Qualities Of The Best Hairstylist

When you a kid, did you feel inclined to cut your own hair, that of a sibling, or that of your friend? Were you also cutting your doll’s hair? This is an indication that you were destined for a career in the beauty industry. However, it takes more than just passion to be successful in this career path.

Because every stylist is unique and has his or her own traits, there are some qualities that only the best hair stylist North Shore possess. Here they are:

A Knack for Listening

Being able to listen to your clients in more ways than one is among the top traits of a good hairdresser. Most clients have a tendency of sharing dramas, ups, and downs in their lives with their stylists. It is, therefore, polite that you listen to them and also carry on the conversation.

Your listening skills will be put to test during the initial consultation with the client. You will have to listen keenly and also clarify exactly what they want in order to avoid misunderstandings. It is important that you and your guest are on the same page before getting started on the job.

Making Visions a Reality

It is important for a hair stylist North Shore to stay on top of the latest trends. He or she should be able to seamlessly integrate the client’s personal style with those trends. With time, their own elevated taste and eye for design, the hairdresser should also be able to set some trends of his or her own.


People have different hair types and face shapes. This means that you have to understand them in order to create looks that will perfectly suite the natural features of the client. Also, you shouldn’t lie to the customer. If something doesn’t look good on him or her, let them know in a polite way and offer recommendations for a style that is suitable for them.

Technical Skills

You cannot make up for lack of hairdressing skills with listening skills, creativity, and honesty. For you to be a good hairdresser, you must have the technical skills necessary for the industry. A good stylist is always hungry to learn more about the insurance and out of different hairdressing techniques. He or she doesn’t stop learning after leaving school. The stylist continues his or her education and training and also invests in the latest fashion and hair and beauty magazines to understand what’s currently trending.

How To Choose The Right Hair Stylist

Finding the right hair stylist is quite important, particularly for people who care for their looks. There are different hair salons in various towns and cities. That means the type of services you seek can vary from one salon to another. Nowadays, each stylist claims to offer the best services. However, the truth is that some stylists provide better services than others. The following are some of the tips to help you choose the right Hair Stylist North Shore that suits your expectations and requirements.

Look for Referrals

You should note that word of mouth is an important advertising tool. Ask your family members, colleagues, and friends about their favorite hair stylists. However, this tip is only useful if you are happy with their hairstyle, and you want to have the same. They can provide you with vital information about particular hairdresser. As you know, most people like talking about their hairstyles, especially when they look unique or good. A lot of hairdressers are keen on referrals and are ready to do a great job to ensure they retain their clients.

Go Online

Sometimes, you need to gather adequate information regarding a given hair stylist. In this case, the internet can be an important tool you can use to learn more about different hair stylists. Within a few moments, you can contact many stylists in your area. Ensure you ask relevant questions and write down all details of the stylist that include their name, the location, the website, and contact details.

Read Reviews

Before choosing a particular hairstylist, it is vital to go through all comments and reviews of the past customers. Remember that positive comments from the clients are a sign of the hairdresser performing their tasks well. They should give you images of their precise hair style you want. If you have images of the hair style you want, remember to carry them to your potential hairstylist. You can easily get pictures from fashion and hairstyle magazines. The pictures can help the hairdresser to recommend different hairstyles for you. Remember that not all hairstyles can suit every person. For example, your hair texture cannot allow certain hairstyles.

Schedule an Appointment

After gathering the details of the hairdresser you need, ensure you spend a lot of time talking to him or her. That will offer you an idea of how effective his or her services are and how much you can pay. Also, you need to ensure that your hairdresser is comfortable working with you. If the hair stylist North Shore cannot schedule an appointment, you should look elsewhere.