Darlinghurst Bars With Great Atmosphere

There’s nothing like going to your favorite bar after a long day at work. Some days you just want to go to a relaxed location and hang out with a few friends. This is especially if you’ve had a nightmarish day. Then there are other times in which you want to go someplace that is exciting and fun to celebrate a special occasion or event.

If you live in Darlinghurst, there are plenty of bars that will help you get back into a good mood or keep the good times rolling for you. For many it’s not the drinks that make everything top notch. It’s the bar atmosphere that saves the day. The following are just some of the Darlinghurst bars takeaway with a great atmosphere:

1920’s Theme

How would you like to relax in a bar that takes you all the way back to the 1920’s? A change from the regular every day scenery would probably do you some good. As long as the drinks are strong and the people are friendly, you probably wouldn’t care. Relax and have fun in a speakeasy inspired bar that is a favorite among the locals. Head on over to Darlington Rd for a trip back down memory lane.

Hip Hop Theme

If you’re into hip hop, there’s a bar on Oxford street that you’ll love. Strangely enough, it serves Italian food, wines and huge selections of gourmet cheeses. It is a restaurant/bar combination, but it is a cool little place to chill if you want to drink and listen to some really good hip hop music.

Tap Beer

There’s a bar on Finders St. that is a good choice for anyone who loves quality tap beer. It has more than 60 taps for you to choose from. It also has a wonderful selection of Australian Natural wines. In addition, you can try their delicious foods such as salt and pepper squid or pan-fried barramundi. While you’re there, check out their listing of different daily events such as Wings Wednesdays.

Rooftop Fun

If drinking on the rooftop is your thing, then there’s this little Darlinghurst bars takeaway on Liverpool St. that you need to visit. It serves both craft and local beers and has live music. It is even dog friendly. Both you and Rover can get your groove on. So, settle down with a Salted caramel Espresso Martini and take in the views of the city.