Benefits Of Starting A Distillery Project

Quit being employed early and become rich fast. This is an assertion that many successful and wealthy people will quickly agree with. It is hard for anyone to stay employed and expect to become rich. If you stumbled over this post because you are pondering over investing in a Distillery Project, then you might find this post very helpful. Becoming a distiller can go a long way in helping you to be financially stable. It is all about ensuring that you get it right.

How to Become a Distiller

Becoming a distiller is not as complicated as some people would want to look at it. The first step of becoming a successful distiller is identifying your passion. Is establishing a Distillery Project something that you are passionate about and therefore willing to pursue with all your mighty? If your answer to this question is yes, then you are ready to become a reputable distiller. The next thing is to invest in quality distilling equipment. Remember that one of the ways that you can use to build a strong relationship for your business is to offer quality products. This can only happen if you have quality distilling equipment.

Planning your Business

Before getting into the distilling business, you should understand that you are getting into a very competitive business, however profitable it might be. Therefore, for you to make a breakthrough in the entire process of establishing and running your business, you will need to make sure that you plan well.

You will need to start by identifying a strategic position where the distillery business will be based. This is important because it will have a direct impact on the success of your business. Other essential things to bear in mind when planning for your business include the cost of the entire project, your target market, and your competitors. These are some of the factors that you will use when setting the price for your products.

Benefits of Establishing a Distillery Project

Getting into the distillery business comes with a lot of benefits. First, you need to understand that people will never stop drinking. This means that your market will keep expanding as long as you are going to dedicate yourself to offering quality products to your customers. Also, a product that results from a distillery project does not go bad. Instead, the value keeps increasing with time. What this means is that it is hard for you to make loses if you play your cards right.

Making Your Distillery Project Successful

There are top factors that you ought to emphasize to have a successful project. When plotting a distillery project, you have to set everything right to ensure the different steps of the project transition perfectly and you bear the target results. You must also work with different professionals at different levels and ensure that the work is indeed managed and handled professionally.

You have to plan and budget for the project. There are many different points where you will spend some money to ensure that the work is done flawlessly. You have to purchase equipment, repair and replace, purchase supplies and other materials, hire professionals, and other miscellaneous expenses associated with the entire project. This means you ought to be keen on all the points where some money is spent to ensure that the budget is not exceeded or affected at any point. The purchases and the professionals you hire must all be done within the range which is accommodating and less strenuous.

You need to ensure that all the instruments and equipment needed for the work are assembled in time. This means you check that they are all in the proper functional conditions. If you notice that some instruments are not in the right condition, you ought to make the necessary amends to ensure that all flows perfectly. If there is the need for some repairs or replacements, then you have to sort them out in time. The items should also be tested and proven to be functional before the day of the project comes.

When it comes to purchasing the different equipment lacking, you need to acquire them from standard sellers. You can buy them from online stores or from the local shops. You need to be keen on the source where you acquire the supplies to see to it that they will contribute to the quality production of your products. You must avoid suppliers who lack standard materials meant to boost your distillery project and ensure that you produce standard wine or alcohol.

Different stages of the project require qualified professionals. You have to look for the relevant professionals in good time. This will ensure that everything is handled perfectly and professionally. If there is any point that is not assigned the right expert, then you are likely to encounter some challenges and you may not really get the fruits you are targeting. You must, therefore, look for qualified individuals and assign them different roles that they are suited for.

What To Do For A Successful Distillery Project

Before any project commences, it is necessary to have the proper plan and preparation. To make your distillery project successful, some key points must be emphasized. You need some professional help throughout the process. This means even if you are a distilling professional, you still need to have some equally qualified professionals on board to help you. You cannot do it all alone if at all you are expecting to have a successful distilling process in the end. However, you must be keen on whom you choose to help with the process. You have to get highly-qualified individuals only.

You need an expert who is skilled and equally experienced in handling such matters. It must be someone who is trained well and is equipped with all the necessary skills for distilling. As a team player, everyone must know his or her role and how it will be executed. This means you need to scrutinize the abilities of all the people you are likely to engage in the project and ascertain that indeed they are fit for the engagement. You should also consider the reputation of every expert if at all they have been in the field handing different projects before they got to yours.

Before starting the work, you should have all the accessories ready. The process requires different types of equipment and instruments. They should all be available and in the right condition to begin the work. If you have some faulty instruments, you have to repair or replace them in good time. This should be done way before the project commences to ensure everything flows smoothly and nothing is stalled on the way. You can inquire about the latest equipment and incorporate them into the process. The technology is giving different people in different industries better and advanced means and techniques, and you can be sure there are better instruments developed for distillery projects like yours.

The inputs to be used up in the distillation should be high-quality. You must acquire them from the right sources and ensure that they serve your purpose well. You have to go for the best quality ingredients and you must also acquire them in the correct quantities that will sustain the project to its completion. Once the work starts, ensure that it does not stop anywhere along the way for the lack of some supplies or materials. This is why you need some professional help that will ensure the process runs smoothly.

How To Buy The Best Distilling Equipment

With the booming number of distillers in the world, finding the best distilling equipment is not that simple. Several brands come into play whenever the thought of buying one crosses your mind. This is why it is essential whenever you think of purchasing a Commercial Distilling Equipment, start the process by ensuring that you are well informed. Leverage through the internet and get all the information that can help you make an informed decision. Here are essential things that you should consider before buying your distilling equipment.


It is here where everything starts. You must ensure that you have a functional still if you have a dream of taking your distilling ventures to the next level. The good news is you can always find stills that can meet your needs, unlike in the past. In the past, buying stills were so expensive that only those who were stinking money could afford. Nowadays, however, things seem to be friendly as you can easily find a still that meets your needs. It is all about understanding what your needs are before setting out to buy the required equipment. When shopping for stills, you should consider the kind of liquors that you will be handling. This important because some materials are best for specific types of liquids.

Other Critical Parts

Besides the still, there are other essential parts that you will need to make your distillery equipment complete. For instance, you will need a mash and a boiler which are responsible for creating the fermented liquid that gets distilled. One thing to note is that both the mash cans and the boilers can be very expensive, especially if you buy them from the wrong shop. Some business owners are in the industry because they want to make fast money. Such people can take advantage of you and exploit you. This, however, will never happen if you take time to do your homework and become an informed consumer. Other components that will need include quality pumps and means of treating water.

The Brand

Lastly, you should look at the brand of the Commercial Distilling Equipment that you want to buy. Now that there are several brands in the market, you should choose wisely because not all of them are good for you. Some are designed to last for a short period so that you will keep going back to get a different one. For you to buy durable equipment, you will need to go for those brands that are well established. First, read the online reviews to get to know what other people think about the particular brand that you have in mind.

Australian Distilling Equipment: Cost Guide For First-time Distillers

If you are interested in starting your own distillery but you are being held back by a lack of information, you have come to the right place. Obviously, you will need the right Australian distilling equipment and the requisite licenses. But what equipment do you need and how much do they cost? Well, as a guide, here is a guide to the distillery equipment you need as well as other requirements.

A still

Stills can be quite inexpensive if you want to start a small distillery. You need around $3000-$5000 for a 100-200L copper pot still. The same goes for a 200L stainless steel gin still sold by 5-star distilling. If you are trying to set up a small gin or liqueur distillery, this could be all you need to get started.

But if you want to do whiskey or rums, you will need to have a still made entirely of copper for the purposes of managing sulfites. It also needs to be more aesthetic and heavy-duty. If you can afford it, you can go for the Australian version of the Still dragon that costs $25k. Beyond this, the other brands will cost you $50-$70k. These are much larger with a capacity of 500L. Then there are the big sexy German-made stills that cost up to $1m.


If you are in a cold climate like Tasmania, a stainless steel tank will do pretty much fine. Yeast needs a temperature of around 30 degrees to create flavours. Also, yeast tends to generate a few of its own heat during the process of fermentation. This means your fermenters need to be kept just below 25 degrees.

A 1000L fermenter will cost you around $10k, after which you will need to pump a coolant (glycol) through the jacket. Therefore, you need between $5 and $10k for a glycol chiller.


At the start, you will require French bottles from Saverglass/Cospak. Nearly everyone uses this company. Chinese bottles cost $2-$3 per each, but the problem is that the quality is horrendous. Saverglass charges $4 per bottle with a cork and the minimum order is 1000 bottles. From experience, I would say you need around 5000 bottles for a start.


There you have it; what you expect to pay Australian distilling equipment. By and large, there are many things that you are going to require to have your distillery up and running. These include licensure, operation place and other expenses like employees and whatnot. However, equipment is going to eat into a huge chunk of your capital.