Top 5 Elements Of A Good Employee Psychological Assessment In Australia

Having a highly productive and motivated workforce is the desire of every employer. But this does not come naturally. You must have a way of helping your employees cope with day to day issues that affect their work performance. Family and workplace conflicts, drug abuse, stress, and financial problems are common among employees.

As an employer in Australia, having an employee psychological assessment program is recommend. This program involves offering your employees support to help them remain happy, productive, and motivated. Additionally, it is a secret for high employee retention.

If you are looking for a good employee psychological assessment program in Australia, here are the top five elements to consider:

1. Confidentiality of Services

The first aspect to consider is confidentiality. A good psychological assessment program should prioritize the secrecy of the information shared between the employee and the counselor. Even though the employers pay for the service, they do not have the right of information. The matters discussed should remain as a private matter.

2. 24/7 response and support

The overall objective of an employee psychological assessment program is to support the employees to handle issues when they arise. For this reason, it must be accessible to them at any time. The support services should be available to them around the clock.

3. Referrals and follow-ups

Sometimes, an employee’s case maybe beyond the scope of the counselor in charge of the program. However, their duty is to help the employee find a solution. As such, a good psychological assessment program should offer referral and follow-up services. The personnel in-charge should provide a recommendation of specialized services and follow-up the case.

4. Cost efficient

Cost minimization is the objective of each employer. When finding a psychological assessment program, the employer should consider how much it costs as well as whether there will be other charges or fees to be paid in the course of the program. A good program should be cost-efficient. What’s more, its benefits should match with the cost paid.

5. Availability of wide range of support services

Another crucial element to consider is the availability of a wide range of support services. Certainly, your employees will experience various stressors and life issues. For this reason, you need a one-stop place where they can get assisted. Accordingly, your selected program must have the ability to meet various issues facing your employees.

Having a good choice of the employee psychological assessment program can save your cost and enhance productivity. The program should enable you to offer effective solutions to your employees’ social issues. However, you need to ensure it is reliable by considering the above discussed factors.