What Is Stress Counselling?

Work-related stress affects employee morale, productivity and more. This can have detrimental effect on business goals and objectives. Stress is sometimes caused by pressure at work but can also result from bullying, harassment or discrimination.

No matter the cause, if it is not addressed stress may become overwhelming for the employee and cause problems that could lead to physical, mental and emotional breakdown.

There are many ways to manage and support employees that are experiencing stress or stress related symptoms at work. Counselling employees to help them with work-related stress is one of these.

While stress is a normal part of life and is usually manageable without the need for professional assistance, professional counselling can help with stress that is having an impact on an employee’s performance.

Stress counselling involves talking to a professional psychotherapist about issues related to stress that an employee is experiencing. In most organizations this is provided as part of an employee assistance program (EAP). As part of their function, EAPs can provide an employee with an independent and confidential stress counsellor that they can turn to for help with their issues.

Stress counselling aims to identify the causes of an employee’s work-related stress. It is conducted in a private, confidential and judgment-free environment where the employee is encouraged to understand the cause of the stress, take appropriate steps to manage it and be aware what they need to do to avoid it in future.

Extended periods of stress can be a risk factor for employees that have other underlying issues, such as depression or anxiety and these are employees are good candidates for receiving counselling about stress.

A counsellor will help identify the causes of stress and will also help the employee to understand how their behavior and attitudes could be increasing their stress. It provides employees with someone to talk to about issues that they’re experiencing at work that could be contributing to their stress and enables counsellors to develop suggest ways to manage these issues.

Talking to an experienced professional stress counsellor will provide an employee with a specific program of action that they need to take to help manage their stress based on their particular situation and needs. Counselling can also help an employee to better understand themselves and identify other areas in their life that could be contributing to issues they are experiencing and help them to make other positive changes in their life.