Outdoor Activities You Can Try At Local Parks

If it’s possible for you to go out to your local parks, then take advantage of this opportunity to engage in outdoor activities. Studies show that being in green spaces can be highly beneficial. You can reduce stress, breathe fresh air, improve mood, manage depression, and boost your fitness. Go alone if you want freedom of movement. Go with friends or family if want to have company. Consider the following activities for starters:


If you are a fitness buff or if you simply want to lose weight, then consider running around your local park. This could be better than just exercising at home or running on a treadmill at the gym. You will be able to enjoy changing scenery as you go. You will be able to feel the wind which will cool you down naturally. You can walk when you get tired and run again once you catch your breath. Bring a bottle of water so you can hydrate even on short runs. You may want to upgrade to a hydration pack for longer runs. Run alone or with a buddy.

Disc Golf, you can also play park-friendly sports matches with a group. For example, you could bring Frisbees and play catch or take things a notch higher and play disc golf. See if your local park has a basket that is suitable for this. If not, then it should be easy to create a DIY basket for the game. Familiarize yourself with the rules. Basically, each person will take turns throwing a disc with the aim of reaching the basket first. You need to have a strong and accurate throw to do well. Find a large open area so that the discs won’t get stuck on trees.

Drone Flights

If you are a hobbyist, then take your passion outdoors. Fly your drone out in the park and polish your aerial skills. Try the different features of your unit and see how well you can maneuver despite obstacles. Make your take-offs and landings perfect. Improve your drone photography. Bring spare batteries and power banks for nonstop flights.


If you would rather have a relaxed day at the park, then consider a picnic with loved ones. Bring simple snacks that you can pass around. Take a cooler with canned drinks and lots of ice. Find a shaded area and set up there. You could have a picnic table or just use the ground. This could be a nice way to end the day for those playing disc golf as well.

Have Fun At Disc Golf Courses Australia

If you are an avid player who enjoys Disc Golf sport, you may be interested in Disc Golf Courses Australia. Disc Golf is a sport that was started back in the early 1900s and has gained popularity over the years. This sport can be played almost anywhere that there is enough space for the course and is not too big. Many different courses can be found in this country, and clubs and organizations have organized many to provide these courses.

There are many different courses for you to choose from, so you should not have any problems finding one that is suited to your skills and needs. These courses have been organized and provided by many different groups. The most popular and well-known courses are those that clubs or organizations offer.

There are also courses in Australia that the government sets up as part of their youth programs. In many instances, these courses are supported by the local government. This is another excellent way to get a quality disc golf course in this country. In some cases, these courses may also be supported by public institutions, like community colleges. If you are interested in getting a quality place to play the game of Disc Golf, then the first place that you should look at is a public course.

In addition to courses, there are also hotels, camps and other things that you can find to do in this country that will allow you to practice your golfing skills. Many people that live in this country have access to courses, and these people have learned to play their favorite sport in this setting. Some have even taken up this sport as a second career and have become experts at it. When you take advantage of the training offered with the different courses that are located here, you can learn a new skill while also enjoying an exciting recreational activity.

There is no doubt that these courses provide some of the best courses in this country. The professionals that design these courses know what they are doing. They use the best courses available and will work hard to get you to play at one of the highest levels possible. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get a head start on your golfing career.

The Australian outback has some of the most spectacular lands in the world. The landscape of this area is unlike anything else you will see anywhere. The courses are designed to challenge your skills and give you an experience that you will not soon forget. Some of the best courses are found in the Blue Mountains and the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory is where the world-famous Malindi Golf Course is located. No matter what area of Australia you would like to visit, there are many courses to choose from so that you can play Disc Golf Courses Australia.

Introducing Disc Golf Equipment For Sale

Disc golf involves throwing a disc golf equipment for sale. The rules of the game are similar to golf. In fact, there are also 9 – 18 “holes” on a disc golf course.

When you look at disc golf equipment for sale you’ll see that there really isn’t much equipment you’ll need to buy to enjoy this sport. The main thing you’ll need is four types of disc golf discs. It’s important for you to choose the right one for each situation as it can make a big difference in your score.

Distance Drivers

As the name of this disc suggests, it’s used to cover a long distance. For this reason, they will travel at a very high rate of speed. These discs also have wider rims and sharper noses. Therefore anyone who’s younger or newer to the game may not want to try one of these discs right away.

Fairway Drivers

These discs have a slightly smaller disc than what’s found on the distance driver. This makes them easier to control since they won’t be able to fly through the air as quickly so they won’t go as far. Nevertheless, these discs are a great disc for a tight line, short drive, straight flight, or shot that has less skip at the end.

Midrange Drivers

This makes the perfect first disc. This is because it’ll fly straight towards your target without varying very far off course. These discs have smaller rims so they’ll typically feel quite comfortable in people’s hands. They’ll also have a slightly deeper inner rim than a driver. Their design makes them beneficial in navigating a narrow fairway while still landing near the basket.


Since putters are intended to fly a short distance and follow a really straight line they’ve been fashioned with the deepest, thinnest rim. This ensures you that they’ll be able to slowly fly through the air in a way that you intend for them to do so. Since they don’t spin really fast they won’t have much potential to deviate off the line. They’ll also land in the basket like they’ve been designed to do. These are just some of the reasons why they’ll help you score well.


A good starter set is one that contains each of these different types of discs – a putter, a midrange, a fairway, and a driver. With these discs, you’ll be ready to play your first game.

Why Disc Golf Is The Perfect Family Sport

Families that are looking for an athletic activity that they can do together should consider disc golf. It’s a game that is played much like traditional golf in that you advance an instrument until it reaches the target. The difference is that you don’t need any golf clubs. You just use your hands to throw a plastic disc as far as you can in the general direction of the target. Instead of a hole on the ground, you will see a metal basket at the end point. A family will benefit from the following:

Affordable Gear

Golf may be known as an elite sport but disc golf is far from it. The latter is far more affordable with the need for fancy clubs for different shots. Just come by with your most comfortable outfit and be ready for some fun under the sun. You do need specialized discs if you’re a pro in order to be competitive. However, casual players can use anything they have without problems. Although it would be ideal to play this on a golf course, people can make do with parks by setting up makeshift baskets.

Safe to Play

Regular golf can be dangerous because the ball is dense and flying at high speeds. If they land on anyone’s head, then they can crack skulls and bones. That’s why wide nets cover the perimeter of golf courses. Plastic discs are much more forgiving. They have blunt edges so they won’t cut anyone. They are very light so getting hit might sting but it is unlikely to injure. Novices are also unlikely to make them go fast enough to hurt, although caution is always a good thing. Clear out the path to avoid issues.

Easy to Learn

Anyone can throw a disc in the air and make it glide. Some can do this better than others but practice can help everyone improve. Parents should be able to do it with ease. The same is true for children. Demonstrations on the proper form and technique can be found online for reference. Just watch these before playing to improve performance. Since it’s an individual sport, the performance of one player will not suffer because of others. All levels and abilities are welcome.

Healthy Environment

A lot of people prefer playing outdoors instead of indoors because of the fresh air and the greenery. It’s a healthy environment to be on. Just work during your turns and enjoy the sights the rest of the time.

Playing Disc Golf Brisbane

Outdoor sports are worthwhile leisure activities that help strengthen the body and revitalize the mind and soul as a whole. Taking part in sports for fun or competitive tournaments creates a suitable environment and opportunity to interact with different individuals and enhance the team building spirit.

Disc Golf Brisbane is an outdoor sport similar to golf, only that it bears a few differences to it. Unlike the ordinary golf, disc golf is a flying disc sport played in a more natural and less manicured course. The course is designed in a way that minimizes any accidents involved with flying discs.

Disc golf courses

A standard playing area is normally fitted with 9 to 18 holes, tee position which function as the starting positions and targets. There is a map stationed at the starting area indicating the location of the targets, the playing direction, out-of-bounds areas and boundaries which guides the players. The tees consist of a box with a concrete or turf pad which measure approximately 1.5 meters by 3 meters. The targets are mostly constructed using a central pole with a basket. Most targets are fixed with chains so that a distinct sound is produced when a disc hits the chains.

Playing disc golf

When playing the sport for fun, one can use the normal Frisbee as a disc. Nevertheless, for professional play, a specific plastic material disc is used. The disc varies from a Frisbee in that, the discs are smaller, heavier and are designed for control, accuracy and speed. Golf discs are divided into three categories, that is the putters, mid-range discs and drivers which are designed to achieve different performance abilities.

The sport is played by throwing a disc towards a target. The player starts off at the tee, and consecutively throws the disc towards the target severally. The player aims at getting the disc to the target with the most minimum number of tosses as possible. The throws are executed while applying two general techniques; the forehand and backhand. Mastering the two techniques will ensure that the player is able to control the direction of flight and disc landing. Playing disc golf is not only fun and a great way to exercise, it also provides one with good skill mastery which is beneficial. Disc Golf Brisbane can be played in the eleven available courses while enjoying the climate and amazing landscape surrounding the golf courses.

What Draws People To Disc Golf?

Disc golf continues to attract more people into the fold. Every year, thousands discover the sport and all of its possibilities. Many end up playing regularly in their local parks and courses. It’s easy to see why when you dissect the game and find all of the things that draw people to the game.

Family-friendly Game

This can be a challenging sport at the highest levels and its top athletes are certainly up there in terms of fitness. However, you don’t need to be training multiple hours a day every single day just to try it. Anyone regardless of fitness and ability can play it at a moment’s notice. They may not be as graceful or as powerful as elites but they can have as much fun.

Families can make it their weekend bonding activity. The same is true for groups of friends or work colleagues. It welcomes everyone right away because the basic rules are so easy to grasp and the gameplay is so forgiving. You just need to throw the disc as far as you can in the direction of the basket until you are able to sink it inside. You can have as many attempts as you need. The one with the lowest number of throws win.

Outdoor Setting

It’s hard to imagine playing this game in an indoor arena given that part of the challenge is the distance that you have to bridge. It’s meant for the outdoors in its current form and few will want to tinker with that. Many enjoy this aspect of the game as they are always surrounded by greenery as they play. Even if the games get competitive, they can still relax as they see the views. The outdoor setting also provides additional challenges that make it unpredictable including wind, rain, and glare. These require skills and strategy, not just pure muscle.

Low-cost Equipment

Unlike golf, disc golf does not require much fancy equipment. You do not need a set of expensive golf clubs since you will use your bare hands during throws. You won’t be dealing with bags, heavy bags, and a long list of accessories. All you need for practices and games is a set of plastic discs. Some are meant for achieving greater travel distance while others are meant for greater accuracy. In reality, you can use any disc for your first few games. Once you get serious about it, you will learn how slight differences in design affect their movement. Each disc is quite affordable.

Disc Golf Workouts To Improve Your Game

When training for disc golf, it’s best to divide the year into segments so that you can work on various aspects of your game. Winter makes it difficult to play outside so most players stay indoors where they can still exercise despite the dipping temperatures. Consider improving your cardiovascular fitness so that you don’t get tired easily on the course. You should also increase your strength and stability for longer and more accurate drives. This will reduce your risk of injuries as well. Below are some examples of what experts are doing to keep themselves in shape during the off-season:

Cardio Exercises

This is the best time to ramp upon your cardio exercises. You have a lot of options to choose from including running, cycling, elliptical, and aerobics. Running is great as long as you can avoid excessive pounding on your joints and stay pain-free. After all, you will be going up and down the courses all day. You need your legs and feet to have excellent endurance. Running will also burn massive amounts of calories while improving your heart and lung function. Few people can run every day without eventually succumbing to injuries. Inject some cycling as cross-training to be more gentle on your knees.

Strength Exercises

You will need a total body workout to climb the ranks. Divide the days of the week into specific muscle groups. For example, you could run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, then work on your back, biceps, and core on Mondays, shoulders and legs on Wednesdays, and chest and triceps on Fridays. This is a pretty basic schedule so advanced players may have more days allotted to strength training. It would be nice to have access to a gym so that you can do things like lat pulldowns, leg press, and bench press but you can do a lot in a home gym with just a few dumbbells. Try rows, curls, squats, crunches, planks, flys, dips, pull-ups, and push-ups.

Stretching and Mobility

Warm-up and disc golf. Make sure that you body is primed for heavy exercise before you turn up the dial. Wake up your muscles through simple movements like jogging in place and jumping jacks. Rotate your torso, do arm circles, stretch your hamstrings, swing your legs, and do some lunges. This is especially necessary if you are waking up to a cold morning with stiff muscles. Dynamic movements are great for getting blood flow going and elevating body temperature as well.

Lower Body Exercises For Disc Golf Brisbane Players

The best disc golf Brisbane players could make it seem like it’s all in the wrist but there’s a lot disc golf Brisbane. You would need to have good stamina to keep the same level of strength and accuracy across an entire game. You would have to be on your feet for hours which can certainly tire out people who are out of shape. If you have ever felt tired towards the end, then you should probably try to increase your endurance and your leg strength. Below are just some of the ways that you can do these:


Any cardio workout will do but running is particularly good since it toughens up your feet while improving heart health and lung capacity. Build up gradually if you haven’t run before or if you’ve had a long break. You could even start by walking a lot before doing a mix of running and walking. Eventually, you will be able to run longer without taking a break. You don’t have to break records in terms of speed. Just increase the duration of your runs every weekend in a gradual manner.


Some throws will need to go far, particularly the initial one. Deriving some power from your legs can certainly help. Strengthen your lower body with squats to give yourself a boost. This should also improve your stability and your endurance to a degree. Do this without weights initially until you perfect the form. Once you are able to squat regularly without feeling sore after, begin to add weights to increase the challenge. Again, increase the weights slowly to prevent injuries.

Leg Press

The leg press will require a bulky machine that is commonly found in gyms. This will feel like an inverse squat as your feet will be up pushing weights while your upper body is reclining on an angled seat. It isolates your leg muscles and your glutes. Make sure to stop before your knees lock. Keep a slight bend at maximum extension and go back down. Maintain a good slow rhythm for control. This makes it more challenging and effective.

Always get enough rest and recovery as your body needs between each session. You don’t need to do all of these every day. You can run every other day and work on your legs at the gym once a week. Use the other days to work on specific skills, your upper body, your core, and so on.

Disc Golf Exercises To Improve Your Throws

Disc golf looks like a lot of fun but it is also quite challenging. Play with good disc golfers and you are likely to get schooled. If you want to improve your performance and increase your competitiveness, then you need to train hard. Divide your time between the gym and actual disc golf practice. One builds your strength while the other polishes your skills. You will be able to throw farther and with better control. Below are some of the exercises that you can add to your routine:


It’s a classic upper body exercise that will help you build the arm and back strength necessary to send the disc flying as far as you need it to go. It will also improve your core stability which will enhance your accuracy. A regular push-up calls for a start at the plank position with the hands on the ground and the body straight from head to heals. Feet should be together pointing down. Lower yourself slowly and push yourself back up for one rep.

Shoulder Press

You will need a dumbbell on each hand. A barbell is suitable as well. Do this sitting down and hold the weights with your palms facing forward. Press the dumbbells up until they go above your head. Allow a slight bend in your elbows at the top such that you never quite reach full extension as a safety precaution. Pause for a second and bring them back down slowly. If you feel stable doing this, then you can do it standing up.

Arnold Press

This is similar to the shoulder press but with a slight twist. The name comes from one of the most famous body builders who used the exercise to build his monstrous shoulder muscles. Sit down and hold the dumbbells with your palms facing inwards instead of outwards. This is the crucial difference. You will push these up while turning your arms such that you get to the same position as the shoulder press at the top with the palms facing out.

Bent Over Flys

Lastly, consider this exercise for building your rear deltoids which is the back of your shoulders. You will need to bend over at about 45 degrees with respect to the ground. Use small weights first because this can be challenging for beginners. Grab dumbbells with each hand and allow them to hang at your sides. The palms should face inwards. Now move your arms to the sides until your arms have stretched as far as they can go. Pause briefly and come back down in a controlled motion.

Getting Yourself Ready For Your First Disc Golf Adventure

If you have never experienced disc golf, you are missing out on a lot of fun. This is a game of frisbee that includes elements of golf, basketball, and outdoor sports. Before you get ready for your disc golf adventure, you want to make sure you are set up. The following disc golfing information will help you get set up for your first disc adventure:

Getting The Right Gear For The Course

The first thing to consider is the gear you will need for your adventure. The attire for disc golf should be sporty, with a good part of hiking shoes. All the gear you will need to hit the course includes:
-Good hiking boots or tennis shoes
-Long sleeve shirt and comfortable pants
-Appropriate disc for playing golf games
-Note pad or scorebook to keep track of games
This is all the gear you will need before you play your first round. You may feel more comfortable in hiking boots or tennis shoes. This is a personal choice, and sometimes it depends on the course where you are playing.

Finding The Right Beginner-Level Course

There are different levels of disc players, and you will want to find a course for beginners. Often, these courses get booked quickly. Therefore, you want to call and check to make sure the course is open the days you want to play rounds. You may want to go play with someone who has played the game before to get tips on how to play this disc game.

Checking To Book Your First Outing

Checking the schedule and booking the course is important before you book your first round of golf. If the course is first-come-first-serve, check to make sure there are not any tournaments the day you plan on playing. It may be better for your first outing to find a private course to book the course and ensure you get to play that day.

Know Basic Rules Of Disc Golf Before You Go

The disc golf rules and regulations are similar to conventional golfing. The difference is there is a basket that you have to get the disc into in as few tries as possible. There are rule books that you but to go over the basics for a pocket guide when you play your first round.

This is everything you will want to know before you visit your first course. Call a disc golf service to prepare for your first outing, which will have you addicted to this fun outdoor sport.