Guide To Cell Tower Acquisition

Antennae of mobile phones play a fundamental role in keeping the network working optimally. They use an omnidirectional radiation pattern and come in different types. External — these variants were the first antenna configurations for mobile phones. They enabled the possibility to immediately see its positioning in the upper zone of the terminal and generally cylindrical in shape and in some cases telescopic.

Internal – the antenna is not visible and can be placed in any position inside the terminal. When it comes to the device, it relies on external antenna, characterized by a zero footprint comparable to internal antenna as it plays also a function of the frame of the terminal itself, the quintessential.

The choice of the antenna and its location is critical to meet the criteria of reliability of the signal, since this must be efficient in any situation. Under optimal conditions, it should avoid the resonance caused by the contact between two different types of antennas. In addition, there is the so-called “hand effect,” which is characterized by the reduction of the signal during use of the device, as the hand covers the antenna.

Cellular or mobile phone connect to the network through central sorting present in wired core of the cellular network, which in turn is connected to base stations (BTS, Base Transceiver Station). It is very often equipped with three or more radio cells, each capable of different connections (Cell Tower Acquisition) with mobile devices in its respective coverage area.

Your phone allows therefore to have available a connection when you are within range of a base station, especially when there is no physical obstructions or artifacts limiting the spread or propagation of frequencies of electromagnetic radio.

The availability of the service or the presence of cell coverage and the signal power is indicated by the field levels and thus depends on the conditions of radio propagation radio signal. The maximum distance in coverage depends on the specifications related to GSM technology, ranging from a few hundred meters up to 35 km, and the type of terrain on which the communication takes place.

These devices in addition to the transceiver, incorporating electronics consists of a data memory, a processor to perform various applications and software to manage these features. The phones can have an integrated video playback capability, a built-in radio, a chip for WiFi, a USB slot to connect your phone to your PC or camera.

Mobile phones can have different shapes, including a casing. a flap that covers and protects the keyboard or most recently covering the extended keyboard with a compact type.

Spot The Ball Online—Popular In The Era Of Internet Too

Ever wondered why games like Spot the Ball Online are so popular? This game is particularly interesting because it is not a game that became popular solely due to the Internet. New-age games like Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing games owe their existence to the Internet. On the other hand, Spot the Ball has been around for decades and has managed to create fans in successive generations without feeling stale.

While other games may have faded away due to the rise of the Internet—conventional card games for example, this game continues to remain popular and has, in fact, become a very popular online game too.

You may have instinctively felt that the web would probably sound the death knell for this game. In an era when recording videos was a difficult and complicated affair, only those with an eidetic memory would have remembered the exact position of the ball in the image.

For others, finalizing the right choice would be a matter of straining the memory, educated guess work, and a bit of luck, which is what made the game so interesting and exciting. However, what’s the fun in the game if you can search the Internet for a video of the match, identify the specific frame that has been shared, and locate the ball at its exact spot?

In fact, a computer savvy person can easily write a script that performs the above-mentioned steps automatically. Press the button and you would have found the ball. In such a scenario, this game should have probably lost all its popularity.

Yet, it remains popular and, surprisingly, is winning more fans. How has this come to be? Well, the basic point here is it’s not mandatory for the ball’s position in the image shared with participants to be the same with the position in real life.

While the video screenshot may show the ball at a spot near the player’s foot, the winning guess may be in a completely different location of the image. It may be an inch higher or a tad to the left. This is all it takes for the game to retain its charm.

As long as the ball is not in a random position, there is a lot of scope for intelligent analysis and careful guesswork to win the prize. This is one really interesting game that is likely to continue to remain popular for a long time in the future.

How To Buy Womens Workout Clothes Online

Part of the fun of working out is trying out new clothes that will not only make you look good but also feel good as well. This can be quite tricky if you’re just starting out because this type of clothing cannot be bought based on aesthetics alone. You will have to think about their performance because they are functional pieces that should help you accomplish your goals, not cause you discomfort in the middle of a routine. Here are just some of the things that you should keep in mind if you are planning to buy womens workout clothes online:

Get Sports-specific Items

What types of activities are you planning to do? Each will have its own demands so you have to purchase items that were designed specifically for them. For instance, yoga outfits will be drastically different from running clothes. Yoga classes are typically held indoors while running is mostly done outdoors except for treadmill sessions. The latter requires freedom of movement and cooling channels to prevent the body from overheating on the go. Footwear is also crucial in road and trail running.

Study the Size Chart

“Small” means different things to different manufacturers. You cannot assume that an item will fit you just because the label indicates the size you typically buy when shopping for casual wear. Fit is extremely vital when working out because loose clothing can be unsightly and impractical. On the other hand, shirts that are too tight can make it hard to breathe which is not good when you are pushing your body to its limits. Study the size chart to check the corresponding inches of the vital measurements like chest width and so forth.

Compare Prices at Different Shops

Once you find items that you like, make a note of them but don’t bring out your credit card immediately. Check out other shops to see if there are similar items that are available at a lower price. Always make comparisons because there is a good chance that the same item can be found elsewhere at a discount or bought with free delivery. The difference in prices can be significant so don’t neglect this step.

Stick to Trusted Brands

One of the most difficult parts of shopping online is not really knowing whether you are buying a quality product or not. Nothing is tangible so you have to rely on user reviews and manufacturer descriptions. You can’t see the quality of the stitches. You can’t feel the material on your skin. You’re not sure whether the shirt will shrink after washing. That’s why it is best to stick to trusted brands if possible. If you are trying out something new, then limit your purchase at first and just get more items later on once you have tested the item to your satisfaction.

5 Tips On How To Buy Coffee Beans Online

Coffee is one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in the world. Many people love coffee because it is a reliable energy booster. Moreover, coffee has numerous health benefits including reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and reducing the likelihood of developing liver cancer by 50%, according to the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). You too can enjoy the same health benefits. Here are five great tips oh now to buy coffee beans online:


The quality, flavor, and aroma of coffee varies depending on the source of beans. The main coffee-growing regions in the world are Latin America, Africa, and the Pacific Islands region. Coffee beans from Latin America are slightly bitter and acidic although those from Colombia tend to have a darker texture and bolder taste. In Africa, the major coffee growing countries are Ethiopia and Kenya. Coffee brewed using Ethiopian beans has a smooth and earthy flavor while coffee brewed with beans from Kenya can have a fruity, acidic or bitter taste. Try to Buy Coffee Beans Online from Sumatra (Pacific Islands) are renowned for producing coffee blends with rich and heavy flavors. With this in mind, choose coffee beans from a region that suit your taste.


There are two main types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee accounts for about 70-80% of global coffee production and its beans produce coffee with richer and aromatic coffee. On the other hand, Robusta beans tend to produce coffee that has a more acidic and harsher taste. As such, they are widely used for coffee blending purposes.

The Roasting Process

62bAnother factor that determines coffee flavor, aroma and acidity is the roasting process. In general, you can purchase coffee beans that have undergone light, medium, dark, or darker roasting. Light roasting produces beans with light brown color and sour taste. Medium roasting produces beans with medium brown color and a floral or fruity aroma. Dark and darker roasts produce coffee that has a bittersweet taste and is slightly acidic. Both Italian and French roasts tend to fall in the dark or darker categories.


If you prefer decaf coffee, choose beans that have had caffeine removed before roasting. Take note the decaffeinating process can affect the flavor and aroma of coffee.

Green and Fair Trade Credentials

If you are eco-conscious or are concerned about fair trade practices, go for a coffee brand that supports your ideals. Companies that produce coffee using an eco-friendly process usually include that information on their product labels to make it easier for consumers to identify such products.


If you are among the millions of coffee consumers in the US, the good news is you can purchase your favorite coffee brand online. Factors to consider when shopping for coffee beans online include origin, type of beans, caffeinated or decaf, as well as green and fair trade credentials.