Best Safety Practices For Using Distilling Equipment

Are you planning to distill water or spirit at home in Australia? You need to be aware of the necessary safety measures. Home distilling is so detailed that it can get dangerous if you are not careful. Though you need the best Australian distilling equipment to get started, it’s more important to know how to safely use it. If you are not sure about what to do, here are 5 best practices you need to be familiar with:

Outdoor Distilling

It’s never safe to distill indoors unless both the windows and doors are fully open to facilitate maximum ventilation. This is because poor ventilation may result in heat buildup and this can make you uncomfortable. You can even faint because of too much heat exposure. Again, in case you make any mistake when distilling and your session turns into a fire drill, it is going to be much easier to manage it when you are in the outdoors than if you were in your kitchen or living room.

Temperature Regulation

First and foremost, you should employ a heat source that you can regulate to allow you to distill within a specified temperature range. Two, you should monitor the condenser closely. In case it becomes too hot to touch it, stop distilling to allow it to cool off.

Fire Safety

Remember, so much heat is produced during distillation that’s capable of starting a fire. For this reason, it’s advisable to keep a fire extinguisher within reach as a precautionary measure. The extinguisher needs to be checked periodically to ensure it’s in working condition.

Equipment Monitoring

A distiller is a very sensitive appliance. Every step of the distillation process has to be monitored carefully. Since so much heat is produced and there’s the chance of the distillate spilling over, someone has to be there to correct the errors. So, if you have to rush somewhere, better do it before or after the distillation.

Picking the Right Equipment and Material

Distilling equipment comes in different material choices and they all work differently. The most important consideration, however, is stainless steel. It’s designed to withstand the extra heat that comes with home distillation. So, you may find it a good option over plastic barrels and sheet metal.


There’s no doubt that the best Australian distilling equipment can make a big difference when doing home distillation. However, your safety and that of others are of utmost importance. To ensure that your operations are not questionable, you should put the above safety practices into action.

Quality Australian Distilling Equipment

If you enjoy a refreshing beer or the occasional glass of wine with friends or over dinner, then you might be interested in learning how to distill some of your own beverages at home. After all, when you learn how to brew your own alcoholic beverages, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing exactly how the process works. Additionally, you can better monitor what goes into your favorite beverages as well as learn how to make adjustments in order to best meet your own personal taste preferences.

Many people enjoy learning new hobbies and learning how to distill alcoholic beverages is just like any other hobby, except you also have the satisfaction of being able to share your finished product with family and friends. When brewing, it’s important to limit expectations, especially in the beginning. You might discover that there is a learning curve, so it’s best to start out with a tried and true brew process before you decide to move on to creating your own recipes. Once you know the process, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to make a particular blend uniquely your own.

Of course, whether you’re starting out as a newbie to this exciting hobby or you’re an old master and you’re expanding your repertoire of alcohol based beverages, you’re certainly going to need to have the right equipment. A company that offers quality Australian distilling equipment should carry just about everything you need to get started as well as plenty of extras that you can probably save for when you have a bit more experience.

It’s a good idea to start by learning from someone who is already making their own brew, but if you’re interested in teaching yourself, there are also plenty of great books on the subject. Make a list of all the supplies you’ll need and make sure that you have everything in place before you begin the process. Read through the various steps for the type of distilling that you plan to do and get answers to anything that isn’t quite clear.

While distilling your favorite beverages is a fun and rewarding hobby, it can sometimes be like a science experiment, so it’s important to follow the process very carefully, especially while you’re still learning. Pay close attention to some of the common issues that can arise and know how to resolve them if you encounter a problem. The company you choose for purchasing your Australian distilling equipment probably has plenty of books and helpful tips on their website. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask someone who has a bit more experience. The fun is often in the learning.

Tips For Buying Distilling Equipment

When it comes to purchasing distilling equipment, you’ll want to know what types of equipment is out there, tips for buying and when to purchase it.

Types Of Equipment

There is an array of equipment you can purchase for your company. This includes both pot stills and reflux stills. Generally speaking, most of the equipment out there falls under one of those two categories.

With that said, some of the most popular pieces of equipment includes whiskey distillers and moonshine stills. Others include brew pots, mash pots and flute distiller towers. There are also turbo 500 stills available, but do bear in mind that this is just a few of the many examples of the types of equipment that you can buy.

Furthermore, you can choose between used and new equipment. Used is good if you want to save a bit of money, but if you want to get the most for your money, then you should invest in new equipment.

Tips For Buying

First, decide how much you’re willing to spend. With so many different types of equipment out there that can be used for distilling, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find equipment that you can afford. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to know how much you can afford to spend on equipment.

Second, compare different types of distilling equipment and supplies. There are many manufacturers that produce and market the equipment. This is why it’s a good idea to compare as many brands, makes and models as possible.

Finally, consider ordering equipment in bulk. Generally speaking, the more equipment you buy at once, the more you can save. Not only that, but it tends to be easier in the long run to just order everything you need now, instead of waiting weeks or months down the road to order more stuff.

When To Purchase

Are you thinking about launching a business in the near future? Will that business involve distilling liquids? If so, then you’ll want to consider buying equipment as soon as possible. If your business isn’t going to launch for a few more months, then you can hold off, but do your research now. After a few weeks of researching, then go ahead and buy the equipment.

The truth is that anytime is a good time to buy distilling equipment. If you know for a fact you’ll be needing it at some point in the future, then go ahead and buy it in the near future.

Are you ready to purchase distilling equipment? If so, make sure you keep the previously discussed tips in mind.