Dr. Albert Simeons And The HCG Weight Loss Protocol

In 1954 a British physician was practicing medicine in Rome, Italy, when he first published his ground-breaking protocol for weight loss based upon the patient following an extremely low calorie diet and receiving human chorionic gonaditropin (HCG). This physician was Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons (1900 — 1970).

The use of HCG in the reduction of obesity was discovered first by Dr. Simeons. While working with his patients he researched its use and the results of its application in coordination with an extremely caloric limited diet. He made several notable observations:

• His patients receiving HCG while dieting had no headaches, as
limited calorie diets usually produce.
• They had no hunger pains.
• They experienced no weakness or lack of energy.
• They were not irritable, which is another typical side effect
of a very low calorie diet.

As long as the patients who were on the doctor’s 500 calorie a day diet also received HCG, the patients suffered none of these common side effects.

The ultimate results of all Dr. Simeons’ research and study plus trials with patients who were on his diet and HCG protocol were significant. Patients lost significant amounts of weight. Patients also had their bodies reshaping themselves naturally without effort or exercise.

283wWhy were these patients’ results so impressive? Dr. Simeons discovered that they lost more fat from their accumulations of adipose tissue. This produced a highly noticeable contouring of their bodies. HCG seeks out the stored nutrients in the overweight person’s fat cells. These nutrients are released into the blood stream through the liquefying effects of the HCG. From this naturally stored energy source the dieter’s body received upward to 2,000 calories, plenty of energy for each day.

Why did the doctor focus on HCG? During pregnancy the baby’s placenta naturally produces the water-based human hormone HCG. This allows the baby to draw from the mother’s nutrient storage in her fat cells. HCG liquefies the cells and provides the baby with nutrients through the blood stream into the placenta. Used with overweight patients, HCG regulates their imbalanced metabolism which was the initial cause of their obesity.

Before anyone chooses to try this approach to weight loss it is imperative for the patient to study the original manuscript of Dr. Simeons which spells out all the protocols to follow if one wants to achieve the desire results. It must also be administered by the patient’s physician. This protocol consists of a 500 calorie diet of very specific foods, seasonings, and choice of beverages. It also consists of systematic treatments with oral or injectible HCG. The name of the manuscript is “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity”.

The average results for a HCG dieter are one to three pounds of fat lost per day. A round of HCG and dieting stops after 40 injections or 35 pounds of weight loss. More than one course of treatment may be received but there must be time off in-between. The most important benefit of this protocol is its ability to help a dieter modify his or her relationship with eating and food. This is what leads to long-term weight loss that is easily maintained.