Golf Launch Monitor

The key to playing from a divot is to hit the ball before you hit the ground. If you that properly, you’ll create a new divot on the target side of the original. To ensure ball-first contact, set up with the ball towards the center of your stance, with slightly more weight on your left side. Take more club than usual and grip down on it slightly for better control. Expect a lower than usual ball trajectory.

Make a three-quarter backswing and an abbreviated follow-through maintaining the triangle formed by the arms and chest throughout the swing. Most high handicappers break the triangle at the elbows either on the backswing in an attempt to scoop the ball. Often the result is a thin or a fat shot. To ensure solid contact, you’ve to hit the ball-first.

To get the feel and rhythm right for putting strokes, think of how you would want to make nice, smooth brush strokes, back and forth. You wouldn’t make your make strokes with your arm entirely stiff from the shoulder on down as shown by the Golf Launch Monitor .

Nor would you want to flick the brush too much with your wrist or else the paint would sputter all over the place. In putting as in painting, it’s a case of brush it back, brush it through. You’re sensing your fingers, hands and body. It all adds up to feel – with everything working in sync to produce a smooth flowing putting stroke.

The magic number in golf is 150 as in 150 meters (164 yards). It is a yardage that tests both distance and accuracy for the average player and it is common challenge for players of all levels. It is also the distance that separates good players and bad.

In doing extensive studies of golfers, it is easy to see that 20 handicappers take an average of 3.75 shots from 150 meters. Tour players average 2.5 shots from the same distance. The difference can add up to 23 shots a round.

Most of those shots are around the greens, in the form of chips, pitches and putts. But it all starts with the 150 meter shot. Get that one right and you can simplify those short game adventures thanks to the Golf Launch Monitor .

Pros hit greens because they make the right decisions, and then make good swings. Should they miss the green, the smart shot leaves them fairly easy options for getting the ball up and down and saving par – a rarity among amateurs.

Tips For Finding Golf Courses Near Me

There’s nothing like going out on the golf course and spending an entire day there. However, do you know what courses are in the nearby area? Whether you’ve moved to an area, on vacation or you’re just curious, you can find golf courses near me. Here are tips for doing so.

How To Find Golf Courses In Your Area

Finding golf courses is easy, as you have a number of ways to do it. You can use a business phone book to see if there are courses nearby. However, the best way to do it is by using the internet. You can use your favorite search engine or you can use a website that specializes in helping you find businesses in your area. Using such a website is a good option because you can take advantage of their search features, which will be discussed in the next section.

Features To Look For

When you use a website to find courses in the area, you will want to search for courses that are a specific distance from you. The distance is completely up to you, so go ahead and look for golf courses 10 miles away, 20 miles away or one that is much close or a bit further away.

You’ll want to look at each listing and look for features that are the most important to you. Some courses that are very close by might not have everything you want, while a course that is a bit further away has everything. For example, if you want to play a few rounds at an 18-hole course that has a restaurant on site, as well as a small retail shop and scenic views, then look for a golf course that has that description in its listing.

Have A Look At Prices And Fees

Also, when searching for courses in the area, you want to find out how much each course charges and if you have to pay a membership fee. Many golf courses will allow you to pay per game of golf you play, while some require you to purchase a membership that will have terms and conditions. Most courses will only charge you on a per-play basis, but this is something you’ll want to find out beforehand.

Finding golf courses near me is easy. Keep the above tips in mind and before you know it, you will find a great course to go to.