EAP NSW Common Issues Covered

Employee assistance programs are there to help people navigate problems that they may encounter in the workplace. If your company participates in this type of program, then you as an employee can book counseling sessions either face to face or online. Businesses make it a point to make these available to their employees before they understand that these personal concerns have profound effects on workplace performance, safety, health, wellbeing, and morale. Addressing them in a sensitive and satisfactory manner will ultimately benefit the company. Among the common issues covered by EAP NSW are the following:

Stress Management

Work stress is real. One might argue that it is unavoidable because any meaningful work has its challenges. Perhaps a bit of stress may even be desirable because it keeps people on their toes and forces them to grow in order to rise up to the occasion. However, too much of it can lead to burnout. People swing from loving their job to hating it. There might be health issues involved due to lack of sleep, constant fatigue, chronic anxiety, crippling depression, and eating disorders. Counselors can help employees organize their lives to reduce stress and ensure a reasonable workload. They might also get advice on activities that could alleviate stress.

Workplace Conflict

One of the things that might be creating stress for employees is escalating workplace conflict. Perhaps there is a manager who fails to listen to his staff or a co-worker who does not know how to be a team player. Maybe there are issues about credit grabbing, misconduct, assault, bullying, and other things that do not create a conducive environment. The true sources of conflict will need to be found and evaluated. Sometimes it is enough for the offending party to realize the mistakes and apologize but it often takes a clear-headed discussion among all of those involved to put an end to it. Depending on the situation, the management may also need to intervene.

Work-Life Balance

EAP NSW can also get sessions that focus on achieving work-life balance. This can be difficult when people are focused on their careers in a bid to climb the corporate ladder. However, neglecting family life is likely to backfire at some point. It needs to be addressed as soon as possible because issues at home may spill over to the workplace. Counselors can provide advice based on their extensive studies and experience dealing with this type of situation.