Find The Best Wahroonga Hairdresser

Remember to visit the best Wahroonga Hairdresser and apply the cream on every part of the body, even those often forgotten as ears and neck but in particular feet and hands, always too neglected.

Some products combine the effectiveness of anti-age skincare with in-depth solar prevention: an innovative formula that stimulates the defensive immune system, acting on the regenerative capacity of the skin. Seven advantages to exposure to the sun without worrying about the consequences.

The sun has always been a symbol of life: fundamental for countless vital functions, it has positive effects on your well-being. But beware of the sun’s rays, comforting after months of greyness could hide pitfalls, if underestimated. Therefore, targeted protection is needed to increase the skin’s defenses without compromising the golden color resulting from sun exposure.

It welcomes this challenge by developing the new line: a real milestone in sun protection, which combines seven extraordinary advantages, from the effectiveness of the anti-aging formula to innovation in the field of sun protection. At the heart of these techniques is the targeted stimulation of the defensive immune system.

A brand new and revolutionary product line that also allows you to have a great fragrance while letting yourself be caressed by the sun. The skin needs only one thing: the summer while the hair needs a Wahroonga Hairdresser.

Like the rest of the body, the skin, your largest organ, has its own defense logic to protect itself from external pollution, stress and aging: excessive exposure to radiation strongly weakens the skin’s ability to react, causing it to age prematurely.

The line by the brand, thanks to the biomimenticothymulen peptide, which stimulates the skin’s immune defenses, activates the regenerative capacity of the epidermis, preventing both long-term damage and premature aging, giving the skin an attractive and youthful appearance thanks to the Wahroonga Hairdresser.

Furthermore, the line of products protects the skin from cellular damage induced by infrared rays, as harmful as UVA and UVB rays and the consequent decomposition of collagen and elastin.

Thus, vitamin E acetate, which neutralizes free radicals, comes into play. An extract of Centinodia fights the growing dehydration of the skin, a cause of irritation and an early aging process, while the innovative hydro-boost technology, thanks to the extract of Caesalpinia, improves hydration at all levels of the epidermis, firming the skin from the deep.

Skin technology from the brand is also part of the new solar line, just like all other the brand products. Last but not least, the extraordinary waterproof formula by the brand offers excellent protection during swimming and splashing water. It is however recommended to reapply the protection after taking a bath.