SkyTrack Australia: Lone Workers Security Provider

There are many lone workers around the globe and Australia is no exemption. Working alone poses many security concerns. Most people find themselves with a lot of unanswered questions: What if you get an accident? What about being attacked? What if you suddenly become ill and need urgent medical attention? In such scenarios if you are alone and cannot quickly call for help, the outcome is always fatal. So how do you ensure safety of a lone worker working in Australia? Well, SkyTrak Australia holds the solution.

The question is how many people know about SkyTrack? Probably, Just a few. If you employ lone workers and you are looking to find security for them, read ahead and find out how SkyTrack Australia will quickly but effectively solve your problem.

What Is SkyTrack Australia?

This is an Australian based company that deals with providing personal duress alarms for lone workers such as healthcare workers, builders and tradespeople, patient and aged care, real estate agents name them. Not only do they use Australian manufactured personal duress alarms, but they also import some of the world’s best. They have monitoring centers that are operational 24/7. Regardless of the time, with SkyTrack Australia, lone workers security is always guaranteed.

How Do Workers Call for Help?

Workers should always carry duress alarms whenever they go so that when in danger, they can simply press a button. The request for help plus your location will be received in the control room. Control room staff will quickly contact you and establish the emergency. They will proceed to call for help by contacting the relevant emergency service on your behalf.

What if the emergency is fatal and the worker cannot speak? Well, the devices have fall detection technology. If the device detects a sudden fall and a period of inactivity follows, it will sound an alert. If the alert goes unacknowledged, the control room will receive persons down alarm plus location. They will make a follow up and dispatch help.

Now that you have a better understanding of what SkyTrack Australia is, you can clearly see why it is the lone workers savior. Secure your loan workers with personal duress alarms from SkyTrack and free your mind of worries. Walk into any SkyTrack offices, make your enquiries and leave with device that best suits your interests. By the way, they provide free testing and can customize devices to fit your needs.