IPhone 8 Repairs Step By Step Guide

When your iPhone 8 screen is broken or no longer working, you do not have to worry as you can DIY. All that you need to have it done is the Giga Fixxoo screen replacement kit. The kit makes it easier to DIY with or without experience. This article presents a step by step guide on how to do iPhone 8 Repairs, especially on the screens.

Here is what you need

Suction cup
Plastic spudger
Fixxo spatula tool
Tri-point Y000 screwdriver
Pentalobe screwdriver

Step 1. Remove pentalobe screws

Ensure your iPhone 8 is powered off first and then begin by removing the two-pentalobe screws found at the bottom next to the charging port of the device

Keep the screws safe using the handy magnetic project map found in the Giga Fixxoo iPhone 8 screen replacement kit.

Step 2. Display Lift up

Use the suction cup carefully to remove and lift the display

Use the metal frame amid the metal frame and spatula to lift the display.

Step 3. Break the adhesives to remove the screen

With great care, slide the metal spudger to break the adhesive that holds the display with the frame.

Carefully loosen the adhesive, ensuring that the plastic clips do not break.

Step 4. Remove the four metal screws

Do not forget where each screw belongs after the four screws holding the metal cover in place are removed.

The cross-tip screwdriver will help you remove the four screws.

Step 5. Removing connectors

The multiple connectors are found under the metal cover. Remove these connectors carefully by use of plastic spatula.

Step 6. Remove tri-point screws

The Y000 screws are found near the Home Button. Remove these screws by use of a screwdriver. Once they are removed, lift and remove the metal cover.

Step 7. Remove the Home Button

One the cable is unlatched, remove it plus the Home Button. These pop out easily and ensure it is completely removed from the screen.

Step 8. Reinstallation of the Home button with the new screen

Install the removed home screen button correctly using the same procedure as it was removed with the cable and button attached.

Step 9. Replacement of screws on the Home button cover

Install the metal cover just as it was removed while fastening the cover with the Y000 screws.

Step 10. Reattach the metal cover and the logic connector and final connectors

Attach the logic cover to the connector amply and the screws using the appropriate protection. Reattach the removed connectors with exceptional care as you install the metal cover on the connectors.

Step 11. Final step

Install the Giga Fixxoo iPhone 8 replaced screen to the metal frame while pressing all the gaps from the sides. Install the pentalobe screws removed previously

Use the guide to help you do iPhone 8 Repairs professionally.