Recruitment Process For Firefighters In Tasmania

In Tasmania, trainee firefighter positions are open for application once every year. Advertisement for the positions are usually placed on the following major newspapers: The Advocate, The Examiner, Government Gazette, and The Mercury and also on the on the State Service website


The selection decisions made by the Tasmania Fire Service are based on the merit principle. With this principle, selection is based on a comparison between the genuine work-related qualities of the position and the work-related qualities of the individuals. Both men and women are encouraged to apply.

For you to be considered for the position, you must successfully complete each stage of the pre-employment selection procedure. Below are some of the stages you must successfully complete:


You are required to write an application that addresses each of the selection criteria. These criteria is contained in the Statement of Duties. You can get a copy of the statement from


The firefighter recruitment Tasmania appoints a selection panel of four people to make recommendations for appointment. The four members are appointed from a cross-section of TFS employees and in some cases one non-TFS individual will also be appointed. The appointments for trainee firefighters are made based on the selection criteria. If you are shortlisted by the panel, you will be contacted by writing within a period of approximately 2 weeks.


Psychological and aptitude tests will be conducted by the Tasmania Fire Service approximately 2 weeks after you received notification that you have been approved to advance to the next stage. These tests usually take about 6 hours in total to complete. You are the one to take care of your food, travel, and personal requirements. The areas covered by the written test are numeracy, literacy, and spatial relations.

After successfully completing the aptitude and psychological assessments, you will receive a communication advising on whether you can advance to the next step or not.


A week after finishing the aptitude assessment, you will be invited to participate in the physical fitness and simulated fire fighting task course test. This is on the basis of your results from the aptitude test and written application and if you are still being considered. A medical report from a medical doctor will be required before undertaking these tests.

Approximately 1 week after the aptitude assessments, applicants still being considered will be invited to participate in the physical fitness and simulated fire fighting task course tests on the basis of their results from the aptitude assessment and written application. To undertake these tests you will have to provide a medical certificate from your Medical doctor for you to undertake these tests.

These are some of the stages in firefighter recruitment Tasmania.

Wondering How To Pass A Firefighter Aptitude Test? Here Are The Tips

If you are interested in the firefighting career, taking a Firefighter Aptitude Test is inevitable. Passing the test is not easy as you may think and all you need is adequate preparation and the right resources. The test is administered to check the competency on each candidate regarding cognitive abilities, recall to accuracy, and completion speed. The test is primarily designed to give practical information and exhibition of an individual’s ability to process information and think critically. The minimum requirement for becoming a firefighter is secondary school education. However, one may surpass the required minimum qualifications, preparing for the test is highly encouraged.

How does the Firefighter Aptitude Test look like?

Passing the test, you must be sensitized on what is included in the test at large. The test has about 100-150 questions in true/false format and multiple choices. The questions cover and test a range of skills, such as:

• Mechanical reasoning
• Mathematical reasoning
• Reading comprehension
• Personality
• Situational judgment
• Observation and Memory
• Spatial orientation

The Firefighter Aptitude Test takes an average of 2-2.5 hours to complete, and the time allocated for each question varies from one department to another. The written test section comprises of two parts, and all to know is that you must pass one section before scoring on the second section. Part one majorly tests on mathematics and comprehension reading. The second section tests on the candidate personality in relation to the firefighting job.

Passing the test requires adequate preparation and resources as aforementioned. Below are some of the best resources that can help one prepare adequately.

FDNY Training materials

In this resources center, be sure to find about 30 questions comprising of those taken directly in the optical fire department. They cover the highlighted topics:

• Spatial orientation
• Comprehension
• Memorization
• Problem sensitivity

The Premier Fire Exam Study Group

The website is very resourceful as you will find helpful support required in passing the exam. You will find on this website:

• Test passing tips and strategies
• Practice questions and exams
• Physical ability tips
• Guidelines used to pass the oral board interview

In a nutshell, passing the Firefighter Aptitude Test needs a deeper understanding of the areas tested. Besides, one must know how the tests look like and prepare on each section adequately. This provisional article tips, test breakdown, and resources recommended will help you pass the test with excellence.

How To Stand Out As The Best Sydney City Cardiologist

There are many cardiologists throughout Sydney with some being in practice for decades. If you have just graduated from a medical school and you want to start practicing as a cardiologist, you truly have to stand out from other cardiologists in the city. Luckily, carving your niche as the best Sydney cardiologist just requires you to do a couple of simple things. So, where do you begin? What tools or resources do you need? Well. As a guide, here is a breakdown of the things you should do to stand out as the best Cardiologist in Sydney.

Show utmost care for your patients

The ability to show empathy toward your patients and take good care of them can make you stand out from other Sydney cardiologists. Show your patients that you aren’t just offering your services for monetary gains, but to help them get over the cardiovascular conditions they are experiencing.

Don’t cease learning

At any level, the practice of medicine is quite challenging. As a cardiologist and a medical professional, you must keep abreast with the latest advances and research in your field. To remain at the peak of your game and to stand out from your fellow cardiologists, you have to keep learning. Learning will keep you ahead of your colleagues since you will be familiar with the emerging trends in the medical field, and also familiarize yourself with modern tools that the today’s cardiologist should be utilizing in their practice. Being updated with the latest trends in your industry will also help you deliver the best services to your clients, which can go a long way in promoting your services even further.

Strive to become a spectacular cardiologist

During your practice, you shouldn’t be offering your services just for the sake of it but rather to hone your clinical experience and to serve your patients much better. As such, strive to become an outstanding cardiologist in everything you do, which is crucial for setting you apart from your colleagues offering their services in Sydney.

Market your practice

Even if you are the best cardiologist in Sydney and its environs, no one can tell you are one if people don’t know about your practice. As such, you have to market yourself aggressively so that prospective patients can learn about your practice, services, location and working hours. Using social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook can be an excellent way of marketing your practice.

What you do as a cardiologist can either set you up for success or failure. So, do whatever you have to do to stand out from the crowd.

What It Takes To Be The Best In Warehouse Units Management

Managers are wired to have different strengths and abilities. A manager who does exemplary well in one sector may fail terribly in another sector. The biggest challenge many established business owners face nowadays knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff in their quest to find the perfect warehouse manager. Here is a list of the top qualities that make a prospective managerial candidate the best in warehouse units management.

Necessary Leadership Skills

It doesn’t take much to identify a true leader amongst a bunch of people. It is crucial for a warehouse unit manager to possess leadership skills. This way, they can head and manage teams and projects effectively. A leader is trustworthy and has the right attitude towards every challenge. He or she is someone that the staff feels comfortable around and would want to emulate.

An Excellent Solution Seeker

In order to be the best in warehouse units management, it is important that you have the know-how necessary to make the distribution process seamless. Should any issues arise, the best manager is swift to find valid solutions. This means that very little time and energy goes to waste and that everything runs smoothly inside the warehouse.

Pride to serve in their position

Some managers see their position as a stepping stone to move on to a more prestigious post inside the company. A good warehouse manager, however, isn’t too focused on moving on to the next level but rather gives it their best to make sure they are able to deliver and meet set goals. They show dedication to the company’s agenda to ensure efficiency. This way, he or she ensures that they save time, reduce costs, and improve their service to customers in their pursuit to increase sales and make profits.

Sees The Full Picture

It is true that other junior managers are the ones responsible for dealing with and handling minor issues inside the warehouse. But this doesn’t mean that as the warehouse units manager, you shouldn’t be aware of what is going on inside the warehouse and what issues the staff could be struggling with. A star manager understands all the operations of a warehouse, anticipates certain issues and comes up with solutions to problems within the shortest time possible.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more characteristics and qualities that the best warehouse units manager should possess in order to stand out and perform well. Above-highlighted are four of the most important qualities that can make one the best in warehouse units management.

Firefighter Aptitude Test: All To Know

One of the first critical and key steps of becoming a firefighter is by undertaking a firefighter aptitude test. Passing this entrance exam is never a walk in the park, and as such, it needs adequate preparation. Knowing what to expect will ideally lower your anxiety and improve your score. There is a range of these tests making it absolutely necessary to know the type of tests to undertake.


Different fire departments use different tests under their discretion; however, the majority of these entrance exams are similar. It is essential to know the type of entrance exam you will be undertaking to enable you to do research aimed at improving your grades.

Test preparation packages

There is a range of test preparation packages, and here are some of them:

.798 additional exam questions
.Mathematical ability study guide
.648 exam questions;

  1. 241 mathematical reasoning questions
  2. 41 observational judgment questions
  3. 105 memory and observation questions
  4. 50 spatial orientation questions
  5. 69 comprehension-reading questions

Why is this test important?

The test help fire departments determine required cognitive abilities of candidates. Mostly, the test is geared towards testing the candidate psychological nature and behavior aimed at identifying whether he/she is extroverted or introverted. Besides, it determines one’s ability to work in groups/teams; how best can they deliver on their own, especially when faced with difficult situations and the resolutions they develop.

Who prepares the firefighter entrance exams?

Different departments create tests internally or externally. Larger departments create their own tests while smaller departments may not afford to create theirs. As such, their tests can be different and can be done orally and assessing the candidate certifications. This is usually done by an oral panel.

The test written sections

The test covers a wide range of skills necessary to determine suitable candidates for the job. Some of the skills they tests are cognitive, speed, and accuracy. The firefighter aptitude test, however, contains the following important sections:

• Mathematical reasoning sections entail graph reading, solving basic math problems and basic numeracy

• Mechanical reasoning section evaluates candidate ability to discern work tools and equipment and their functions.

• Comprehension reading section evaluates candidate ability to understand and draw conclusions from written texts

• Situation judgment section evaluates candidate decision-making skills especially when in crossroads

• Spatial orientation section portrays pictures of a map with questions that test navigation skills and techniques

Passing the test is not easy, and it is up to the candidates’ responsibility to prepare adequately. Preparation starts by knowing the type of test to undertake and possible questions.