What Is The Cost Of Holiday Apartments In Wollongong?

When renting a holiday apartment in Wollongong, the cost is ultimately a key factor of consideration that you must take into account. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to cite a specific cost for renting a holiday apartment as it varies a lot. This is because several factors affect the cost of holiday apartments in Wollongong. But based on a few factors, you can be able to approximate the amount you will pay for your apartment. As a guide, here are some of the main factors that greatly affect the cost of holiday apartments Wollongong has to offer.

Facilities and amenities

Holiday apartments that have advanced facilities and amenities cost more in comparison to their counterparts with fewer facilities. An apartment with modern spas, hot water pools, and 24/7 conditioning is perceived to be equipped with modern facilities and thus it will cost more to rent such an apartment. In other words, the more facilities and amenities an apartment has, the more costly it is. On average, a holiday apartment in Wollongong can cost between AU $100 and AU $ 300 depending on the facilities and the level of comfort an apartment is offering.


Apartments that are situated within the city are priced more than the holiday apartments that are located outside the city. Again, apartments that are situated close to attraction sites are in high demand because most people want to seek accommodation in such apartments to avoid paying high costs to travel to destinations of their choice.

The size of the apartment

This seems like an obvious fact, but the size of an apartment has a great effect on the cost that one will have to pay for their holiday apartments. Small-sized apartments are overly cheaper to rent as opposed to spacious apartments.

Terms of renting a holiday apartment

The terms of renting an apartment can greatly affect the final rental price. For instance, if you rent an apartment for a couple of days, you will have to pay more than someone else who stays in the apartment for a single day. Simply put, the longer you stay in a holiday apartment, the more you will have to pay. Even if an apartment may seem cheaper than other apartments, the rental cost can be expensive if you stay in that apartment for several days.

The cost of a holiday apartment in Wollongong can’t be definite due to the multiple factors that affect cost. However, use these factors to estimate how much you will pay for the holiday apartment you intend to rent in Wollongong.

Wagga Wagga: Colorful Heritage And Rich Culture

This area is a lively regional city that rests on the banks of the magnificent Murrumbidgee River. The city boast of rich culture, heritage, and history combined with its excellent amenities and infrastructure make it a fast-growing destination. It is quickly accessible as it is strategically located between Olympic Highways and Sturt, just a comfortable 1-hour flight or a 5-hour drive to Sydney and Melbourne and only a 2 and a half-hour drive to Canberra.

The location has also made it an excellent place for various national businesses that have built their operations in the city. Big 4 Wagga Wagga offers accommodation with free WiFi and free private parking for visitors who drive. There is plenty of seating and a dining area in all units and visitors can also relax in the garden. Here are some main facts about this region.


The name of the town is obtained from the Aboriginal language used by the Wiradjuri tribe, the original inhabitants of the city. Wagga Wagga signifies, the place of many crows while the Murrumbidgee means big river or plenty of water.


Wagga Wagga is popularly known as the city of good sports since several of Australia’s sporting champions came from this region including AFL great Paul Kelly, rugby legend Peter Sterling, former Australian cricket captain Mark Taylor. Its sporting history dates way back to the 1850s when it was referred to as, a sporting little town. During that time, the majority of the people were male, and popular sports included horseracing, foot races, shooting, hunting, and prizefights.

Military History

Dating back to more than 110 years, Wagga Wagga has a long and proud military history. In 1885, many men and women enlisted to be part of many military operations including World War I and II, the Boer War, Gulf War, and the Vietnam War. In 1884, Australia’s only Field Marshal, Sir Thomas Blamey was also born in the city. Today, Wagga has two military buildings that cater to the training of the Australian Air Force and Australian Army.

Wagga Wagga has grown to become the significant commercial and urban center of the Riverina. It is home to numerous leading museums and galleries, gardens and wineries, an Amphitheatre, stunning rivers and some of the most innovative sporting amenities in Australia today. Big 4 Wagga Wagga is a beautiful family-friendly environment with plenty of space to unwind and enjoy the tranquil riverside spot right on the Murrumbidgee River.