Audio Visual Hire Sydney

Anyone who is planning a huge event, such as a conference, workshop, concert or party needs to hire audio equipment as well as projectors and screens to show what is taking place on stage. Microphones, DJ’s turntable and powerful speakers will also be required as this will enable you to create the most amazing experience. To get the best audio visual hire Sydney residents need to take their time to search for the most trusted and most reliable suppliers of the required equipment.

There are many firms with different types of audio and visual equipment for hire. Since they are all different, it is up to you to compare them with the aim of identifying the best service provider for your needs. Below are the key factors to consider during the search:

i) Equipment Specs

The specifications or power of the equipment that different firms have in their inventory must be checked. If you are planning an event that will have less than a hundred people, you will not need high-power equipment. If the event will have over a thousand people, however, you will need the most powerful projectors and speakers. Before making a decision, therefore, you have to check the specifications of the equipment a company has.

ii) Hire Rates

Obviously, you are looking for affordable equipment to hire. Since every service provider will quote a different rate, it is imperative you do a comparison of the rental rates charged by the shortlisted firms. This comparison will help you find the most affordable audio and visual equipment to hire. That said, it is important to note that there are many firms with competitively-priced equipment for hire. Therefore, you should not settle on any firm until you are sure they are the most affordable.

iii) Quality

Some projectors and speakers are low-quality. Since you want the highest-quality equipment, therefore, it is recommended you take some time to check the quality of projectors, LED/LCD screens, speakers, amplifiers and mixers that different firms have. Only those with the highest quality equipment should be accorded any consideration. After all, you want the guests to enjoy the best pictures as well as the best sound during the event.

It is recommended you use firms with a proven track record. Therefore, you need to read reviews and check how different firms have been rated. Be sure to also read testimonials before you can make your final decision.

Factors To Consider When Hiring An Audio System

If you are planning for your next big event, then the chances are that you will need to hire an audio system. Quality audio systems play a significant role in making your event successful and memorable. Since you might not have audio systems, you will need to hire them. But what does it take to find the best audio system for your event? Well, this article provides you with essential factors to consider when looking for Audio Hire Sydney.

Number of Guests

The number of visitors who will attend your event is an important consideration to make when looking for an ideal audio system. If the number is large, then it means that you should go for a large audio system. Also, if you are going to have your guests scattered in different places, you will need to have speakers scattered in those spaces. So before you start looking for audio systems for your event, it is essential first to understand the number of guests who are likely to attend your event. That should guide you in making an informed decision as far as audio hiring is concerned.

PA Speakers

The speakers are an essential part of an audio system. They play a significant role in determining the quality of sound that you are going to get. After knowing the number of guests who will attend your event, you will need to find out how many speakers your service provider will be providing for you. Also, you need to ensure that the speakers that you choose can work correctly with the amplifiers and provide quality sound.


Another indispensable factor to consider when looking for the best audio systems is the portability. If you plan to hold the event in a public place, you will have to move with your audio hire Sydney. This, however, can be challenging if the audio systems that you buy are not portable. One thing that you need to know is that the audio industry is growing at a very high rate. Many companies are building modern systems with inbuilt amplifiers that you can use for your event. Such systems are easy to transport, and they will never give you a hard time.

System Accessories

Good audio sound systems will come with other accessories that are supposed to make your experience intriguing. If you come across sound hire services that are not willing to provide you with other accessories that are an indication that they are not the right ones for you. Always do your homework before choosing your service provider. When you are well informed, you can always make the right decisions.