Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Choosing the right methods that fit the company image matters a lot when it comes to promoting your brand. When your company name has started trending in the market, Eco-Friendly Promotional Products should be part of your plans as they are economical and sustainable. They can as such help you control the markets longer and responsibly.

Here are the benefits of these products and the compelling reasons why you must consider using them.

Ethically responsible alternative

The products are the best alternatives for a range of reasons. One primary reason is environmental and ethical conscience. Environmental degradation is a major challenge in our time and the use of these products, the environment becomes safe, and they show your positional responsibility in safeguarding the environment. More and more businesses and customers are pursuing sustainable practices and mitigate the adverse effects on the environment, why must you be left behind?. Eco-friendly products reduce the level of disposals hence decreasing landfills.

Durable and long-lasting

The products are manufactured using durable materials that ensure the products last longer. For instance, you must not worry concerning your company design or logo wearing off on these products as they are made of high-quality materials resistant to tear and wear. As such, your company logo or design message is there to stay for long without fading or unnecessarily scratching. Materials used are stronger and can be recycled. They have a large storage capacity that carries a large volume of goods without wearing out or breaking. Investing in these products, it is an effective and reliable way.

Useful and will ensure your company name sells to the public excellently.

Shopping bags and coffee mugs are the kinds of products people use daily. As such, they are seen daily from the streets, supermarkets, highways and cafes. They will make your brand name or image emblazoned everywhere on every product as they expose it to a broader audience. Eco-Friendly Promotional Products are well designed and come in colour variety, encouraging people to carry them every day.

The quality of the promotional products you choose to sell your company as such needs careful consideration and excellent decision-making skills. The products must be made of high-quality materials that last longer and graphics. This will, for sure, send a well-defined message to the public on your ROI exposure and count. Besides, settle on a product that reflects majorly on your company. For this reason, when the product is used, users will have a stronger impression of what your organization do and who you are.

3 Tips To Make Your Media Walls Graphics Stand Out

Businesses gather at trade shows and exhibitions to showcase their services and products to potential customers and to woo them into buying the products. Hence, it’s upon you to ensure that your business brand and image carries the day, and media walls Melbourne can help you achieve the objective. The combination of imagery and text has to captivate the visitors and make them look forward to associating with your business. So, how do you make media walls graphics that lure visitors into your exhibition booth?

Work On the Contrast

Contrast plays a vital role in the creation of outstanding display graphics. You need to use the right contrast in your graphic design, whether it’s pink and black or white and black. But the distinction does not exclusively apply to colors. You can also contrast the font and typography. Using the same font style and size in your graphics will cause an overall dull appearance, but varying the aspects will add appeal to your design. Most importantly, ensure that the corresponding elements differ from one another in a way that is appealing to the eye.

The Strength Of Imagery

Did you know that images speak loudest in graphics? It’s time you start using relevant and bright photos that visitors can understand and get the whole story even before reading the text. There is a also need for using images that complement the wording, but most importantly, maintain their quality and style.

Nonetheless, this does not translate to stuffing your displays with pictures in a bid to tell a story. Learn to balance everything in your design. Moreover, consider using text over images accompanied by careful contrast to make the words stand out.

Concentrate On The Flow And Focus

Flow refers to the direction in which readers digest text and images. Conventionally, people read from left to right and top to bottom. Are your graphic elements in line with the conventional mode? Let it be clear to the visitors where to begin and end, but it’s also essential to ensure that they get the message by the time they are done. It’s also necessary to determine the potential points of focus of readers once they set their eyes on your trade show display. If two elements in your display are competing for the first glance, it’s best to magnify the important one while toning down the other.

Media walls Melbourne or any other town helps you to create awareness about your business products and service in trade events, allowing you to attract potential customers into your business. Nevertheless, the ability of the displays to achieve your intended objectives heavily relies on the graphics you design. Keep in mind the above tips to make superb media walls graphics that will grab the attention of your visitors.

Quick Guide For Creating Media Wall Banners That Attract Attention

Media wall banners serve two purposes: they function as a backdrop for photographs and promote brands, companies, and people sponsoring an event. To get the most out your banner, however, you will need to come up with an eye-catching banner that will not only draw attention from guests but also win potential customers for your company. You want guests to know about your brand, and banners give you the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of your business. Here are quick tips that you can implement when creating media walls Melbourne.

Your Company Logo Speaks Volumes

A critical step in designing a banner is to make your business logo more prominent. Blurry logos on banners look unprofessional and will not benefit your company in any way other than ruining your brand. Consequently, place large and high-resolution logos that are visible from a distance. Don’t put the logos too close or too far from each other while optimizing their size.

Choose Colors Wisely

You will find each trade show having a different theme, and it’s best to design a banner with colors that coordinate with the event idea. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your business should look different from its original image. Splash some portion of your core colors on the banner to maintain and protect your brand, but remember to still flow within the dimensions of the event theme. Note that white backgrounds tend to contribute to the glare effect, something that’s not admirable in photography.

Decide On The Size And Material

Although wall banners play a huge role in brand promotion, poor selection of size and material may deter the objective. A quick tip when deciding on the scale is to get to know the number of people you would like to take pictures in front of the banner. Subsequently, create a broader banner to accommodate a large group of models or guests posing in front of it. Additionally, an anti-glare fabric, though quite expensive, is essential for outstanding photographs.

Go seamless

As much as you want to optimize the size of your banner to accommodate the right group size during a photo shoot, ensure that your wall banner is seamless. The last thing guests would expect is two banner pieces stitched together with a visible seam at the middle. Find the right resources and printing services to create a smooth wall banner regardless of its size.


As much as you want to use media walls Melbourne to promote your company brand and reputation, your success will rely heavily on the choices you make during design and printing. Use prominent logos and fonts on your banners while ensuring that the colors match the theme of the event. Lastly, select your banner size and material wisely.

Portable Displays: Small And Powerful

Any marketer knows the importance of display advertising, whether it is used on exhibition, road show, fair, a trade show or store. If utilized correctly, it is the best and affordable form of advertising that is banging on target and hard to miss. With the use of portable display, one can easily attractively display goods. So get the best portable displays Australia and make a fantastic display of your premier products.

Easy assembly and set up

Portable displays are just what you’d expect – easy-to-move, professionally designed exhibits. A lightweight, pop-up frame supports custom-designed fabric panels that can be easily attached and removed. The entire thing sets up in minutes with no special tools. When you’re ready to take it down, it all fits into a neat little case that is easy to maneuver and carry.

Rugged and Durable

Just because they’re lightweight and easy to manage doesn’t mean they’re flimsy. Portable displays Australia are designed to withstand use over and over again as they travel with you to promotional events. Their professional construction means they’ll likely last longer than the message you’re currently displaying on it! That’s not a problem, though, since the graphic panels can be swapped out with new panels anytime you want. One display could serve multiple departments, each with their message or information to share.


The display banners can be used as a display stand, backdrop, or tabletop for promotion of the new or existing products of the company. All the innovative display designs give you the competitive edge to stand alone among the competitors. The other competitors would be showing their display designs; the portable displays should be fresh, creative, and exciting to capture the visitor’s attention towards your booth.


The cost involved in choosing the appropriate displays is one of the main concerns for an effective marketing strategy. The trade show graphics provide an excellent opportunity to introduce new products and services to the world, but if it is not done effectively, you will end up with wasting your money. But with the portable display, it’s cost savings on multiple fronts – Low storage costs, zero labor costs, and low transportation costs.


The portable displays allow you to easily pack them into boxes and transport them from one event to the other; only one person is required for the setting up and dismantling of the displays. The cost and the efforts involved in transporting the general display graphics will be saved. You need to show the benefit of the products and services your company is offering, in comparison to the competitors to get immediate attention to your booth.