What Is Blast Hole Drilling?

What is Blast Hole Drilling? This is the technique that is used in the mining industry, where a hole is drilled into the rock surface, packed full of explosives, and then detonated. This technique is used in order to create cracks in the inner parts of the surrounding rock, which then makes it easier to do further drilling and certain other activities related to mining activity.

The first hole that is drilled into the rock, where the explosives are packed into, is called the “blast hole”. This technique is one of the most common that is used in the mining industry today.

Where is This Type of Drilling Used?

This method of drilling is usually used in areas where a mining company wants to check the mineral composition or mineral yield of a certain area for mining purposes. Blast Hole Drilling are therefore a very important step for mining companies to take for both underground and surface mining operations.

The Basic Drilling Process

The proposed site needs to be surveyed before any drilling can begin, and decisions need to be taken with regards to the size of the hole, the drills that will be needed, etc. The survey will allow the mining company to find out what type of rock, soil, mineral, ground, or whatever else there is involved with moving forward with the process.

Once the site has been surveyed and the raw data is obtained, this information will be forwarded to the researchers, who will then do the research that is needed in order to plan for safe and effective drilling patterns.

Once the researchers have done their job, it is time for the project manager to take over and plan the drilling patterns. After all, this has been done, the actual drilling can begin.

By this time, all the necessary equipment and machinery will have been procured, and be on the site, ready for the drilling process to begin. The data that the researchers provided will show how wide and how deep the blast holes need to be.

As soon as the blast holes are drilled, the explosives will be packed into them. How many explosives will depend on what the research showed. Once everything is in place, the explosives will be remotely detonated to break up the rock further.

Just like with anything in life, there is always the clean-up afterward. In the case of underground mining, the debris in the tunnel will be removed, and the tunnel will be reinforced.