Different Types Of EAP NSW Services

Independent and confidential employee assistance programs are available to help you meet workplace and personal life challenges. The professional coaches and counselors offer confidential support services for work-related and personal issues. You get immediate access to coaching and counseling sessions. All your information remains strictly confidential at all times. The EAP NSW solution is effective in tackling issues like work-related stress, relationship matters, harassment grievances, personal crisis, trauma, and mental health concerns.

The EAP Provider’s Goals

The EAP NSW company wants to provide the best clinical care. A network of counselors and clinicians specializing in their respective fields helps employees. They have the skills and experience to offer psychological and other types of help. The EAP provider offers a scalable program that gives you quick access to quality clinical care services. Some companies focus only on corporate clients only but there are other companies that help other clients as well. Some of them even help the general public who are not part of any group or organization.

The Process to Access EAP Services

Contact the EAP provider’s office at its phone number or email address. You can contact it through its web portal as well. You are not held by any pre-purchase arrangement. Pay only for the services you use. These options have made the EAP services affordable and accessible even for small businesses. In the next step, choose the referral option. You can choose a self-referral or HR referral. The first one lets employees access these services directly and anonymously. Under the second option, an HR manager refers to the staff. Read the terms and conditions of the service. Print the document, sign it, and return it to the EAP services provider. You will receive a confirmation once the signed agreement is received and your account is registered.

Different Types of Services

EAP NSW provider offers different types of counseling services. Trauma counseling is offered in cases of serious injury, physical assault, verbal abuse, injury, fatality and armed holdup in the course of official work. Behavior management programs are offered to employees facing issues of abuse, violence, aggression, passive aggression and other inappropriate behaviors. Emotional well-being program takes care of mental and emotional issues including depression, anxiety, panic attack, stress, phobia, relationship issues, and other emotional conditions.

All these services alleviate the sufferings of the employees facing difficult physical and emotional conditions. You will receive a bespoke solution without any contract. Call now if you need help registering for EAP NSW plans.

The Many Benefits Of Hiring A Life Coach

A life coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on things that pertain to careers or personal lifestyle challengers. A life coach Cairns can be especially helpful and support you where you want to be without wasting any excess time or money.

Signs and symptoms that you may need a life coach are feeling lost, doubting yourself, or if you have a vision but no clear plan. Other symptoms or reasons are wanting to change your profession, needing to improve your health, or if you tend to forget things. Also, you may not always follow through on what you begin, you are a procrastinator, or you need to make more money.

Additional signs that you may need the help of a life coach are if you are susceptible to stress or you lack self-confidence. A life coach can help you get unglued and get you back on the path that will help you fulfill your goals.

Ways a life coach can do this are listening to what you say, provide new levels of thinking, ask challenging questions, provide an outside viewpoint, and hold you accountable to the goals you are seeking.

Tips on finding the right coach are ensuring that a life coach is what you are after. Most importantly, determine if he or she is thoroughly trained and certified. A life coach should have gone through an in-depth training program.

Also, ask them about their coaching style. Each life coach coaches differently; their coaching comes from their personality and training. Most importantly, ask what approaches and tools they use. Some coaches use the ADIT model. This model contains to assess, discover, implement, and transition.

Be sure also to find out how much it will cost and do a consultation with the coach. Most coaches offer a free consultation. It is a great way to find out if the coach will be a good fit and if their style will blend with yours.

Also, find out if your coach is available for sessions that would be convenient for you. And, it is also essential to find out how they measure their results. If possible, find out about their success stories with other clients. During the coaching process, evaluate what the experience has been like interacting with them.

To conclude, hiring a life coach Cairns can be life-changing. Talk with several and then choose one that will best meet your needs.

When Should You Opt For Critical Incident Counselling?

Whenever you are exposed to traumas and other nasty experiences, it is common to experience a wide range of negative emotional responses. That is why critical incident counseling is needed to assist victims of horrible experiences resulting from deaths, accidents, and other unpleasant incidences. As important as counseling is following such happenings, most people don’t know when to opt for counseling.

Here is a guideline on when you should opt for critical incident counselling.

If you have recently gone through any traumatic events

Traumatic events can lead to psychological morbidity among victims. Following such events, you can experience intense feelings of helplessness, resent and rage among other negative emotions associated with traumatic events. If you have recently gone through any traumatic events that risk exposing you to traumatic stress over time, counseling is needed to help you get rid of the negative emotions that come with traumatic events. Through counseling, victims can get help from experienced critical incident counselors who can look at their case and provide a safe environment for recovery.

When you experience the sudden death of a loved one

Losing your spouse, parent or kid can be traumatizing especially if your loved one met an untimely death. This can leave you with feelings of loss and sadness, which are hard to cope with. Worse still, such feelings can compromise on the quality of your life moving forward. Seeking counseling is crucial for suppressing these feelings, hence ensuring you resume your normal life.

When you have serious injuries

Injuries can leave both physical and emotional wounds. While the physical wounds are bound to heal with time, emotional wounds can take ages to heal. This makes the victim depressed, and unable to get on their feet again. Counseling can help heal the emotional wounds brought about by serious injuries. Counselors also give victims insights on how to recover emotionally from serious injuries.

When you are going through any stressing situation

There can be multiple stressing factors in today’s fast-paced world that can expose you to unending stress. Long-term exposure to stress has been linked to rising cases of depression and suicide. Whenever you are going through any stressing situation, seek critical incident counseling to address the cause of your stress and help you eliminate stress to avoid adverse effects of long-term exposure to stress.


Critical incident counseling is highly recommended if you are going through any events situations that are likely to affect your life and hinder you from enjoying life to the fullest. Seek a professional incident counselor as soon as you notice any symptoms that demand counseling.

Critical Incident Counselling Services Near You

We all wish life was always calm, but that is hardly the case. Every other time we have to deal with life-threatening occurrences such as the sudden death of loved ones or workplace aggression. Some events are even emotionally overwhelming beyond personal handling capacity. At our company, we provide critical incident counselling to help victims recover from troubling events.

Dangers of Critical Incidents

Exposure to critical incidents can be life-threatening or threaten the health of a victim to great depth. Critical incident stress is a common outcome of such exposure. For instance, an affected person may show signs of grief, fear, fatigue, confusion, withdrawal, and chronic anxiety among many others. Identifying these signs early is crucial to prevent further damage. Unfortunately, most family members and workplace managers discover these signs when it is already too late.

Common Manager Mistakes

Without proper training, most workplace managers hardly judge demanding situations correctly. Even where the assessment is right the chances of delaying response are high. Authoritative managers also make the mistake of discouraging workplace communication. Employees need to talk about the issues affecting them to improve productivity.

Our Assistance

At our company, your health is our mandate. We offer an employee assistance program to keep managers informed on how they can deal with critical incidents. The program equips managers with the knowledge to conduct confidential assessments and counselling. We are always available to offer on-site consultation if need be. We respond to emergency calls quickly depending on the location degree of incidence.

We also offer stress debriefing sessions to assist others to deal with physical and psychological problems. Through our assistance, victims will be able to process and reflect on any event within shorter periods. We guide victims through a defusing session to allow them to ventilate emotions and thoughts occurring from the undesirable event. Early intervention is crucial to link affected persons to further follow-up support services if necessary.

Why we are Different

We mind about employee well-being and do everything to ensure their fast return to work. We are always ready to offer immediate response for persons exposed to events that are dangerous, stressful, or unexpected during their work. We do not charge on a retainer system. Rather, you only pay for what you receive. Our counselling team only consists of registered psychologists and not any other therapists or counsellors.


Are your managers adequately trained on critical incident counselling? Are your employees trained to anticipate challenging occurrences? Recognizing the need for counselling on critical incidences can greatly improve production as well as the well-being of employees. We can assist in preventive as well as curative counselling in the event a disturbing event occurs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Importance Of Critical Incident Counselling

A critical incident is basically a fairly sudden, unanticipated situation or event that falls outside the normal everyday routine. The situation can be threatening to the life, health and safety of your staff members. A critical event could include:

• Severe verbal aggression
• Deprivation of freedom
• Robbery
• Serious injury
• Unexpected death
• Threat of suicide or suicide
• Hostage threat or bombing
• Fire
• Electrical storm, flood, earthquake or other natural disasters
• Explosion
• Chemical or gas hazard

When critical incidents take place, they are typically emotionally devastating to individuals who experienced the event or for those who knew the individuals who were involved. These incidents cause major physical, emotional and cognitive reactions. Critical incident counselling provides response services, which usually entail a range of group interventions.

Reactions and Symptoms That Could Require Counselling

Trauma reactions are very common and to be anticipated from survivors of harrowing events. Sometimes called “cataclysms of emotion,” short-term reactions an individual can experience involve a wide variety of emotions like:

• Anger
• Shock
• Rage
• Denial
• Anxiety
• Moodiness
• Sorrow
• Sadness
• Depression
• Grief
• Confusion
• Shame
• Blame
• Grief
• Humiliation
• Guilt
• Fear
• Frustration
• Hyper-vigilance
• Terror
• Phobia
• Paranoia
• Homicidal ideation
• Suicidal ideation

Included among the physical symptoms are:

• Fatigue
• Restlessness
• Muscle tremors
• Sleep disturbances
• Eating disturbances
• Flashbacks
• Nightmares
• Heart palpitations
• Profuse sweating
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting

For some of these symptoms, they are manifested right after a critical incident; however, there are others that take a while to come to the surface and develop into long-term reactions. If left untreated and these reactions turn into chronic experiences, the affected person could end up abusing drugs and/or alcohol in an attempt to cover up the symptoms and try to cope.

In addition, there could be an increase in lower productivity and absenteeism, if individuals are not given the necessary empowerment tools and management skills to use as coping mechanisms after the life-threatening incident has occurred.

The importance of providing relief to victims of traumatic events cannot be undermined; however, many of us tend to overlook the fact that the individuals providing services to others are in need of help as well. This is another very important role of critical incident counseling and as such, emergency and rescue workers, along with other first responders like firefighters, police officers and military personnel can take full advantage of this type of intervention.

Do You Need Relationship Counseling In Sunshine Coast?

Many people currently consider relationship counselling as a thing you only need if your relationship isn’t working. In other words, they think it’s more of an announcement of hopelessness or admission of guilt. Actually, the truth is that even healthy relationships can require counselling on matters about parenting, traumatic life happenings (such as a loss of the breadwinner), communication problems, infidelity, and many other similar or related issues. In fact, irrespective of your identity—whether you are single, married, straight, transgender, pansexual, or gay—you can benefit from relationship counselling services Sunshine Coast and lead a more meaningful life.

What is Relationship Counselling

Many people fear relationship counselling because they are uncertain of what they may be getting involved into. Consider it as a solution rather than a monster. Relationship counselling is a talk therapy that creates a safe, private zone for parties in relationship to talk freely about whatever concerns them. Sometimes people simply need to find a listening ear, and when they get that, and with the support of trained professionals, a seemingly big problem in their lives just melts away on its own.

Here are some of the benefits of that you stand to gain when you opt for relationship counselling services Sunshine Coast:

• Improve attentive listening and communication

• Get relationship back on track

• Restore or increase your intimacy

• Learn to manage conflicts

• Learn to “fight fair.”

• Learn how to give and receive love

• Heal hurts and learn to forgive and move forward

• Learn how to develop the courage to make the right choices

What Should You Expect in Relationship Counselling Services Sunshine Coast?

There’s no strict way to carry out counselling in most relationship counselling centers in Sunshine Coast. Most centers aim to structure the talk therapy to take place in a manner and at a time that fits with each of their clients’ lives.

Remember everyone is unique. As such, professional counsellors always ensure the differences are given special consideration. People who reside in Sunshine Coast and its environs can benefit from face-to-face counselling. However, for individuals who don’t prefer this option, counselling services offered through webcam, telephone, and other online solutions can still meet their needs.

Who should accompany you to your local center?

Come with your partner or alone. Where possible, you will have a combination of couple and solo sessions. As you experience relationship counselling Sunshine Coast, you’ll feel more assured the entire process is indeed geared towards helping you to get your relations back to its feet. Also, you will feel more assured that the counselling is non-judgmental and confidential.

Closing Remarks

Relationship counselling in Sunshine Coast is available to everyone who needs it. Don’t do the mistake of hiding when you have problems as no one is perfect. Get in touch with professionals in your local center before it’s too late and save your important relations.