Top Women’s Prom Dress Trends To Watch In 2018

The fashion circles are buzzing about the 2018 women’s prom dress trends, and to keep you in the loop, here are some of the big trends that are likely to take shape in 2018.

Short and Asymmetric Hemlines

Gone are the days when you had to restrict yourself to full-length prom dresses. More and more people are going for shorter as well as asymmetrical and high-low prom dresses. In 2018, therefore, it is not just full-length dresses that will rock the streets of fashion.


In 2018, florals are predicted to become bigger and better than ever before. So don’t hesitate to rock a bold floral print to prom.

Bold Prints

While it is less common for prom, bold print prom dresses are slowly gaining popularity. Well, styling can be a challenge with bold prints but the secret is to go minimal with your statement ring, and if possible, skip the necklace.


If you want something that feels fresh and somehow vintage-y at the same time, you should consider laced prom dress. It is can also be made more pretty with sheer details.

Two-piece dresses

Separates, including skirt and crop top options, have been widely appreciated in the recent past and will continue to be the go-to prom style in 2018 because of their added versatility. You can wear the top from a two piece prom dress with a pair of denim jeans or throw a pair of strappy sandals to make your boho off-the-shoulder prom a bit more casual.

All Black

Black womens prom dresses are versatile because they can be edged up with studded sandals and dark make-ups. You can also go totally glam by throwing sparkly accents. What’s more, you can wear them long after prom.

Exposed Shoulders

Proms with one or both shoulders exposed have been popping up in many runways, and it is one of the most liked looks to consider for your 2018 prom nights. They are very elegant too. With the neckline, they can perfectly frame your statement earrings.

Animal print

You can also stand out from the crowd by going for something a bit more wild. The good news is, there are a wide range of animal prints that can do the trick.


Your prom dress is always a big deal. Women want something that is totally unique and look great when they are probably shaking it on the dance floor. Like any other fashion item, to ensure that that you have something that no one else will be wearing, you have to keep tabs with the latest trends. The highlighted prom dress trends will go a long way in helping you make important fashion statements in 2018.