5 Secrets To Buying Cheap Supplies From Craft Wholesalers

There are several reasons why buying your craft supplies from wholesalers is a great idea. For one, you can manage the packaging and delivery. You can also do quality control yourself. More importantly, it’s a sure way of getting cheap supplies. Craft wholesalers allow you to ask for free samples and you can order your supplies for cheap once you are pleased with them. But to ensure that you always buy your supplies cheaply, here are 5 secrets to master:

Sign Up

Most wholesalers have a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to. It allows you to know about better craft supplies deals so as you can shop when the price is convenient. The secret is to sign up at different wholesalers to improve your chances of getting a better deal. Signing up for the newsletters will also keep you up to date with some of latest tricks in the industry as most wholesalers tend to keep their subscribers engaged with useful information about the industry.

Direct Inquiry

If you want to get a straight answer concerning the existence of discount deals and coupons, just ask the craft wholesaler directly. This should be done before making a purchase and it can be in the form of a call, an email inquiry or a live chat.

Google Search

Since Google has most of the answers, what is stopping you from asking? It’s a quick way to identify craft supplies that are offered at a bargain price. There’s always a better chance of getting a fair deal for craft supplies on the internet. It is also a chance to compare prices and make a more sound decision.

Bulk Buying

The term wholesale buying may mean bulk buying, but it doesn’t put a restriction on how much you can order. The discount can only be huger if you improve your order. The more stocks you add to your order, the bigger your discount margin. Besides, you can always recoup your money after selling the crafts.

Off-Season Shopping

Most buyers think that the best prices for craft supplies are offered during popular seasons like Christmas and Black Friday. Better deals are offered immediately after these seasons. Since the wholesaler wants to clear stocks left they’ll sell at a crazily-low price.


No doubt buying supplies from craft wholesalers improves your chances of saving if compared to buying from other dealers. You just have to know how to get a better deal. If you are not sure about it, apply the above secrets and wait to save much more on your next purchase.