Top 5 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas For Kitchens To Try In 2019

For many of us, the kitchen is the space from where love and togetherness emanate from. It is the hub of many activities around the home, therefore,it makes perfect sense to have a strong desire to make it not only functional but aesthetically sound as well. In 2019, the kitchen is poised to undergo major shifts both in form and function. If you are an interior décor guru, keep an eye out for these 5 minimalist interior design ideas for kitchens in 2019.

1. Green cabinetry

This year, interior décor experts have already predicted the explosion of the rich blue-green kitchen across the world. There’s something about green cabinetry that brings a dramatic effect and luxury to any kitchen. To bring elegance in a minimalistic way, balance the green with smoky glass, latte shades, and soft metallic.

2. A sustainable kitchen

Sustainability is a major concern in today’s world no wonder designers are constantly picking each other’s brains on how to create eco-friendly homes.This trend is going to be huge in 2019. To catch up with it, carry out some indoor gardening such as a vertical hub around your kitchen window. You can actually let this double up as an excuse to plant your cooking ingredients.

3. Simple but elegant

Minimalism is all about having a clean, open, and functional space. This year, we are going to see more simple and sparse kitchens characterized by nothing but an all-white color, some wooden counter stools and perhaps one simple plant leaf intentionally placed in a beautiful vase.

4. Open shelving

Another awesome trend worth trying in 2019 is the idea of having open shelves. They used to be a thing back then until they weren’t. This year, they will make a comeback in a huge way. Ensure yours are clean and made from unfished wood for that gorgeous modern look.

5. The gorgeous kitchen in black

If for some reason you aren’t a fan of the green kitchen mentioned in number 1 above, consider making the move to the black color. Many kitchens are already utilizing darker color palettes contrasted by rich shades of grey, coffee browns, biscuit beige, and taupe.

2019 is going to be a phenomenal year in the interior design industry. We are going to see new kitchen trends that will make us gawk at the creativity and talent of interior design ideas for kitchens. Keep your eyes and ears open and borrow some of these ideas for your own home. And if you have been skeptical about renovating your kitchen because you didn’t know the exact design to adopt, now you don’t have an excuse.

Top 5 Trending Timber Bedheads Ideas In 2019

Your bedroom is where you start and end your day. So, whether you know it or not, the physical space where you spend most of your time has a big impact on how you behave and go about your things. Investing in your bedroom’s décor can, therefore, have a significant impact on your life.

When it comes to tweaking your bedroom décor, one of the best items you should think about first is your bed. How do you improve the style and appeal of your current bed? Well, you can start with your bed head. Opting for a nice timber bed head can add color, style and texture to your bedroom.

With timber bedheads online you can create any look you want: contemporary, rustic, traditional or modern. For inspiration, here are the top 5 trending types of bed heads online in 2019.

1. Curved Wooden Bedhead

This is best for creative and contemporary room. The classy intricate curved bedhead will make your contemporary room have beautiful texture and character. The curves make it unique. It will even look better against a colored wall.

2. Recycled Timber Bedhead

You do not have to buy timber. This is the perfect definition of simple but smart. Recycled timber bedhead can be easily made from home. If you have an old barn door, cut it down to the size of your bed frame and you will be good to go.

3. Rustic Look.

If you love rustic, custom bed heads, then this is the perfect option for you. You can create a unique head board using distressed wood. Use distressed light or dark oak to create barn door look. Make it look more beautiful by adding lantern sconce on both sides of board.

4. Whitewash

This is another bedheads online trend and works best for garden look lovers. If you want to create a garden look in your bedroom, use pieces of wood with different heights to add character to a fence pattern. Alternatively, you can have your latticed wood painted with vine décor pattern to bring out a creative garden look. Whitewashed fence style headboard, will bring a sense of outdoor to your bedroom.

5. Storage Bedhead plan

Though simple to make, the storage bedhead plan has a classic design that can go with any style of your choice. It is suitable for people with small bedrooms as it gives you extra storage space.

It is no doubt that your bed is one of the most important items in your house. Nothing is more calming than relaxing on a comfy, custom bed after a long day’s work. Make your bed more attractive with the trending timber bedheads above.

Installing New Skylights In Melbourne: Everything You Wanted To Know

Skylight roofing has been an architectural marvel for decades. Whether you have the structure overlooking your bedroom or living room, it never ceases to brighten your space. Compared to the ordinary windows, skylights provide more light. They ventilate a room while also creating the impression that you are inside an ample open space. Here are a few aspects that you need to know about skylights Melbourne:

1. Shape and Size

Most skylight variants have a rectangular shape, but there are other models too. The other aspect is to have a light that is proportional to the floor space. Size also counts. For a room with only a few windows, they should take between 5-15 percent of the floor space. However, you should note that whether you go for a small or a big skylight, the cost of installation will remain the same. So, always strive to go with a generous size.

2. Plastic or Glass

Despite being costlier than plastic, glass skylights do not fade or scratch easily. However, vinyl is a cheaper material than glass, only that it becomes discolored after prolonged use. Laminated panes and the use of tempered glass are other features that give glass preference over plastic.

3. Tint or Blinds

A few decades back, skylights consisted of a piece of glass that was attached to a frame. Today, you can get them in tinted and low-E coatings that control the transmission of UV rays and heat. Instead of stained glass, you can purchase blinds, shades or opt for those that come fully equipped with a screen.

4. Directional Placement

To capitalize on natural lighting, ensure that your skylights Melbourne installer places the structure facing the north. Doing so guarantees you a constant flow of light. Alternatively, you could opt to have the lights face the east to capture the morning light and warmth.

5. Bathroom Roofing

Skylight roofing in small bathrooms that have limited wall space is also an option. It could be the only way to get natural air inside the room. A skylight equipped with clear glass will direct sunlight to a specific area. While purchasing skylights, Melbourne construction experts can help. Choose a design with obscure or acrylic glass; this light will spread over a large area.

Skylights not only help illuminate your home but also create a warm appeal. Improper fitting or installation can result in a leak followed by a costly replacement. To achieve the desired result, you must be careful to foresee possible damage risks at the onset. Considering the scale of the investment, always consult widely and make an informed decision.

A Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Timber Blinds In Brisbane

Timber blinds look awesome. Whether you are looking for a rustic, cosy feel or a modern, contemporary décor, you will not go wrong with wooden blinds. However, nothing spoils these types of blind than coatings of dust. Like any other surface in your home, wooden blind require special attention, especially when it comes to home cleaning.

Being close to the window, blinds are often exposed to a lot of dust, which passes back and forth from the outside through the slats. So, they tend to get dustier than any other piece of furniture in your home. Accordingly, to ensure that your timber blinds are in top shape, you need to clean them from time to time.

If it is your first time to clean timber blinds, here is a quick guide that you can use:

1. Get a lambswood dusting glove or a microfiber cloth for wiping the blinds

2. Get a step ladder to help you reach the very top of the blinds. Alternatively, clip the microfiber cloth to an extension pole, which are readily available in many home improvement stores. If you are not comfortable with a ladder or extension pole, you can remove the blinds from their tracking and place them on a sheet or flat surface then clean them.

3. Dust the blinds before cleaning. Considering that timber blinds Brisbane are like any other type of furniture in your home, the wood will absorb moisture and this is why it is highly recommended to avoid cleaning your blinds with water. Nonetheless, if your blinds have more than dust on them, you can use a dampened cloth to clean them.

4. Top protect your timber blinds, you can use small amounts of linseed oil to clean them. And to repel mould and mildew, a few drops of lavender and tee tree oil will come in handy. The essential oils will also leave a clean and fresh smell on your blinds.

There are a few things that you should avoid when cleaning your timber blinds. To begin with, avoid using chemicals on your blinds as some may have negative impacts on wood. When using a soapy solution to wipe the blinds, strive to dry the blinds immediately so that the timber does not warp. Lastly, when using a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to put it on the lowest settings. On the flip side, if you use high settings, you run the risk of your timber blinds looking as though they just took a hurricane.


Regular cleaning of your timber blinds negate the need to call for timber blinds Brisbane cleaning companies for a deep clean in future. Hopefully, the above tips will help you get the most of blind dusting and cleaning routine.

Guide To Glass Balustrading Melbourne

With Glass Balustrading Melbourne, you will find the professional that’s right for you, and that will install the aluminum windows you are looking for. If you are wondering what the costs are for installing aluminum windows, whatever the type of windows you want to install in your home.

The costs for installing aluminum windows depend on the number and size of windows and patio doors you want to install in your home. Consider that a single-leaf aluminum window, about one square meter in size, can cost at least A$ 250, to which you will have to add the assembly costs.

The windows made of aluminum have a very modern look, and for this reason they are much appreciated by the owners of houses that pay more attention to design: thanks to the many available finishes, both internal and external, the aluminum windows adapt to the most modern furnishing and minimalist. The most important advantage of aluminum windows, however, does not lie in the versatility of aluminum, which can be finished at will, but is instead represented by the long life, characteristic of aluminum.

Compared to wooden or PVC windows, aluminum windows have a higher resistance to atmospheric agents, thermal excursions and possible deformations due to high temperatures, such as very rigid ones.

Aluminum windows, in fact, have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, both for the nature of aluminum and for the limited thickness of the profiles with which windows are made. Thanks to its qualities of lightness and elasticity, aluminum is one of the most resistant and versatile materials for the production of an infinite number of objects, from doors and windows to satellite dishes: not surprisingly, aluminum is the material used in aircraft manufacture, both in load-bearing structures and in nacelles thanks to Glass Balustrading Melbourne.

To all these advantages must be added the high degree of recycling, which makes aluminum one of the most environmentally sustainable products, and the possibility of being painted with the most modern and effective systems.

If you decide to install the aluminum windows in your home, you can decide the most varied colors and finishes, also differentiating the interior finishes from the external ones: in this way, your windows will be perfectly matched with the interior of your home that with the outside. Finally, consider that the windows made of aluminum need little or no maintenance, and this will allow you to save over the years, offsetting the highest cost incurred at the time of purchase. On Glass Balustrading Australia, you can compare the prices and jobs of more professionals.

Benefits Of Using Perspex For Your Projects

Perspex is an excellent material as it provides the same lighting and transparency as a glass material. It has more advantages over the glass as it is more durable and is resistant to impact. Additionally, the glass does not shutter quickly which means that it does not cause injuries to you. It works best in public places like the jail screen guard or the hockey field guard.

1. Impact resistance

Perspex has a high impact resistance as compared to the glass material. This means that it can withstand high impact and not shatter easily. The material can handle up to 20 times impact, and when it breaks, it doesn’t shatter easily. The material breaks into large pieces which can’t injure you while working on it. If the acrylic is stored in large sheets, it is more resistant to pressure and can flex easily making it hard to break. It works best to replacing glass in places where there is a need for safety like the hockey screen guards.

2. Transparency

Perspex suppliers provide excellent transparency and clarity as compared to the use of optical glass. The acrylic sheet allows enough light to pass through. This ensures that your house is still bright and have enough light. Acrylic sheets even when used as more than one sheet are always transparent. They don’t form cloudy or milky appearance which distorts their appearance. They still maintain a transparent look for a long time.

3. Durability

Since the acrylic material is more robust than glass, it can withstand strong impact. This allows it to be durable and can serve you for a very long time. Acrylic can withstand any strong impact and does not shatter or break easily. Additionally, the acrylic material is weather resistant and can withstand any storm and hailstones. This makes the material perfect for use on outdoor projects and glazing. Also, the material works well when used as a guard in a hockey game.

4. Insulation

Acrylic is an excellent material when it comes to insulation as it is 20 percent more productive than glass material. It can reduce the temperature fluctuation and ensure that the room maintains proper and average temperature. The material works great if it is used as the windows or doors of your house as it ensures that the air in the home is well maintained. Acrylic does not allow cold or warm air from outside to penetrate in the house; this ensures that the house temperature is well maintained.
When you are looking for a perfect material to use on your windows and doors that can resist any impact, get the acrylic material from reputable Perspex suppliers. This material is durable and resistant to weather changes like the storm and hailstones.

Benefits Of Insulated Roof Panels

In a number of buildings, insulated roof panels are the most cost-effective and practical method of making a home or office more energy efficient. These panels also keep the interior warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Additionally, insulation could lower condensation, which can, in turn, reduce moisture and mold and provide other health benefits. Below are some of the benefits of utilizing insulated roofing panels as against traditional roofing options:

Prevents Infiltration of Moisture

High humidity is among the biggest issues in warmer climates. Whenever there are huge temperature disparities between night and day, condensation typically forms on single layer roofing panels and this could end up dripping onto your electronics and furniture pieces. With insulated roofing panels this level of condensation can be avoided. The insulated panels do this by stopping outside temperatures from penetrating the interior of the roof, as condensation is caused when warm air inside the house comes into contact with the cold roof.

Design Flexibility

These panels are available in a variety of colors, custom modular widths and profiles. They also have factory-formed corners, which provide visually appealing design options for vertical or horizontal installations. Many of them are supported by powder coating facility and sheet metal fabrication and reputable suppliers have in-house specialists who are skilled at providing a flexible and complete building envelope solution.

Cost Effective

Poorly-insulated roofing can cause twenty-five percent of all heat to escape and as such, cause your energy bills to increase. Insulated metal panels can deliver energy efficiency, quick construction and incredible durability. This reduces overall operations and installation costs, while significantly contributing to energy savings.

Ease of Installation

There are a wide range of widths in which these panels are available to achieve required u-values and satisfy building regulations.
They are less labor intensive and easier to install in comparison to conventional roofing solutions, which typically have several components and layers. The ‘single layer’ feature of insulated sheets means larger areas can be covered in shorter periods.


Not only do metal components last longer than a number other roofing materials, they age impressively as well.

Biological Benefits

Typically, metal sheets are resistant to attacks from fungi, mold, vermin and mildew. They do not contain urea formaldehyde and the sheets are not viewed as being deleterious.

Insulated roofing panels are made from utmost quality materials and state of the art production equipment are used during the manufacturing process to provide top-quality products. In addition, they undergo rigorous quality control standards, which are designed to ensure long term service life and unwavering reliability.

ABCs Of Glass Balustrading Melbourne

In addition to the gasket, you may also need to replace the old frame with a new one from Glass Balustrading Melbourne suppliers and get a window that closes tightly and isolates you from outside temperatures. If the glass has broken, the professional might propose to replace it with a triple glass that increases its insulation performance.

Even in this case, you would have a perfectly insulated window, at prices significantly lower than a new one. However, in some cases the damage is irreparable and all that the expert can suggest is replacing the window with a new one. This means that windows repair sometimes has higher costs than buying new windows.

Now that you are much more informed about the various types of windows repair, prices and differences of mechanisms, as well as the difference between repair windows and new windows purchase, regardless of the number of windows to be fixed, you know that the price is very variable and depends on factors very different (finishes, brands, etc.). Being aware also means knowing exactly what to request and how, by making a request for a complete quote that fits your needs.

With Glass Balustrading Melbourne, you can get in touch with the best windows repairers in your area, being able to guarantee your home maximum thermal protection, thanks to repair windows at prices that are based on your budget.

The professionals you contact you are trustworthy people who have been carefully selected by us. For this reason, when you need windows repair, prices will be adequate and corresponding to the product and work you requested. Ask your estimate now, you will soon receive more quotes from our professionals, so you will be able to make your choice, based on different types of price and product, with the peace of mind that any company or professional you choose, will deliver a work in a workmanlike manner.

Realize your dream of improving your home, put your ideas into practice and ask for a free quote: it will be easy and ask for it, quick to get it and pleasant to be able to deal with the windows repair work in your home, without worries and with maximum guarantees. Our professionals will be happy to meet your every need, economic, aesthetic and functional.

With Balustrading Melbourne, you can compare estimates of the best window and window installers in your area. But how much does an assembly or replacement of aluminum windows cost?

Do you need a professional for mounting aluminum windows in your home? Are you looking for someone who is expert in the installation of aluminum windows, that can mount them in your home?

Benefits Of Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated Roof Panels provide a viable way to reduce energy bills for homeowners. Aesthetically they are all the same but technically not. Aluminum windows, although very durable, are still subject to wear. The most stressed and damaged parts are the hinges but also the frame or the handle. A broken aluminum window frame could compromise the insulating seal.

Even the glazing bead may break and the repair requires great dexterity and experience, to avoid that in the phase of replacing the glass stopper, the glass can escape from the seat and fall, with possible damage to passers, if the window is facing the road. Window repair also depends on whether these are thermal insulated or insulated windows.

Do you have an old window that no longer closes properly? The boys in the yard broke the glass of your window with the ball? Has a handle been detached and you cannot open a window at home? Do you have windows that are fairly recent but some do not work properly? Window repair may be necessary for many reasons and also depends on the material with which the window is produced. With regard to materials, Insulated Roof Panels come in various types of quality materials

In the case of wooden windows, however, the break could depend on the presence of woodworms that have literally devoured parts of the window. In this case the professional must have a thorough knowledge of the wood and its treatment.

In general, after the damage has been repaired, it performs a pass with specially created Moth Protection products. The wooden window in any case needs to be registered periodically, ie to be subjected to annual maintenance that guarantees its correct operation. PVC window frames can have more or less the same problems as aluminum ones. In general, the costs for repairing PVC windows are lower than those in aluminum, due to the lower cost of the material.

A window, whether in wood, PVC or aluminum, always has an important cost, regardless of the type of opening and finishing. Window repair should be a preferable choice because in most cases the repaired damage has a lower price than buying a new window.

Often the repair of an old broken window is also an opportunity to improve its performance, as well as fix the problem that causes it to break. After having repaired it, in fact, you can request the addition of special seals that increase the insulation and improve the thermal efficiency of your old window, without needing to replace it with a new one and certainly more expensive.

The Benefits Of A Water Tank

Water can be hard to come by in some areas of Australia, which is why a lot of people end up getting a water tank installation done in their home. This allows them to store water and have it last for a long time to be used during the rough part of the year.

Even though most people are going to be living in rural areas, even people in the city can really benefit from a water tank. Here are a few reasons why they are so important.

For starters, a water tank is definitely going to help a person save money on bills. Everything from washing hands to flushing a toilet can use up quite a bit of water and electricity. By using rainwater from a tank, it is much more cost-effective to do these daily things.

There are also pretty much no restrictions when it comes to climate change or water shortages across the country. The government can sometimes impose restrictions if the water level is low. Those people who have their own tank do not have to live by the same rules.

Using rainwater instead of traditional water sources in Australia can also be very beneficial for the environment. Essentially, a person is reusing water for different things instead of relying on a water source that can be costly in general. There are a lot of people who are trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible turning to a water tank for this very reason.

Rainwater might not seem like it is going to be as clean as traditional water, but it can be taken care of properly with the right set up as well. All that is needed is a tank that works a filtering system that will be able to handle everything in general.

The important thing to do when shopping for a water tank is to get the appropriate size for a home. Nobody needs a huge tank if there are only two or three people living in a household. There are so many different options out there available right now that a person does not have to spend a lot of money either. It helps to save initial cost, as the installation process is the most costly thing involved with a water tank.

Not everyone is going to see the benefits of a water tank installation right away, but they are definitely there. It all comes down to looking at things from a long-term perspective. Getting the right amount of water for daily chores can make a huge difference for the environment and save money in the end.