The Best Autism Toys For Children

Toys are a wonderful way to keep children of all types occupied and interested. For autistic children, Autism Toys can be used for far more than entertainment – they can often help the child work through their symptoms or learn new skills. Below are seven autism toys that love being played by autistic children.

Touch Therapy Wiggle Seat

Sensory input is very important for autistic children, and the Touch Therapy Wiggle Seat provides just that through its soothing rocking motion. The seat also vibrates, further providing sensory input, while it can play music or spoken stories to help entertain your child. In addition, this chair has helped many kids with autism learn to sit up straight and even stand up.

Alphabet Foam Blocks Set

This interlocking foam block set not only helps teach colors, shapes, letters, and numbers – it develops fine motor skills too! Since each block has a different cutout shape on each side (e.g., J-shaped slit, Y-shaped slot), they must be rotated correctly to fit into the slot. This activity also helps children with autism learn shapes and colors, as well as fine motor skills.

Scribble and Write Pad

This notepad doubles as a drawing board because it has a thick piece of plastic covering the page so your child can easily use markers or crayons without ruining the Pad! The activity mat also allows for easy cleanup – simply flip over the page after use to start fresh! This toy is great for helping autistic children practice handwriting and drawing.

Tangle Therapy Set

This set of Tangle Therapy toys provides tactile stimulation that autistic kids love – its unique shape makes them perfect for fidgeting with, and since they’re made from durable plastic, you won’t have to deal with the pieces breaking off. Some Tangle Therapy toys even have chimes inside them, further adding auditory stimulation that many children with autism crave.

Woodland Friends Discovery Bottles

These personalized discovery bottles are perfect for helping your child learn about animals while playing! Each set of these novelty bottles comes with a special animal-shaped bottle topper and figurine, along with a chart describing the featured animal’s habitat, diet, etc., making this toy very educational as well as fun! These bottles are also great for kids who need visual stimuli – having the figurines on top helps encourage sensory development through sight.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

This rare combination of wooden blocks and magnetic tiles provides sensory input through sight, touch, sound, and even smell! Since each block has a different shape on the back, your child will need to match them up with their corresponding magnets to build something – this activity is great for developing cognitive skills as well as tactile stimulation.

Let’s Go Fishing Game

This game set includes 15 pieces (seven fish tokens, five-pole pieces, and three fishing hooks), providing kids with plenty of fidgeting opportunities! The game board itself is also double-sided; one side features numbers while the other features colors. This toy is perfect for children who are easily overwhelmed by too many stimuli around them because they can easily choose to focus on one task while ignoring the rest.

There are countless autism toys that provide entertainment and learning opportunities for children with autism, but these seven are some of the best! They can help your child develop basic skills like color recognition while providing them with much-needed sensory input.