Portable Displays: Small And Powerful

Any marketer knows the importance of display advertising, whether it is used on exhibition, road show, fair, a trade show or store. If utilized correctly, it is the best and affordable form of advertising that is banging on target and hard to miss. With the use of portable display, one can easily attractively display goods. So get the best portable displays Australia and make a fantastic display of your premier products.

Easy assembly and set up

Portable displays are just what you’d expect – easy-to-move, professionally designed exhibits. A lightweight, pop-up frame supports custom-designed fabric panels that can be easily attached and removed. The entire thing sets up in minutes with no special tools. When you’re ready to take it down, it all fits into a neat little case that is easy to maneuver and carry.

Rugged and Durable

Just because they’re lightweight and easy to manage doesn’t mean they’re flimsy. Portable displays Australia are designed to withstand use over and over again as they travel with you to promotional events. Their professional construction means they’ll likely last longer than the message you’re currently displaying on it! That’s not a problem, though, since the graphic panels can be swapped out with new panels anytime you want. One display could serve multiple departments, each with their message or information to share.


The display banners can be used as a display stand, backdrop, or tabletop for promotion of the new or existing products of the company. All the innovative display designs give you the competitive edge to stand alone among the competitors. The other competitors would be showing their display designs; the portable displays should be fresh, creative, and exciting to capture the visitor’s attention towards your booth.


The cost involved in choosing the appropriate displays is one of the main concerns for an effective marketing strategy. The trade show graphics provide an excellent opportunity to introduce new products and services to the world, but if it is not done effectively, you will end up with wasting your money. But with the portable display, it’s cost savings on multiple fronts – Low storage costs, zero labor costs, and low transportation costs.


The portable displays allow you to easily pack them into boxes and transport them from one event to the other; only one person is required for the setting up and dismantling of the displays. The cost and the efforts involved in transporting the general display graphics will be saved. You need to show the benefit of the products and services your company is offering, in comparison to the competitors to get immediate attention to your booth.