Tips For GAMSAT Preparation

Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT) is a grueling entrance test for admission into Australian medical schools. Whether it is learning subject matter or adopting a constructive approach to exam practice, some form of help is always welcome. If you’re slated to take the test and need some tips and tricks to crack the exam, the following should help.

Understand the Topics

GAMSAT is not just a test of academic prowess – the test intends to grill your reasoning skills as well. Background knowledge of the subjects is good, and sitting down to take the GAMSAT without proper background knowledge of social sciences and sciences is not recommended.

Remember, the GAMSAT tests your abilities too and not only your reasoning and academic potential – it’s designed to examine your time management and organizational skills and stamina, and your ability to remain clear-headed while being exposed to complex data.

Exam Revision – Do Questions and Don’t Just Read

Unlike other exam questions, GAMSAT question formats need some time to get familiar with. It’s therefore important to revise with sample questions. Practice as many questions as possible – you’ll likely find many questions in the exam that are extremely similar to your GAMSAT preparation practice material.

Look Up Online Forums

Look up forums on the web for advice before trying to tackle GAMSAT. GAMSAT-dedicated forums usually have practicing doctors, medical students or people who’ve taken the test before doling out invaluable exam advice and suggestions. Most of these people have made it to their final destination, so the tips offered are likely to be genuine and effective.

Go through the different forum sections for various topics and perspectives on the exam. If you cannot find answers to your queries or doubts, don’t hesitate to put them up. A forum member will likely respond to your post in a few hours or days.

GAMSAT Preparation

There are many institutes offering GAMSAT preparation courses for a premium. Though these tend to help out, they don’t seem to add any substantial value over free online resources. Therefore, look up online sites for free learning material and also sample question papers. However, if you cannot self-study and need some outside guidance, a traditional course may be handy. Also start studying early.

Give Up Other Interests

If you’re truly serious about cracking the GAMSAT code, you better give up all your entertainment, hobbies and other interests at least six months prior the exam. You need not isolate yourself from the society, but must spend maximum time possible on exam preparation. As aforementioned, GAMSAT is extremely gruesome and those who’ve cleared the test before are primarily individuals who’ve made such sacrifices.