Candidates For Bariatric Surgery In Sydney

Excess weight can literally drag you down. Movement can become difficult as you need to exert more force with every step. Your susceptibility to develop chronic ailments also increases. Being overweight has also been linked to diabetes, dementia, cancer, and sleep apnea. Losing some of the unwanted pounds can lead to more energy, better sleep, and an increased quality of life overall. People can take different paths to weight loss including a change in diet and greater levels of physical activity. If done consistently, these can result in gradual improvements over time. However, some might not respond to such strategies and require medical intervention from bariatric surgery Sydney specialists.

Body Mass Index

Note that not everyone can take this shortcut to weight loss. Doctors will have to examine and determine if this option is suitable. One of the biggest determining factors is the person’s body mass index. A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered as healthy. Once you go past 25, you are considered as overweight. This is not a major cause for alarm if the difference is small. However, an index of 35-39 may be enough to convince doctors to approve the surgery. Those who are over 40 in BMI can also qualify. At these levels, it is hard to lose weight through conventional means so intensive operations may be warranted.

Health Issues

Another thing that doctors will check are existing health issues among their patients. If a person has already developed Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic ailments, then proceeding with the surgery might be the best way to induce weight reduction. The decline will be faster and require less effort on the part of the patient. Those with high blood pressure might not be able to endure stressful exercises so this is a good alternative. Whenever possible, however, doctors will try to make people do conventional methods of losing weight including a sensible diet and more physical activities.

Cost of Operation

The last thing to consider is the cost of operation. This is significant with thousands of dollars on the line. Not everyone will have this type of money for such a procedure. Some might be able to get help from their health insurance providers if such a surgery is covered in their contract. Others could get financing to afford the cost. Note that there are many ways of going about the operation depending on the condition of the patient and the goals of the bariatric surgery Sydney. A thorough consultation that includes a serious discussion of the pros and cons is essential.