Safe DIY Drilling: Top Tips For Using A Power Drill In Perth

A power drill is generally a powerful and effective tool when it comes to drilling duties. Though there’s the option of hiring drilling contractors in Perth, some jobs are purely DIY. You just have to know how to use the power tool and be able to take up safety measures. However, like any other DIY job, if you decide to do your drilling tasks in Perth by yourself, you have to be careful with it if you don’t want to suffer an injury. Generally, you should observe a few safety tips, including:

1. Put on Protective Gear

For starters, you need to protect your hands by wearing safety gloves. They should be thick enough to prevent contact with the bits or the hot surface. The other thing to wear is safety goggles to protect your eyes. You should also wear well-fitting working attire such as an overall to protect your body. Lastly, avoid jewelry and strive to keep your long hair restrained.

2. Learn to Switch Off the Power Before Changing Bits

It’s important to always remember this tip whenever you are using a power drill as it can save you from suffering a terrible accident. If you accidentally switch the power tool on when changing the bits, any part of your body that comes into contact with the bits may be injured.

3. Use the Right Bits

Most people make the mistake of using the wrong bits on a power drill just because they seem to fit. Two things can happen if you do so. One, you can do a poor job. Two, you may be compelled to use excessive force and this may damage the bits or worse, result in an injury.

4. Check the Chunk for Tightness

The chunk is the feature that holds your drill in position. If it’s not tight, the drill may run out of position and come into contact with your body. The end result may be a terrible injury. Thus, you should always confirm its tightness.

5. Don’t Work Alone

Lastly, you should never work alone. For one, having someone with you saves you energy and time. Two, the person can help you whenever you are injured.

It’s true that some drilling duties are best left to drilling contractors in Perth. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid all drilling jobs as some are DIY. You just have to prioritize your safety above anything else. Hopefully, the above tips will go a long way in helping you perform your DIY drilling tasks in Perth safely and with confidence.