Stainless Steel Benches: Choices You Have In Terms Of Materials

Without an optimal working space for its staff, any and all business will struggle to flourish. This is why commercial kitchens as well as other related businesses most often prefer quality stainless steel benches over other less durable and less convenient options.

Commercial grade stainless steel workbenches are heavy-duty, high-resistance and quality items that will not only last a long time, but will receive little wear and tear (think of dings and dents) no matter the degree of workload. That said, there are still different choices regarding the material, quality and budget of steel benches.

In this article, we will exclusively talk about the different types of stainless steels that are used for making commercial grade stainless steel benches and the costs and the respective qualities associated with workbenches made of these different materials.

First, let’s talk about the lower-priced options: 18-gauge stainless steel and the type 430 stainless steel. The 18-gauge steel makes for a good budget choice. It is not as durable as 16- and 14-gauge steel benches. However, for certain uses, a worktable made of 18 gauge steel will work fine enough. For example, if you need a smaller general workspace for sorting items; for preparing veggies, salads, sandwiches; for mixing the veggies or other foodstuff, an 18 gauge steel table will work just fine.

Pretty much the same is true for benches made of type 430 steel. The fact that this particular variety of stainless steel includes a degree of chromium and iron means that it is not too good when it comes to resistance to corrosion. However, for lighter uses and for use in places with little susceptibility to corrosion, a type 430 stainless steel worktable would be quite alright.

Now, to move to costlier options, you can choose between 16-gauge, 14-gauge and type 304 stainless steel. A 16-gauge bench is a great choice in terms of quality and affordability. If you want a workbench for versatile use, choose a 16-gauge steel bench as these benches will be compatible with most everyday commercial kitchen applications. If you want a still higher degree of quality and durability, then you should opt for a 14-gauge stainless steel worktable. These heavy-duty steel benches will last you years and then years, no matter how hard or rough the applications are. It is little surprise, then, that large butcher shops normally opt for this type.

Finally, we have the type 304 steel tables which are perhaps the most popular type among restaurant and kitchen owners. This type of stainless steel contains little carbon whereas chromium and nickel levels are quite high. This combination does not only make the steel extremely high-resistance, but also ideal for heavy-duty utilization.

Why You Need Stainless Steel Benches

Stainless steel furniture continues to attract many buyers due to the benefits they pose. While wood is one of the major choices in commercial and residential spaces, the truth is that many don’t like how it’s susceptible to wear and tear. For that reason, stainless stress items, especially when made by the right manufacturer, will always stand out. Here are some of the reasons why you need stainless steel benches.

These benches assure beautiful aesthetics in your space. It’s because the surfaces are well polished, adding some beauty and style. You won’t feel any bumps when you touch them. Whether it’s in your indoor or outdoor space, you can rest assured that the benches complement your theme. If you compare to other close alternatives in the market, then these benches are the best.

Cleaning the benches is never a complicated task. You’ll not even spend so much time or added skills. All you need is a piece of cloth to wipe the dirt on the surface, and it will be clean in a minute. You don’t need any special solution to clean. Cleaning ensures that you maintain the original looks that might get hindered with dirt.

Other than wiping to keep off the dirt, there is no need for routine maintenance. That means the bench will not need attention often. With such a feature, you’re sure that you won’t spend your money now and then. Another thing is that the metal surface doesn’t expose you to any health conditions, making it the best choice for those with skins prone to allergy.

Every stainless steel bench will last for long. The excellent feature is as a result of strong metal bonds in the iron. Once you purchase your bench, be sure that it will serve you for years. That’s an advantage because it gives you the value for your money. However, don’t forget to provide the bench with the care it deserves.

Again, you don’t have to doubt their sturdiness and durability. With the ability to resist the effects of heavy rain, snow, sun rays, among other components, be sure that you’ve made the right purchase choice. Thanks to the quality materials used in making these benches. On sturdiness, the steel offers extensive support to the weight acting on the bench without causing any damage.

Whether you want sink benches, mobile benches, corner benches, the workbench, among other options, you can comfortably use these stainless steel furniture and enjoy the benefits. Ignore the misconceptions that these benches are costly, hard to clean, and not recycle-friendly. Check out the various stainless steel benches and make a choice today.

Advantages Of Stainless Steel Benches

Getting Stainless Steel Benches for your business opens up many doors of opportunity to make it work to your advantage.

It not only may end up the most important piece of equipment in your business but will offer so much functionality and versatility in it’s using that you won’t even feel it when it comes to the price.

Four Major Advantages of using Stainless Steel Benches:


When theses benches are used in an industrial setting it has been proven to be a valuable asset for that business because of its durability and ruggedness when it came to withstanding the “abuse” of the project at hand, so imagine what it can do for your business if of a lesser harshness, for example, an office workers bench.

It will withstand years of hard-working environments and takes so much weight, “knocks”, and still look as it had when you bought it.

So years of usage are what you will get and all you need is a clean damp cloth to wipe it down and some steel polish and then good as new.


Table Tops of these benches are designed to be more than just a tabletop.

With its clean lines and the bright shine of stainless steel, it can fit in at any hardworking office background as it stands out as the hardworking piece of equipment ready to take on any task and still offer functionality and style.

Because of its ruggedness, the person using that bench feels like working time is for working and gets down to the task at hand even if it is used in other business environments like the industrial and manufacturing industry.


Because these benches are adjustable in height it can offer your workers the perfect height no matter the task at hand or the employees’ height.

In both the commercial and industrial work environments, the right height of any of the equipment used, like the bench, is very important for the employee’s health as per ergonometric value.

By being adjustable, the bench can fit the employee so that they can work in perfect comfort without that annoying back and neck pains associated with uncomfortable workspaces.


Most industrial benches come with a large space for storage underneath where you can store your tools and or other equipment used for the daily task at hand.

In this way, you don’t just save on space but all your tools are at hand for any task and will thus save your employees time instead of having to run around trying to find the right tool.

This goes for commercial as well, as office workbenches come with lots of space in the way of desk drawers, where all the supplies they need can be stored thus also saving them time when it is needed.

So Stainless Steel Benches not only offers durability but functionality as well, that every business needs in today’s hustle and bustle of running a successful business.

So get yours now and you will never look back

Commercial Stainless Steel Benches

The stakes are high when considering and actual planning to equip a commercial and hygienic kitchen, not only equipment that must stand the test of time but also you should invest in high quality items whether it’s workbenches or the actual kitchen appliances and when I say quality I mean as in your first and fundamental concern.

The first and most important piece of equipment is a stainless steel kitchen bench otherwise your restaurant kitchen will be incomplete and that’s outing it simply and honestly.
Now with that in mind, stainless steel benches will be our main focus in this article, as the majority of restaurant owners prefer these due to several reasons.

The different type of stainless steel used depends on what you use the item for and co0mes in different gauges and types. In the gauge section discussion, we will not discuss the 18 gauge as it only concerns stainless steel tables which we are not interested in, in this article. So let’s start by discussing the two types of gauges used:

The 16 gauge Stainless Steel Bench (for convenience sake I will refer to it as SSB for the rest of this article):
As mentioned we will not discuss the 18 gauge so we move onto the next best option which in this article will be the best option for the bench category at your disposal and that is the 16 gauge SSB. When seeking a very good balance between quality and affordability commercial units this will be your best option especially for use in any commercial units.
As a high durability SSB even higher than the 18 gauge you will find the 16 gauge to be quite affordable As this SSB is compatible with most if not all applications its versatility in an unmatched advantage.

14 gauge stainless steel SSB:

This product would be most likely your choice if a higher degree of quality and durability is one of your main priorities. Without having to worry about denting or scratching of any kind and suitable for rough applications and its resistance to heavy-duty usage this type of SSB workbench is the chosen option of most butchers.
Now a quick mention of the two types of stainless steel:

Type 304

In commercial graded SSB manufacturing, the type 304 is arguably the most popular stainless steel used due to its high degree of resistance against rust and or corrosion with low levels of carbon and high levels of nickel and chromium.

Type 430:

Known as the low-grade steel due to a degree of chromium and iron and is not as resistant to corrosion as any of the other types.

Stainless Steel Benches And Tables





Now we have a perfect solution that has been around for years and will be around for many more, Stainless Steel Benches.

The Stainless Steel Benches SSB has been around for so long and will be here when most have long left this smelly little planet.

It has so many advantages and so little disadvantages it can and still is very surprising why in this day and age not all workshops use them.


  • CAN AND WILL EARN ITS COST BACK: most of these SSB does cost an arm and a leg but by the time you business gets going the overall cost has long time paid you back tenfold and you will still think its brand new.
  • RUGGED AND LONGEVITY: SSB is manufactured to standards that is not only made to take work abuse daily and whole day but for years to come and still look and work as good as day one.
  • SPACE SAVING: with all the different designs you can have them placed in strategic places where you can turn a tradesman’s area of work into his own area f storage which in the end can prevent theft of his really important and expensive tools and keeps it tidy at the same time.
  • LOOKS AMAZING: SSB, on its own looks not only clean and sterile (one of the most in the industry) but also can be painted , and if done professional with high quality and durable paint can look just as good and make it last longer as it doesn’t rust and thus doesn’t cause that horrible bubbling and flaking
  • CAN BE BOLTED DOWN: something many will no\t and do not talk about is the family or friend who is incarcerated, and here SSB, will not only prove to be tough as nails to prevent jailhouse fights as it can bolt down but also can take abuse which in the end saves the sate money and because it doesn’t have to be painted and can be hardened that normal sharp objects can’t scratch it, gang markings and territories can be cut down or even eliminated.

Stainless Steel Benches And More

Many businesses have been using Stainless Steel Benches and tables for their employees to use in a manufacturing, office or even in the medical field.

The reason behind this has always been that stainless steel is one of the most rugged and durable, while still keeping that clean and neat look, materials to use for almost any situation.

Used as a workbench it offers not only a surface that withstand years of work abuse and punishment, it will do so with a rock hard exterior and keep going for many years to come.

It offers storage space underneath and comes in very useful in the manufacturing industry like metalwork where the employee not only uses the rugged and hardtops to do all their metalwork on but can store all the equipment they use daily underneath and can be used as-is without being in the way of anyone.

It is also great for storage of the same equipment and any other items when the day’s work is done and everything must be stored until your next day, so it can act as a locker for all your tools and safety gear and wear.
Here you can stow away all this gear safely and neatly without the hassle of losing anything or having to pinched.

As it comes in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes it can be used in many different environments as well.

It is a favorite with the state facilities especially the ones that can be fastened to the ground, like in prisons and nature parks and spots for viewing or resting.

Many a relative has sat on one of these designs while visiting an unfortunate family member incarcerated in one of the state penitentiaries and lockdown facilities.

The ruggedness and strength once again stands out here as one of the key reasons for using this material, as in prisons, things can get a bit “dangerous and complicated” at times and can cause that these benches having to take the brunt of theses complications in a very physical manner but always comes out on top in the end.

No matter what or where these benches are used, its ability to look good “under pressure” of its circumstances, has made it a valuable asset whether just plain as it was made or repainted to look and fit in with the facility or company’s environment.

These Stainless Steel Benches will not only pay for its value back many times over, but it will also probably last longer than the business itself and get carried over to the next business where they will serve just as well as when they were bought.

The Use Of A Stainless Steel Trolley In Medicine!


have you noticed when you go to your dentist, GP, blood bank or any other medical facility, they always use a stainless steel trolley to keep their instruments on?

Well, that is because it is the best material to use that doesn’t carry or allow germs to cling to it like any other porous materials even aluminum.

As aluminum and other products that is not porous like stainless steel, they are not as durable to scratches and cracks as stainless steel is.

This crack and scratches turn that material from a porous to a “sort of non-porous” material by allowing the germs and bacteria to stick to it in those grooves and thus not very useful when working on a patient in a sterile environment.

Also as stainless steel is very rugged and durable it lasts longer and can take a lot of “abuse” through daily use.

These trolleys come out in basic designs that suit every individual medical practice usage.

It will come with wheels as well, for easy movability and access, especially an emergency room environment.

In the medical facilities and rooms, you will notice almost every item or piece of medical equipment is placed on a mobile trolley for that mobility in an instant and or stored on a non-mobile trolley in an easily accessible area that gets transferred to a movable trolley for the non-emergencies but still to move it around for ease of use when needed.

All these trolleys are always made of stainless for all the reasons mentioned above.

Some of these trolleys, especially the ones used in a non-sterile environment, like in a normal surgery and those used for moving medical equipment or materials are mostly painted either white or the facilities brand colors so it can easily be identified for their uses as per non-sterile and sterile uses.

The paint itself is usually a durable velvety finish for the rugged use and “abuse” purposes, so it can show any scratches and knocks which may occur during daily use.

So the use of stainless steel in the medical industry has been proven the best way to go over a long period ever since they started using it, and still used today and for what we can see into the future.

At least until they do discover a more durable and cheaper substance that has the same advantages if not more than stainless steel.

A Stainless Steel Trolley Offers Value In Terms Of Style Elegance And Longevity

A Stainless Steel Trolley Offers Value in Terms of Style Elegance and Longevity

A stainless steel trolley is one of the most common things that we see around us a lot, but we take it for granted. This mundane piece of equipment is so common that we hardly realize its importance in our daily lives. Minus it from our homes, offices, and other places where we need to move things around, and you will realize how important its importance.

Stainless Steel Trolleys are Indispensable

Just picture carrying crockery and food over to your dining area in your hands as opposed to putting all the dinner items on a trolley and wheeling to your desired location. Imagine what it would be like to move food and other relevant things for dinner up and down halls of hotels and motels while dealing catering to hundreds of guests. It’s quite clear that life would be pretty disorderly. Stainless steel trolleys is a big and significant industry, and it is one that supports many others that rely on it.

The Importance of Stainless Steel

You can find trolleys that are made from other materials as well, but the vast majority of them are steel-based, and stainless steel ones have the market because they look classy, and they last long. These trolleys don’t suffer corrosion and don’t get stained quickly, which makes them indispensable tools for the catering industry. They are also integral to our daily activities in the maintenance and upkeep of your homes.

Commercial Uses of Stainless Steel Trolleys

Stainless steel trolleys are used all over the world, and they are not only used at home or at hotels to support catering procedures. Housekeeping measures are part of this, and so are other industries like airport luggage handling. Although the types of trolleys used there are different in shape and size, the mechanism is the same. The same is the case with trolleys used at supermarkets and mini markets. They all serve the same purpose and value for their support role in moving things around.

Trolleys of different kinds have value for their quantity. It’s when they are available in large numbers in commercial spaces that they can be considerably useful. At home or your office, you would probably have a handful of them. However, at an airport, a superstore, or hotels, you would need to have dozens if not hundreds of them to manage the load and frequency of activity in terms of the number of people that need luggage handling services. A stainless steel trolley is indeed indispensable in today’s society.

Stainless Steel Trolley: High Quality, Durable And Robust

Stainless steel is widely used in industries where hygiene is of great importance. Several factors make stainless steel the best selection for these industries. The most common element is that the metal used to manufacture equipment in many sectors, be it hospitals or food industries, should not react with what is stored or cooked inside it. The most used equipment is the stainless steel trolleys.

There are various trolleys available in the market which can be used for different functions — from sizable trolleys used for the transportation of weighty pieces of equipment to patient treatment trolleys to modest trolleys used for stocking medical records. Below are some reasons why there is an increased industry usage

Maintenance of Hygiene

Strength and durability – these two qualities of stainless steel trolleys make it the top choice for the manufacture of medical equipment and tools. The word ‘stainless’ suggests its steel is completely stain-proof. This is not exactly the truth but all to know is that it does not stain easily. Corrosion, abrasion of reaction to heat, is deadly since it can cause the material to react and cause many complications to human beings.

It is very strong and holds well under high temperature or pressure, making it a very high strength-weight ratio. In short, a smaller sized piece of furniture can withstand greater weight when compared to furniture made from any other material. This makes it cost-effective and space-saving too. Furthermore, in industries where hygiene is emphasized, the usage of a metal prone to corrosion would mean the business has to replace the equipment frequently.

Easy Maintenance

This material is always easier to maintain than most other metals, and this makes it popular in the hospitality, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries, where very high standards of hygiene are to be followed. It can be easily be washed or clean and sterilized without changing its structure or form. Its smooth surfaces are easy to wipe off or washed, leaving a slim chance for germs to adhere to it and thrive.


These trolleys are built from high quality and industrial steel that makes them robust and strong. You will find that this type of equipment is cost-effective and reusable, an aspect that is very important in hospitals and other setups, which need large quantities of equipment. They’re designed to meet several applications and several general purposes. They’re suitable to be used in working environments exposed to chemicals or wet areas.

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Trolley

The name stainless steel is used to refer to the compounds of iron, with chromium added to it up to 10.5 percent. Stainless steel contains compounds such as titanium, molybdenum, nickel, or copper, which help in making the metal stronger and more repellent to external factors. Besides, it can also contain elements like nitrogen and carbon. Stainless Steel Trolleys are widely used in many industries and are very commonly used in the medical and catering sectors. They are manufactured from stainless steel, because of the benefits it can offer. It is a metal, which is constructed with chromium and iron, and this makes it rustproof.

Medical and catering trolleys are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, and electro-polished to give a shiny finish and sterile qualities, which is excellent for catering and medical usage. These trolleys are accessible in different styles, and usually consist of two or more shelves set within a frame, and made mobile by the use of wheels or castors, mounted on the end of the legs. Most stainless trolleys match a regular tea trolley, and some units may have two or even four braked wheels.

• Many trolleys have the following attributes;
• They are easy to assemble if provided flat packed
• High-quality steel makes them ideal for most catering requirements
• They are easy to maneuver and are fitted with four castors
• Two of the wheels are braked
• Hygienic – easy to clean and sterilize
• They can be supplied fully welded

These trolleys are accessible in a variety of styles and sizes, and a standard trolley will have dimensions of around:

Length 900 mm, Width 450mm, and Height 850mm

Other types of trolley are also available, and this can include heavy-duty trolleys, which are manufactured for more durability.
Heavy-duty trolleys are usually built from over 300 quality stainless steel with a shiny brushed finish. Some units thick worktop of approximately 3mm installed on over 30mm square tube framing and closed with a diameter of 100mm of castors with non-marking tires. These trolleys can handle loads of up to 150kg or even more.

Stainless steel is widely used in industries where hygiene is of great value – hospitality, the supply of drinking water, pharmaceuticals, medicine, hospitality, and dairy. The easy maintenance of it ensures that it is the most popular choice for making kitchen appliances. Steel appliances are used broadly in hospital kitchens, and many varieties of stainless steel trolleys are utilized to transport the food from the kitchen to the patients in their rooms. Nowadays, these trolleys come with separate enclosures to transfer cold and hot foods while maintaining their respective temperatures.