The Benefits Of Blast Hole Drilling

Blast hole drilling is a method of that is used in the mining industry. It involves drilling a hole in the rock’s surface and than packing it with explosive material. After it’s packed, the explosive material is activated. The blast hole is actually the first hole that is drilled into the rock. With that said, let’s discuss a few of the key benefits that this type of drilling offers.


The main benefit of this form of drilling is the accuracy. Traditional drilling isn’t all that accurate, but this has become a thing of the past when miners use blast holing, which is another term for the method. This means there is little to no room for mistakes and drilling will be done properly the first time around.

With improved accuracy, projects can be completed even quicker. Mining companies need to work quickly and efficiently if they want to maximize their profit potentials, and this method allows them to do just that.

Optimized Blasting

Another benefit is that this form of drilling allows for optimized blasting. There is a lot of technology that goes into the method, and this includes tech that can detect various things, such as coal seams and there is tech that may allow you to do a through-seam blasting. There is a lot of different type of equipment out there that allows you to do this type of drilling, and if you get high quality equipment, then you’ll enjoy optimized blasting.

Once again, there are several benefits optimized blasting offers, and one of them is efficiency. You can rest assure that the area will be blasted properly and you’ll achieve your objectives much easier.


The third benefit is that the drilling technique can improve overall safety. Operators will be able to drill in a much safer manner and they’ll avoid various mistakes that is typically caused by pattern designs that are not suitable. The last thing any mining company wants is for their workers to injure themselves, but with this form of drilling, operators will not be placing themselves at serious risk.

Blast holing is highly targeted and more and more companies are realizing this. If you want to provide your workers with the utmost safest work environment and you want to reduce the risks of many injuries commonly associated with traditional mining, then you should start using this kind of drilling.

Those are only a handful of the benefits of blast hole drilling. As you can see, it is in mining companies’ best interests to consider using this method of drilling. If you own a mining company, then you should start incorporating this form of drilling as soon as possible.