Organizing A Step Challenge For Employees

A lot of adults fail to get enough exercise. For many, the main issue is the lack of time given the amount of work and other responsibilities that they need to attend to. Few are able to squeeze in a gym session or a quick home routine. Physical fitness is an important part of health and wellbeing. Companies can encourage their employees to move more in various ways including the rollout of a step challenge.

Enticing Participants

You can entice people to participate by highlighting the health benefits of walking and running. Make them even more excited by providing incentives. For example, there could be raffle draws for the participants who successfully complete the challenge. There may also be special prizes waiting for the most diligent individuals or groups. You can also urge participants to create their goal goals based on their personal circumstances.

Consider Tracking Solutions

If you are going to make this happen, then you need to find a tracking solution that would work well for all of the participants. This is to level the playing field and ensure the accuracy of data collection. People may use clip-on pedometers for ease and simplicity. They could also use fitness trackers or mobile step tracking apps.

Establish a Timeframe

Think about the timing of this step challenge. It’s best to hold it when the weather is generally clear and mild so that people won’t mind going outside more often. You should also establish a timeframe which is usually several weeks. The longer you hold the challenge, the more likely it is for the participants to hold onto the activity as a daily habit. However, it can’t be so long that they lose motivation to continue. Consider 12 weeks as the maximum but set an activity halfway to celebrate the milestone.

Divide Into Groups

Divide the employees into groups of 5 or more and provide prizes for the top groups in different categories. This will push them to work together and strengthen bonds. Friendly competition between groups will also make this more fun while producing better results.

Provide Regular Encouragement

Any activity lasting several months will require a periodic boost to remain on track. Make sure that you keep the employees motivated. This may be through transparent updates on statistics. Create a leaderboard that is viewable by everyone so that they can monitor their competition and get inspired to keep up. Give a shout-out to the best performers each week through email blasts. Interview some of the most inspiring employees and have them share their fitness stories.

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