Why All The Bloodshed?

War is neither attractive nor glamorous. It is monstrous. Its nature is one of suffering and tragedy. War is organized murder. War does not make men to become boys. It makes them dead. Real men and women usually follow anti-war news blog.

If you are anti-war, you are not pro one side or the other. However, you are pro-love, pro-forgiveness, pro-understanding, pro-diplomacy, pro-communication, pro-human, and pro-peace. According to Martin Luther, it is not enough to say that we must not wage war. Humans need to do more action. On top of promoting anti-war messages, they should also love peace and be ready to sacrifice for it.

You should hate war. You should strike against war. Without you, there will be no battle. You should strike against the manufacture of tools of murder such as gas bombs and shrapnel. You should strike against war preparedness that leads to the misery and death of millions of human beings.

War is expensive. Instead of building weapons of mass destruction, countries can spend that money on other useful endeavors such as poverty alleviation. Every year, the United States spends more than 600 billion on military issues. China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia also have big military budgets. North Korea is a very poor country that is wasting a lot of money on the development of nuclear weapons.

An anti-war news blog usually preaches against nuclear weapons. These weapons can wipe out planet earth in a matter of minutes. With increased nuclear armament all over the world, it is easy to see how nuclear war can easily start. North Korea has nuclear weapons and they want to have an intercontinental ballistic missile that will make it possible to deliver nuclear weapons over long distances. Other nuclear powers include the US, China, Russia, France, Britain, India, Pakistan, Japan, and Israel.

War is bad. Over 80,000 people lost their lives in world war two, which is one of the deadliest wars of modern times. As at 2017, the War in Afghanistan has not yet stopped. Over 2 million people have died in this war including US troops. ISIS (the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant) is waging war in different parts of the Middle East and Africa. Somalia has been in war since the 1990s.

The Japanese invasions of Korea left more than 1 million people dead. According to a number of reports, the European colonization of the Americas killed over 137 million people. The scramble and partition of Africa also led to many deaths. Many more died during the liberation movements.

The Bottom-Line

War does not decide who is right. Instead, it decides who is left. It is better an unjust peace than a just war.

Aluminium Wheel Chairs: An Effective Means Of Going Mobile

If the time has come to invest in a wheel chair, carefully consider your options. Wheel chairs are not all “one size fits all.” Aluminium wheel chairs come with a number of built in features that make it easier for users to get around. If you’re looking for a chair that’s light weight, easy to use and greatly enhances your mobility, you’ll want to consider what an aluminum model has to offer.


Aluminum framed wheel chairs offer greater convenience to users due to their lightweight construction. When traveling, you’ll have less trouble lifting your chair in and out of your car due to it being so light. These chairs also come with a collapsible frame that enables them to fit in compact places. The space saving design simplifies transporting your chair when traveling by train, plane or car. A collapsible frame also makes your chair easier to store in a closet or nook at home when not in use.

Enhanced Mobility

Performance is yet another advantage of purchasing a lightweight aluminum framed wheelchair. These chairs are easier to maneuver and provide users with increased range of motion. If you live an active lifestyle, you’ll appreciate having a portable, mobile chair that lets you keep up with the activities you enjoy most.

Lightweight aluminum framed wheel chairs are designed with mobility in mind. Larger wheels simplify turning so users don’t have to overexert themselves when maneuvering in crowded or tight spaces. You also benefit from a chair that’s comfortable to use, gives you a smooth ride and offers excellent balance to reduce the risk of accidents.

Quality Construction

Despite their lightweight framework, aluminum wheelchairs don’t compromise on quality construction. These chairs are known for their durability and craftsmanship. They also satisfy all safety requirements of standard wheel chairs in their field. When you invest in a lightweight wheel chair design, you benefit from a resilient, well-built product that will provide you with years of dependable service.

You can even customize your product to make it more conducive to your lifestyle. Extra padding on your seat or leg rests will enhance comfort. Placing shock absorbers on the framework will give you a smoother ride on rough sidewalks. You can also add beverage holders and/or lap trays to most chair designs.

Enhanced mobility, quality construction and greater convenience in daily use make aluminum framed wheel chairs an excellent long term investment for individuals who need help getting around. These chairs may cost more than conventional models, but the advantages they have to offer make the extra expense well worthwhile.