How To Become A Padi Dive Instructor?

Becoming a PADI Dive Instructor is not as difficult as one might think. Almost anyone can become a certified PADI Dive Instructor with the proper training and commitment. Here are a few steps on how to become a PADI Dive Instructor:

Attend a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

The first step to becoming a PADI Dive Instructor is attending a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). During the IDC, potential instructors will learn how to teach diving courses, assist students during dives, and properly manage dive facilities. The IDC is divided into two parts: the Assistant Instructor (AI) course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program.

Pass the PADI Instructor Exams

After completing the IDC, candidates must pass a series of PADI Instructor Exams to receive their certification. These exams cover dive theory, rescue skills, and teaching methods. Candidates who pass all of the exams will be certified as PADI Dive Instructors.

Get Involved in Dive Activities and Promote Scuba Diving

PADI Dive Instructors are expected to be active in the diving community and promote scuba diving. This can involve leading dives, working at dive shops, or giving presentations about diving. By getting involved, PADI Dive Instructors can help grow the sport of scuba diving.

Becoming a PADI Dive Instructor is a great way to share your love of diving with others. Almost anyone can become a certified PADI Dive Instructor with the proper training and commitment. Follow the steps outlined above, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a PADI Dive Instructor in no time.

What Comes After Becoming a PADI Dive Instructor?

After completing the steps to becoming a PADI Dive Instructor, many dive professionals find themselves wondering what’s next. There are many different paths that PADI Dive Instructors can take, and it depends on what interests them. Some PADI Dive Instructors become involved in dive operations and work at resorts or liveaboard boats. Others open their dive shops or lead diving safaris. Still, others use their knowledge of diving to become underwater photographers or marine biologists. The possibilities are endless for PADI Dive Instructors, and it comes down to finding what you’re passionate about and pursuing it.

If you’re interested in becoming a PADI Dive Instructor, the best place to start is attending a PADI Instructor Development Course. Once you’ve completed the IDC, you’ll be well to become a certified PADI Dive Instructor. From there, the world is your oyster. So pursue whatever you are interested in and make the most of your career as a PADI Dive Instructor.

Common Mistakes By Beginner Actors And How To Avoid Them

Many aspiring actors want to take shortcuts, but this is the wrong way to start a career. Like in any other industry, there is no substitute for hard work on your way to success. If you’ve just enrolled in acting classes for beginners, here are mistakes to avoid and valuable tips to guide you.

Not Knowing What Your Character Wants

To play a role successfully, you need first to understand your character. Establish the objective of the role to achieve what’s required. Pay close attention to the actions of your designated character. Of course, you’ll find valuable clues in the text, but your imagination is paramount as the play progresses.

Reading Parts of the Scripts and Neglecting Others

A dedicated actor aims to understand the entire book. This means reading it over and over. Even though you’ll be working on monologues as a beginner, it is crucial to comprehend all the scenes. Pay close attention to the expressions, phrases, and scenarios that may be unfamiliar. Embody the location, time period, and historical setting of the play. If the script doesn’t provide some details, you can design a backstory to connect the dots. But always confirm from the playwright before building on a backstory for a given role.

Presenting Your Ugly Side

A successful actor shows the best version of themselves in auditions. Embark on the acting journey with as much effort as possible. Give the adjudicators a chance to see who you really are, not just what you can do. If you can have the audience loving you as an individual, they forget that you’re looking for something in return, e.g., a better role or job. Have a sense of humor without being awkward. Be polite, personable, and professional because auditioners are looking for actors with a positive mindset.

Not Using the Body Optimally

Your body is the most crucial instrument for acting. Know how to fine-tune it to your advantage. Work on your voice skills and movements. You have to use your physical being to support the character. Dancing, singing, juggling, and stage combat can improve your chances of being hired. These are skills you can learn even if you feel like you aren’t talented.

Taking acting classes for beginners may seem obvious, but it is the best way to start a long journey. Knowledgeable instructors will show you how to focus on developing valuable techniques so you can enjoy a progressive process. Understanding your craft and the necessary acting tools ignites your imagination so you can create a truthful character.

Modern Resume Template Australia – The Format You Should Use

Are you looking for a modern resume template in Australia? You can find resume templates designed to match the latest high-tech skills, job titles, and career fields. The selection of templates is very broad so that you can easily find the template that will best meet your needs.

The Introduction

A resume can act as your blueprint for your future career. It can lay out your accomplishments and strengths and also explain why you’re qualified for the position. A well-written introduction can be the deciding factor in whether or not an employer will read through your entire resume.


Your structure should be logical and easy to follow. Don’t make the mistake of including too many sections. Make sure there’s a clear flow from one section to another. Also important is the layout of your resume. Try to make your resume as easy to read as possible. Keep it simple and easy to navigate. Most employers just scan. So, keep things looking clutter-free.


Your summary should sum up all the important points you’d like to discuss in your resume. If there are several sections, provide a brief overview of each one.

Fine Lines in Your Resume

The resume is what your prospective employers will see when they open your file. The most important part of the resume is the first few lines – these will display your strong qualities and selling points. You’ll want to try and keep your resume short and to the point. Use big fonts and clear text.

Why Modern Resume Template Australia? Modern resume templates help give structure to an otherwise messy resume. In this case, that would be your resume, so it must be presented in a proper manner. Make sure it’s easy to read and organize. Don’t include lots of information; stick to the essential parts. And most importantly, capitalize on all the best features of the resume templates. There are plenty of websites dedicated to helping people find just the right resume for them.

Modern resumes are a great way to showcase your talents and abilities. They also allow you to put your personal touch into your resume as well. Take some time to really think about what your resume should say. It has to catch the reader’s eye right away and explain your unique selling point. Don’t be afraid to throw a few personal items in, but keep the focus on your career. The resume template should do most of the work for you.

Firefighter Recruitment In Tasmania–An Opportunity To Give Back To The Community

Firefighting career is becoming very popular in Tasmania thanks to its lucrative salary and its high demand. With expert analysts forecasting an even brighter future for Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania, this program is now more marketable than ever before. But what exactly do firefighters do? A typical day for a firefighter involves a lot more than just what people think—fighting fires. Firefighting is not only challenging, but it is also exciting. As a firefighter, you become an integral part of the community. A typical day of a firefighter will include the following:

• Road crash rescue
• Urban and rural firefighting
• Technical rescue
• Hazardous material handling
• Emergency care
• Confined space rescue
• Working with other combat rescue teams during emergencies
• Creating awareness among community members

As part of a firefighting course, people looking to become professional firefighters also study in order to stay ahead of the game. You will also have a rare chance to move outside the brigade environment into other areas such as volunteer management, training, and community safety. By doing so, you gain a greater understanding of the purpose and the nature of firefighting to the community. In addition, it helps prospective firefighters to develop strategic leadership and management skills.

While there are many benefits of becoming a firefighter, perhaps the greatest achievement of these professionals is the fact that they provide essential services to the community during the time of need. There’s nothing as fulfilling as knowing that you saved a life or property that means a lot to a person!

As with all other courses, there’s a lot that goes with being a firefighter. The work of a firefighter begins with going through a rigorous training program followed by routine activities such as responding to emergency alarms and distress calls. The incidents involved during fires are often stressful, as firefighters encounter heart-breaking situations such as injuries and death in some cases.

Recruitment of Firefighters

The process of recruiting firefighters is usually a robust one. The selection criterion is often tough and is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a potential recruit to possess higher qualifications, besides being medically fit. You will also be required to pass aptitude tests among other tests before you are finally enrolled as a professional in the field.

As a firefighter, you have a wide range of specialties to choose from. You can elect to go for higher training or enroll for a management course in order to focus on leadership in the field. Alternatively, you can choose to perfect your firefighting skills and learn new skills in order to move up the ladder and become a senior firefighter. While it is true that this career can be challenging, the good news is that you always have someone to hold your hand as you learn the game. Once you have mastered the science of firefighting, you stand a better chance of climbing the ladder in your organization or increase your salary. If you want to leverage the benefits of this career, now is the time to consider Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania.

Traits Of A Great Career Coach

Every leadership or management position includes an element of coaching. A good coach has most of these characters. A great one has all of them. We recommend that you do your best to develop these traits and you will become a great career coach Brisbane.

Commitment/organised approach

One of the qualities you will find in all good career coaches is organization. This can be easily termed as one of the most important characters of a great coach because it shows he or she is committed. Great career coaches know that the success of those they are coaching depends on teamwork. The better he or she collaborates with the trainee, the better the results. With this in mind, the coach develops a schedule to be adhered to strictly. The more he or she exercises with the trainees, the more the trainees will grasp what they are being taught.

Process oriented/consistency

The process of coaching your team is consistent and not arbitrary. Those you are trained should not be left confused by the method you have used in coaching them. A good coach should include the following components in his methodology: standards, monitoring, analysis, and feedback.

As a career coach Brisbane, you should monitor your trainee’s progress based on their current performance against set standards that you established during the start of the training. You should analyze the trainee’s progress and give them feedback. This way, they will be able to know how they are progressing.

Participative feedback

A great career coach won’t just tell you what they saw or what you did wrong in your career. What they do is they ask for your personal feedback and what you think you did right or wrong. This way, he or she allows you to participate in the coaching, and in some way, coach yourself. A good coach doesn’t bully the trainee into doing what he does. He or she allows the trainee share his or her experience so that they can learn from it.

Knowledgeable / skilled

There are no two ways about this, if you aren’t knowledgeable or skilled, there is no way you can coach anyone. You need to have deep knowledge of your career before coaching anyone who wants to follow it. Apart from that, you need to know the processes, the skills, and techniques that contribute to success in your career. Success is created by a combination of skills and knowledge. The better you as a coach knows these two elements, the better you can guide someone to success in their career.

Tasmania Firefighter Recruitment Process

Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania process is stringently aimed at recruiting individuals with a high level of motivation, determination, and ability to work as firefighters. Tasmania fire service revises and reviews applications continuously aimed at improving diversity and reflecting the community they serve. While you are interested in applying for consideration, here is essential information for you. Keep reading to find out.

Selection Criteria

For consideration, the application must demonstrate:

 Ability to work and maintain a safe working place
 The capacity to use initiative and execute proper judgment
 The capacity to work consistently with the Tasmania Fire service requirements, values, integrity standards, and professionalism.
 Capacity to work in a team in both secure and vulnerable work environments.
 Effective oral and written communication
 Ability to perform manual tasks and acquire required skills, competence, and knowledge

Essential requirements

Applicants must:

 Meet the required fitness and medical conditions of the Tasmania Fire Service
 Able to work in confined and height spaces
 Have updated with no restrictions manual driver’s license

Besides, Tasmania Fire department, in collaboration with the state laws, requires that all trainees and applicants must satisfy and check the following aspects:

 Malicious destruction and damage of property
 Violent and crimes against humanity
 False declarations
 Sexual offenses
 Dishonesty crimes such as fraud, burglary, breaking
 Deception crimes, for example, obtaining advantage out of deception

Application process

For consideration by the Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania, interested candidates are expected to complete the nine stages involves in the application process. They include:

 Written application
 Physical fitness assessment
 Psychological and cognitive assessment
 Physical abilities assessment
 Written application review and interview shortlisting
 Medical assessment
 Interviews
 Referees report
 Pre-employment check
 Final assessment and appointment

Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania process is genuine, and TFS is determined to ensure diversity in her workforce, all values upheld, especially in gender and ethnicity aspects. TFS believes that her mission, goals, and objectives only can be achieved and improved by incorporating people from all backgrounds and social groups. As such, they are developing processes to ensure that applicants are served with equal opportunity to practice and build their careers. Besides, the strategies are aimed at encouraging employees to value their differences regardless of how they are raised. All you need is to apply and follow the required steps for consideration.

Benefits Of Pursuing A Modeling Career

If you want a glamorous lifestyle, modeling is the way to go. There is a whole lot of stardom that surrounds anyone in the modeling industry.
Aside from the glamor, modeling is like any other career, and people do it to make a living. If you love to model, you should monetize it because the industry is quite lucrative.
Like any other career, modeling has its upsides and downsides. Today, we’re going to look at the benefits of pursuing a modeling career.
Let’s dive in!

Be Updated on Upcoming Trends

If you’re pursuing a career in modeling, it means that you have an interest in fashion. Being in this industry positions you at a place where you’ll always be in the know.
Whenever there are upcoming trends in fashion and cosmetics, you’ll be the first to know. Every model has a personal life, and such first-hand information ensures you purchase high-quality cosmetic products.

The Modeling Industry is Interactive

As a model, you’ll get to interact closely with icons people only get to see on TV. If you’re modeling for a huge fashion house, you’ll definitely have a close relationship with your bosses who happen to be big names in the fashion industry.
Besides, it’s celebrities who’re the most interested in the latest fashion trends. This means that you’ll interact with celebrities throughout your career. Each time you go down a runway, you’re likely to spot a celebrity or two.

It’s Quite Lucrative

Aside from celebrities, you also get to earn a good amount of money. Modeling is a very lucrative career that allows you to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Ensure you give modeling your all and work with reputable companies like Elite Model Management.

You’ll become Famous

Over time, you are bound to be famous through Elite Model Management. Even though there are so many models out there, most of them are internationally recognized. As you pursue a career in modeling, you should be prepared for stardom.
This is especially true if you’re doing exceptionally well in your field. You should work to impress because this is how you scale to greater heights.

You get to do Enjoy what you do

The beauty of modeling is that as a successful model, you get to negotiate your contract terms. Besides, there will be so many fashion houses looking to hire you, which means you’ll have a variety to choose from.


Modeling is a very interactive career because you get to meet new people all the time. As you pursue a career in modeling, you should be prepared for stardom. Ensure that you do your best, so you scale to greater heights.

Trainee Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania Process

In Tasmania, trainee firefighter recruitment is done once a year. Adverts are placed in major Tasmanian newspapers. The Tasmanian fire service selection process is based on a merit principle. To its extreme interpretation, the selection process is a comparison between individual work qualities and experience. All candidates have equal opportunities to compete for the positions, and as such, both men and women are encouraged to apply for consideration. Ideally, the stages involved in the Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania include:

 Written applications addressing selection criteria
 Candidates’ shortlisting
 Psychological assessment and aptitude tests
 Physical assessment
 Second shortlisting
 Interviews
 Medical assessments

This article will address the first three stages of the Tasmanian trainee recruitment process.

Written applications addressing selection criteria

Interested candidates are expected to submit an application addressing the selection criteria highlighted in the statement of duties. Applicants, as such, are expected to demonstrate their proficiency in working as team members in a range of situations. Demonstrate effective communication and oral skills, ability to perform a wide range of manual work aimed at acquiring knowledge, competence, and skills. Lastly, applicants must demonstrate the ability to make judgments reflecting community service values and ethics.


The Tasmanian fire service selects a panel that makes candidates’ appointments and recommendations. The panel consists of TSF employees and non-TSF staff. The panel shortlists applicants based on the selection criteria. Applicants that fail to meet the minimum selection criteria are automatically disqualified and do not progress to the next stage. Successful candidates are notified within two weeks.

Psychological assessment and aptitude tests

Tasmanian fire service conducts psychological assessment and aptitude tests probably in two weeks after notifying successfully shortlisted candidates. The assessment takes an average of six hours, and candidates are expected to make their travel, lunch, and personal requirement arrangements. The written tests cover literacy, spatial relations, and numeracy competencies. These tests are tricky as they cover a wide range of knowledge. Applicants are advised to prepare adequately by doing independent research. Successful candidates are notified approximately in a week. Moving to the next stage is done by shortlisting based on aptitude assessment besides psychological questionnaires being taken into consideration.

Overall, trainee firefighter recruitment Tasmania is a stringent process that requires applicants’ adequate preparation. While dreaming of being a Tasmanian firefighter team member, do independent research to know all that is necessary before submitting your application. This will assuredly enable you to pass with flying colors.

A Few Good Men Or Women: Firefighter Recruitment Tasmania

Just like anywhere else in the world today, firefighter recruitment Tasmania is at a fever pitch. After all, you just never know when a fire can hit. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you may inadvertently start a flame.

And this is why the fireman profession always needs to be proactive. Nobody knows the exact time when a kitten can get trapped on top of a tree. The elevator may grind to a halt when least expected.

Indeed, many other functions have been added to the firewoman or fireman’s job description because the professional has been known to deliver, no matter what the cost. It’s not unusual for firefighters to risk their lives. Firefighter recruitment Tasmania continues to escalate even as forest fires become a nagging menace in many parts of the world.

Tasmania has many acres of forests and national parks that need to be protected. And yet no matter how careful park and forest caretakers alike take on their responsibility, anything can happen out there in the woods. It only takes one errant smoker to cause a glowing calamity of fire and smoke–and one that can take days or weeks to put out.

Obviously, the job of the firefighter goes above and beyond posing for fund raising calendars, parades, and other charity-related functions. The physical requirements alone are extremely rigorous. On-the-job training ensures that only the strong will survive the onslaught of obstacles among many other tests.

How else will the force be prepared if it’s not subjected to realistic training modules as well as physical conditioning? If you’re considering a fireman or firewoman’s career, it’s best to start investing in your dream early in life. Such adequate preparation will ensure that you can have adequate time to learn all the intricacies of the career.

Elementary school class visits may seem mundane, and yet they go a long way in getting the children started early. Looking up to one of the most idolized of professions helps nurture a dream. At the same time, it will encourage a dreamer early on to be on the right diet and to take care of developing the physical aspects of one’s career aspiration.

Just like in the realm of law enforcement, a person with the ambition to someday become a selfless public servant must eventually deconstruct the notion that the profession is heroic or romantic. There are harsh realities involved and the sooner the career aspirant faces up to these truths, the less frustration will be involved. It does take a team to save a house or a forest on fire.

Padi Dive Instructor – Become A Professional

Scuba diving is fun, and if you are skilled in the art of going undersea, you know how beautiful it is to explore the marine life. If you feel confident under the water, and love to visit the sea many times a week, then you can also try your hands at the PADI dive instructor course. With your existing knowledge, you will adapt to the PADI classes quickly. If you clear the exams, you will get an official dive instructor license. The license is a permit that allows you to take students in an open sea and teach them scuba diving. There’s a massive demand for PADI instructors, so it will surely boost your income as well as allow you to enjoy your passion for scuba diving.

Also, in many parts of the world, it is not permissible for divers to go undersea unless they hold a PADI certification for divers. This restriction implies that most scuba diving enthusiasts will be looking to attend a PADI instructor training. So if you get the instructor’s credentials, not only you will have the chance to make a lot of money, you will also enjoy your passion for the sea and diving.

The Courses for Scuba Diver Instructor

Regardless of your expertise as a scuba diver, the courses you’ll have to take to become an instructor will follow everything from classroom lectures to open water exercises. You will first need to decide on a reputable learning center that offers PADI instructor certification.

Initial Programs

Expect to attend open water diving classes that will continue for some time, with a focus on your sea diving skills. There are classroom lectures as well as swims in water, including diving. The multiple open water dive session will train you to be a safe and confident diver and impart the learning that would allow you to take the open-water certification test. If you clean the exam, you will have the option to go for advanced training.

Advanced Training Programs

The course will start where the basic course ends. It will allow you to learn advance maneuvering under the sea, and a host of training about safety under the water. In this stage, you will have to prepare for the Emergency First Responder (EFR) and the Rescue Driver Program. It would help if you got these credentials and also go for a first-aid certification program to become a valued PADI instructor.

You need no less than 40 dives and necessary training to get to the advanced level. You will learn how to work with your class and also how to coordinate with other divers.

Having gone through all the necessary and advanced training, you can appear for the Instructor Development Course (IDC) Certificate. Clearing the exam, you will become a well-qualified PADI dive instructor.