Top 4 Irrigation Installation Ideas That Are Likely To Bring You Results In Perth

It’s undeniable that irrigation plays a vital role in the growth and development of plants, especially during the dry months. It influences seedbed preparation, germination, nutrient utilization, root growth, quality, and yield. Whether you are aiming at a plush home garden or increased agricultural produces, irrigation can help you achieve your gardening goals when done the right way. Moreover, having an effective irrigation installation Perth will require you to have sufficient knowledge about the equipment, land formation, plant species, growth stage, and soil composition. That said, let’s discuss some of the best irrigation installation ideas you should implement to yield better results.

1. Incorporating water monitoring in the sprinkler system

Sprinkler systems are known to waste a massive amount of water. Consequently, it’s best to integrate moisture sensing technology that measures the amount of water in the soil at a particular time and how much of it is available to plants. With the knowledge, you get to know when and how long to irrigate your garden or lawn and consequently, prevent water mismanagement and conserve energy, while providing your plants with optimum moisture condition. Moreover, some systems will switch off automatically when they find enough moisture in the soil, whereas some can be controlled remotely over a wireless network.

2. Automatic drip irrigation

Want to save water and energy while at the same time protecting your crops from fungal infections? Drip irrigation is the way to go. Unlike sprinkler systems which have been attributed to spread of fungal diseases in plants, drip irrigation prevents excessive watering, minimizes fungi risks and ensure optimum absorption of nutrients. An automatic drip irrigation installation featuring a moisture sensor, solenoid valve and controllers goes further to save human energy, water, and labor cost.

3. Center pivot system for massive, round shaped lands

Center pivot irrigation system becomes pivotal for watering crops in large farms in short periods. Additionally, the system provides maximum uniformity in the water application. The system uses radial pipes and water travels in a straight line down your land with nozzles covering the same area and having same flow rate. Moreover, the system allows you to use one machinery for different farm practices. Besides irrigating crops, you can use a center pivot system for pesticide and fertilizer application. It also reduces labor costs and can be used for all types of plants.

4. Rotary or impact sprinklers for lawns

Conventional sprinklers spray water in them or turn it into the mist, and this can be quite inefficient when watering during the dry and hot condition. Most of the water evaporates before reaching the grass, and consequently, a lot of water gets wasted. Therefore, installing a rotary or impact sprinkler from which water comes out in huge drops or streams that drop to the ground quickly. This serves to prevent evaporation and will save both water and money.

Whether you aim at watering your crops or lawn, having an efficient irrigation installation in Perth will bring in money and water saving benefits while at the same time providing a conducive environment for your yard or garden. Consider the above ideas to ensure you get the best results from irrigation installations.