on these devices. With the digital migration in some parts of the developing nations such as Africa, the sales of set-top boxes have increased.
These media streamers come in not only in different shapes and sizes but also with different functionality. Some require a monthly premium depending on the bouquet of channels, and there are others with free to air channels and the only cost incurred is the price of purchase. Some big companies are well renown globally especially for airing European soccer league games. Regular TV gets boring sometimes, and there is no better way to lighten the mood than having a android TV box. Some of the most famous and recommended ones are;


This device has android 7.1 as its OS. It allows one to download many apps from the Google play store without any lags. Its user-friendly interface will enable one to enjoy browsing and streaming music in a heartbeat. Running mapping applications is more comfortable since the box comes when its already rooted. It has a Quad-Core processor and a 2GB RAM.


With this device, one can enjoy streaming without lags or buffering as long as the internet is useful. With a 5.1.1 android, this device can download and install apps from Google play store. Another impressive feature about this device is the4KultraHD video which gives it the ability to play sixty frames in a second. Unlike other methods, it does not produce any annoying noise neither does it overheat. Wen not used for a long time; it goes on power-saving mode thus saving a lot of electricity.


This device has one-time payment, and that’s it. Setting it up is very easy as you only need to connect the HDMI cable to the TV and turn it on. You will get to enjoy many channels such as the CNN, BBC, among others. Provided that you have an internet connection, Other popular android devices include Sky Stream, NVidia shield TV, Matricom G-Box Q3, The EZ Stream T18, Amazon fire TV stick and Xiaomi. With the current pandemic, there is no better plan than having such devices while staying at home and keeping safe.

Your Next Android Box Purchase

Android has taken over the world. It’s in millions of electronic devices from smartphones to watches to TV boxes. Every modern home should have an Android box if they want to stream online content. These devices have specialized hardware and software that improve user experience. They perform much better than the included packaged software in smart TVs. They can be hooked up to any television with an HDMI to make it smart. It is also easier and cheaper to upgrade these boxes compared to smart TVs. If you are in the market to buy one, then take note of the following specifications:

Android Version

The installed version of the operating system is your best clue as to how old the device is. Of course, you want the latest one because that would have guaranteed compatibility with the most important applications. This also gives you confidence that you can enjoy the device for years to come instead of being forced to upgrade due to technical considerations. Note that some models use Android for phones but modified for big screens. Others use a more polished Android box version that is optimized by Google itself. The latter tends to be more user-friendly.

Processor and Memory

These two will be the primary determinant of the box’s performance. HD content is considered low quality. 4K content is all the rage these days. More videos are becoming available in this form so you should make sure that you device can actually handle the resolution and high bit rates. This is especially relevant to those who just upgraded to a UHD TV. Take advantage of those extra pixels. Watch movies and shows in their full glory on a gorgeous screen. This makes those 60-plus inch televisions worth every penny in their realism. You can really immerse in the stories as the action truly leaps out at you.


Make sure that the item has all of the ports that you need. Wi-Fi is okay but you might want a high-speed wired Ethernet connection to make sure that there are no lags or sudden pauses in the middle of a movie. You should also make sure that the HDMI port included support 4K at the frame rate that you want. If they come with a high-speed cable, then all the better. See if the audio ports support surround sound in case you have a nice audio system set up in your room.

What Is An Android TV Box?

A television box that runs on an Android operating system (OS), an Android TV Box is a must-have for modern homes. Because of its OS, it can bring content from the Internet straight to your television, giving you better enjoyment while watching your favorite shows. This TV box has the same OS as your smartphone and other devices but it is not as advanced. Android television boxes usually run on older operating systems such as Marshmallow (Android 6) and Lollipop (Android 5).

Apart from making it possible for you to watch all your Internet-based programs, you can also run most apps on your android television box. This added capability makes it quite popular because you will be able to do most of the things you do on your mobile device on a larger screen.
Also referred to as a streaming device in North America, this tv box is sold under different brands. This can be quite confusing for those who do not know about the technology but whichever brand you choose, you can be sure of one thing — it will stream anything from the Internet to your television set. The only thing that makes an Android one different from others is that it runs on an Android OS.

There are a range of Android box available in the market. You can choose from well-known brands or upcoming ones. It is important to remember, however, that there are also other operating systems in the market. This means that you will need to be careful as to which one you will choose to ensure that it is compatible with your television set. Before you buy your tv box, it is important to have the specifications of your television set to ensure that it will work once you install it. If your television set does not have the requirements of the box, you may need to buy a set that is compatible with it.

All android boxes come with a launcher that usually look like the buttons on your smartphone. Sometimes, it is even based on the interface of streaming services, making it easier for you to navigate the system. This product is easy to use and install.

Other confusing details have to be kept in mind though. An android box, for example, is different from an Android TV. The latter runs the whole of your media hub while the former only makes it possible to stream videos and other applications to your television set.

Digital Innovation With Android TV Australia

Android TV Australia – A Streaming Media Powerhouse

In Australia, people prefer Android TV Australia on Smart TV. The apparent reason why people favor Android is that unlike smart TV, which is expensive, not only the Android TVs are cheaper but they are also open-source. It allows the user to access multiple apps, thus providing more options for entertainment. The Android TVs work out of the box with the support of Chromecast. So, it also allows the user to stream content from other devices. Use can use other media like using the computer to run content on your TV.

Android TV Boxes – Entertainment at your Fingertips

You can watch your favorite TV shows and videos on the TV box. However, it is not the only entertainment you can get as you have many other options. You can choose to watch movies. The Android box has movie archives where you can enjoy watching all the old box office blockbuster movies.

A Host of Smart Features

Android brings with it many smart features for the entertainment of the buyers. You will find many preloaded apps that you can use to stream the internet. Some of the TVs will also allow you to add more apps to add to your viewing options.

Saving Money on Cable Bills and Subscription

Android TV Australia will also allow you to save money as it enables you to stream content from various sources rather than to buy a subscription of cable TV. You can find options where you can stream live television, bookmark your favorite TV programs. It makes for a good investment as you will get many opportunities to enjoy free TV rather than paying the monthly cable bills.

Is it worth the Purchase?

The popularity of Android TVs shows that people are enjoying the many benefits the system offers. In a way, the TV box is a full entertainment system that is not just a TV. People can use Android TV’s to play video games, download exciting applications, and browse the internet using wifi. It is a secure connection to sync the TV with the wifi and get access to many free online applications. You can do some research online and visit the retailers to check some of the best Android system available in the market. Be sure to check the compatibility of the Android TV to link with other devices, as well as the options to download games and applications.