Advantages Of Using The Glass Resuable Coffee Cup

Using the Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

There are many advantages to using the reusable coffee cup. You may have noticed your colleagues in the office, or people, in general, carrying their glass coffee cups. Some people are so attached to their cups that whether they are at home, office, or going for vacations, they bring their reusable cups with them. If you are considering to shift to reusable glass cups, we’ll discuss a few reasons that will confirm you are making the right move to use the glass cups.

You Save Money

The glass cups are reusable, so you do not have to run again and again to buy new cups. Have your hot and cold beverages in your cup, wash it clean, and the glass is good as new. There is no chance of the glass cup to degrade in quality regardless of the time you use it. Unless you accidentally break your glass, you will be good with your reusable glass cups for years to come.

An Eco-friendly Alternative

A glass reusable coffee cup is a far better option to use the throw-away plastic and paper cups all the time. When you stick to reusable glass cups, you are playing your part in the preservation and protection of the environment around you. This approach makes you one of the active contributors to the green cause and. You also prevent the access of garbage polluting the environment.

Beautiful and Elegant Designs

Glass Reusable Coffee Cup comes in excellent designs and making. While the disposable plastic or paper glass is dull and lacks any visual appeal, the glass coffee cup comes with elegant designs and colors. You will have an appealing item to carry with you everywhere to have your drinks.

It is a Healthier Option

You may not know, but the plastic or paper cup you use is not a healthy means to consume your drinks. Since these cups are disposable, there are not any serious efforts to deal with the concerns of using disposable cups. There are glue and sticky material in disposable cups that can seep in your beverages, and it is risky for you to put the chemicals in your body. A glass cup, on the other hand, is free from such elements so you can drink your coffee carefree.

With all these benefits, it makes perfect sense to avoid using disposable cups and instead use the healthier option of using reusable glass coffee cups.

Top 4 Best Glass Coffee Cups 2019

Nothing beats the sensational feeling of holding the best glass coffee cup, especially in the morning hours. The sudden jolt of excitement, invigoration, and energy carries the day to another level. Your best glass coffee cup will ideally make a landmark difference between having coffee and having a pleasurable coffee experience. The recent market is full of myriad options for these cups that come in different sizes and shapes. Many of these cups boost of a high-quality status when claiming your dollar, but a few meet the threshold. Overall, the best glass coffee cups to meet the set standards must be of high quality, durable, better heat retention capability, colorful and excellent design. If you are still wondering if the best coffee cup that will give you a pleasurable experience while taking your coffee, pick up yours today from the list in this article.

JoyJolt Savor Double Wall Insulated glasses

This is the best cup overall and here are the top reasons that will prompt you to buy one:

• Made up of high-quality borosilicate glassware that lasts
longer, convenient and easy to clean in the dishwasher
• Stylistic design that creates an excellent optical effect
• Double-walled and insulated hence good heat retention capacity
• Can be used in microwaves without getting damaged

Eparé Insulated Coffee Cups Set

This one comes second overall and here are the primary reasons to buy one:

• Double-walled hence excellent heat retention capability
• Condensation repellent
• Versatile therefore used for both cold and hot drinks
• Lightweight however double-walled
• Long-lasting as it is made up of borosilicate material
• Scratch-resistant thus looks pretty all times

JoyJoltCaleo Collection Glass Coffee Cups

This comes third overall and here are the top reasons you must buy yourself one:

• Double-walled hence good heat retention capacity
• Durable as it is made of steady hand-blown glass material
• Lightweight as it is made of light durable borosilicate material
• Temperature resistant thus can be sued in microwaves, freezers and ovens safely
• Comes in two sets for convenience purposes

Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug 13 oz Comes fourth overall and here are the primary reasons to purchase one:

• Big enough and suitable for heavy coffee drinkers
• Has wider handle hence comfortable when holding
• Comes in a variety of designs meeting consumer preferences and
• Made of top-quality glass material thus lasts longer

Get your Best Glass Coffee Cup today from the list and enjoy your coffee.

Are Reusable Cups Really Good For The Environment?

Our planet is deteriorating at an alarming rate. From water and air pollution to global warming, there’s no telling what will become of Earth in a few years to come. This is the reason everyone is preaching the “conserve the environment” gospel everywhere. One of the things we are told to do to be kind to the environment is to toss disposable cups and use reusable ones instead. The idea is that reusable cups help manage waste. However, the question on everyone’s mind is, “Is environmental friendliness limited to waste management only?” Follow through as we decode this rather controversial topic once and for all.

The Energy of Manufacture Issue

Many people overlook the importance of the energy used to manufacture some of the top reusable cups Australia has to offer. Scientifically, this energy is high compared to that of disposable cups. For a reusable to make sense as far as energy improvement, you have to use it a minimum of 15 times before tossing it. In all honesty, very few folks actually use them more than ten times. If you use it for ten times, each use is charged for one-tenth of the energy of manufacture. In the end, it won’t make that big of a difference to the environment.

Energy used to wash a reusable cup

Secondly, the amount of energy used to wash a reusable cup also comes to play when determining its carbon footprint. Here, both the dishwasher efficiency and that of the energy system used to power it have a direct impact on the energy needed to wash it. Statistically, the more you wash the cup, the energy per use declines. What’s more, washing reusable cups using water and soap leads acidification, ecotoxicological, land occupation, and eutrophication. And the situation is even worse when you live in regions with water shortages. Your monthly water bills will definitely be high.


Disposable cups are wanting when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. A disposable mug made of polyethylene and cardboard with a polystyrene lid is bound to have potential effects to the environment than a reusable cup made from ceramic material. Reusable cups also tend to use fewer fossil fuels and minerals compared to their counterparts.


From the above points, it is clear that the number of times a reusable cup is used determines its positive contribution to the environment. To decrease the potential negative impacts of reusable cups Australia, you must use one for a minimum of fifteen times. Otherwise, you might do Earth more good by sticking to your single-use cup instead.

Best Glass Coffee Cups 2019

While drinking your coffee using best glass coffee cup, you can be sure of seeing its perfect color alongside holding it in style. The cups are easy to use, and come in a variety of designs. They are attractive and have a durable performance which can ideally make your table look great. They have convenient designs with handles that makes holding them more comfortable.

Here are some of the best glass coffee cups 2019

Bely Double Wall Glass Coffee Cup

These cups are manufactured using high-quality materials, and usually, they come in a set of four. They have a functional capacity and high heat retention capacity as they are double-walled. They are more comfortable to hold as they come with handles and lightweight design.

Besides, they have a wide opening that gives users comfortable experience while sipping their coffee. They have low defect rates of about one percent, making them safe and perfect for freezer and microwave as they have an excellent thermal effect that reduces and resist heat.

PunPun Clear Coffee Cup

This cup will save your fingers while holding hot beverages. It is manufactured from borosilicate glass material and its double-walled. Besides, it is heatproof insulation hence can keep drinks warm for a longer time and it can keep cold beverages more coldly. The cup is protective and has a creative design and suitable to use in a range of occasions. It has a hole at its bottom that balances pressure making it safer to use.

Set Of 2 Mugs by JECOBI

This cup will ensure that you always have hot coffee to drink as they can keep the stored contents warm for a longer time. The cups usually come in a set two, and they have double-walled insulation. They are available in modern designs that can keep cold beverages coldly. The cups are convenient to hold as they are sturdy. They are scratch-resistant and easy to clean in dishwaters. They are microwave safe and can be used in cafes.

Libbey Crystal Coffee Mug

These cups are ideal for drinking various types of beverages, and they come in a set of six. The cups have a capacity of about thirteen ounces hence perfect for coffee shops and homes. They are crystal clear and transparent; thus, excellent visibility. They are made from lead-free glass material and come with a rounded handle, lightweight and has a classic shape. They sensational looks while holding it and be sure to see warm air floating out of your beverage while drinking.

In summary, choose the best glass coffee cup from the recommended list to enjoy your coffee while at home or a coffee shop.

ABCs Of Reusable Cups Australia

Almost everything said about ceramic cups is also valid for cups and glasses made of glass, plastic or metal, with the exception of times and temperatures, which should be consulted in each case. In the case of plastic cups and Reusable Cups Australia, it is convenient to use a piece inside the cup that prevents deforming by joint action of temperature and pressure.

The margins in this business are very generous. If you want us to explain in more detail why this is a high profitability business, contact one of our commercials. In addition to ensuring that sublimation is stopped and no stains will occur when the paper is removed, production is streamlined by making it easier to handle the Reusable Cups Australia.

Choose a design or photo from the ones you have on your computer. Print it with an inkjet printer that you have the cartridges changed by the ink. You need a special paper if you want perfect colors. Then cut the image and stick it to the cup with a special adhesive tape that resists heat. Put the cup on a special iron or oven, wait for the marked time and … done.

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