Using Mod Plates In Brisbane


If you are moving to mod plates in Brisbane, then there are a number of things that you should prepare for to settle here without any issues. One of them is to fix all of the appropriate local documents for your automobile. This will be of particular importance if you have made any modifications from the stock unit you drove off from the dealership after purchase. Motorists are required to have their mods checked by a local mechanic who is accredited to make this kind of inspection. This inspector will then sign a document that attests to the roadworthiness of the car and provide you with the suitable mod plate.

Different Plates for Different Mods

There are countless modifications that can be done with cars. These can range from the simply upgrade of the driver’s seat to multiple engine boosts. They effect on the vehicle’s safety rating will obvious differ. The authorities have developed a special code to denote each class of mod which allows officers to know what they are dealing with in a snap. These codes are imprinted on plates that are asked to be displayed on the car. For instance, there is a code for getting a new driver’s seat and another one for tweaking the engine to boost performance.

Find an Accredited Inspector

30Only an accredited inspector can provide mod plates in Brisbane. People cannot go to just any shop or mechanic they know to have their vehicle certified as roadworthy after they have made some customizations. Mechanics have to undergo training to be able to do this task according to the local rules and regulations. They are required to pass an accreditation exam and possess a license to operate. All of these are precautions taken to protect motorists from unscrupulous individuals who might present themselves as inspectors. Always ask for their proof of accreditation before signing up for their service.

Display the Plate Prominently At All Times

Once you do get the plate and safety certificate, be sure to display them prominently on your vehicle. Officers may look for this if they ever see you on the roads. Failure to do so may result in tangible consequences such as fines and suspensions. They prove that the modifications you did are within the legal standards. The problem with others is that they exceed the limits imposed, thus creating unstable cars that may pose a danger to other motorists and innocent pedestrians. Think of it as fulfilling your duty as a good citizen of Brisbane. This process should not take long and it will save you from a lot of headaches.