How To Use A Global SIM Card

There is no reason to keep using your carrier’s roaming services. These may be convenient but the exorbitant price is hard to justify, especially when you can find much cheaper solutions elsewhere. For example, a lot of travelers have discovered that the can save a fortune by just switching to a global SIM card for their overseas communications. With a single tool, they will be able to make calls just like a local would. They will be recognized by the partner networks and be charged much smaller amounts than usual. Here’s how to use a global CIM card:

Get an unlocked phone.

Before you can use this, you must have a phone that is not locked to any network. This can be tricky in places like the US where carriers tend to subsidize phone purchases in exchange for a 2-year contract. This handsets are typically locked into the service provider so it will not recognize other networks. If you travel frequently, then getting a second phone still makes sense as long as it is cheap and practical. You could also try having your old phones unlocked. Turn your garbage into gold.

Insert the SIM card.

It would be ideal if you can get a phone with two SIM slots. This lets you put the global SIM inside, as well as another SIM that you might like to carry with you in case of emergencies. Have both loaded so you can contact loved ones whenever you need to. If you prefer to use just the global SIM, then have the empty slot carry a microSD card filled with your favorite tunes or videos for personal entertainment. Close the slot and turn the phone on to verify that the device recognizes the card.

Enjoy low-cost calls.

Once you get to your destination, you should be able to make local calls and messages at low rates. This is great if you are traveling with companions as you can all call each other after splitting up to shop at a mall, jog at a park, go around the airport, and so on. You can also call back home without any issues. The signal will be clear and reliable. The cost will be negligible. Go ahead and stay in touch as much as you want. You can also surf the web and use data-heavy apps without worries.

Global SIM cards make travel cheaper and more enjoyable.

The Benefits Of A Global WiFi Pass

A global WiFi pass offers several benefits. The top benefits are:

Connect To Global Hotspots

With a WiFi pass, you’ll be able to connect to hotspots around the world. The best passes give you access to millions of hotspots, which means there’s a good chance you’ll be able to access the net wherever you travel to. All you do is log into the pass’s app and then see where the nearest hotspot is.

Unlimited Data

Depending on the type of pass you get, you could receive unlimited data. This means you won’t have to worry about data charges or roaming charges. You’ll get to enjoy access to the internet, all without having to pay additional charges.

Fast Internet

Let’s not forget to mention that the internet is fast. As long as you get a pass from a reliable provider, you’ll enjoy extremely fast internet. In fact, many providers offer speeds that are faster than 3G, which means you enjoy access to fast and modern internet.

Generally speaking, you should be able to do the normal stuff you do daily. This includes streaming, checking emails, social media and so forth. You might be surprised at how fast the net is when you get a global pass for WiFi.


In general, a pass is affordable. You can easily find a pass you can afford, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of cash to access hotspots around the world. Bear in mind what you’ll pay depends on several factors. However, you can rest assure it will be a fair price. Plus, it’s far more convenient to use a global pass than it is to use your own data.

What you want to do is compare a few passes. See what’s included and what’s not included. Then you can decide which pass to buy.

Connect Multiple Devices

Finally, most passes allow you to access hotspots via multiple devices. This means you can use your laptop to access a hotspot, as well as your phone. If you travel with someone else, then they should be able to do access a hotspot too. Just make sure you check what’s included in your pass because not all of them let you connect multiple devices.

Do you travel around the world or even the country a lot? Do you want to make sure you’re connected to the internet at any given time? If so, then you’ll want to get a global WiFi pass.