Insulated Roof Panels For Your Housing Structures

The sun heat during the summer makes it difficult to live even in an indoor area. You can deploy an air conditioner to cool down the interior but it is an expensive proposition. You have to use other technologies to ensure your cooling system works efficiently. Make your rooms comfortable and reduce your cooling bills by using insulated roof panels. These panels are now preferred over the roofing sheets that do not have any insulation. An insulated panel for roof is a simple structure. A thick, light and high volume insulation material is sandwiched between two metal sheets. Its top metal sheet has higher rigidity while the lower sheet is plain and smooth with high aesthetic value.

The goal of this design is to provide high structural strength and at the same time ensure a beautiful looking ceiling. Made of galvanised steel, the sheets of the panels can be painted in your favourite colours. It comes painted at the time you buy it so there is no need to paint it for several months after the initial installation. Some paint finish last for years. Different designs and models of insulated panels are available for roofing. You can use these panels in a wide range of applications for roofing purpose. Choose a model based on your application, the level of structural strength needed for the roof and the house, budget and other roofing requirements. These panels are made with the standard metal sheets that generally have 0.4-1 mm thickness.

It is cheaper to install an insulated roof panel compared to the conventional roof panel. The insulation material is generally polyurethane, polyisocyanurate or rock wool. To select the right panels for your application, first determine your requirements related to the moisture protection, thermal protection, structural characteristics, flammability, insulation, impact resistance and rust resistance. You will find these roofing sheets in the corrugated, tile and trapezoidal box profiles. Install the one that meets your housing structure requirements.

Insulated roof panels are available in standard sizes but can be ordered in custom sizes as well. There are special offers and discounts for large volume orders. Contact the insulated roofing sheets supplier to know about the clearance sale. Some goods returned to the yard due to order cancellation or other reasons become a surplus stock with the supplier. This stock is cleared at heavily discounted prices. Check all such discount and deal details when ordering your insulated roofing panels. You can order this product online. Select from the standard sheets or order it in your required size, thickness and colour. In case of a custom order, you have to provide your requirement details like the sheet’s length, width, colour and material. Provide information on the types of roof and substructure used in your building. The panels ordered online will be delivered to you within a few days.