3 Things You Should Know About Billy Button Seeds

The Billy Button is a native Australian plant. It is one of the several types of daisies that are found on the continent. If you are shopping for Billy Button seeds, you should know that there are several kinds, including the popular Craspedia and Pycnosorus. These annual or perennial shrubs have flowers that look like soft, bouncy tennis balls. The flower head can have as many as forty to two hundred tiny flower like structures.

Bright and Cheery

Billy Buttons are bright and cheery, not surprisingly quite popular with florists. They are often included in cut flower arrangements as well as dry flower bouquets. They add colour to the bunch, and also a sense of fun and whimsy. If you are looking for dried flowers for crafts, instead of buying these quaint and charming blooms, why not grow your own from Billy Button seeds.

Plan Ahead

There are several types of Billy Button plants for you to consider. Their height ranges from about four to twenty four inches. Thus, you should choose your seeds based on where you intend to plant them. This is a tough and hardy species and germinates quickly.

You should sow them in the spring or summer. Most seeds should germinate in about a week, and at the most three weeks. Gently sprinkle seeds on the surface of the soil and cover with a thin layer of soil. Once the seedlings are ready for transplantation, you will need to place them in holes that are twice the width of the root ball. Space the seedlings about eight to ten inches apart.

Sun, Soil and Water

When deciding on where to plant your Billy Buttons, do choose a spot that receives direct sunlight. If you are growing your Billy Buttons indoors, place your pots or grow bags close to windows that receive sunlight. Your plants need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight.

You do not have to worry too much about the soil you plant your seedlings in. These plants are hardy and will thrive in almost all soils, except for soil that is acidic. They do not really need fertilizers. It is a good idea to nurture them with well aged manure. If you do opt for a fertilizer, choose a slow release kind. Being a tropical plant, Billy Button seeds are fairly drought resistant. Resist the temptation to water them often. In fact, experts recommend that you do not water the plants unless the top soil is dry.