Buying Your First Android Streaming Box

Selecting the right streaming device for your TV is not easy. There are so many devices for this purpose that it is difficult to choose the right one. Each device has its own advantages. You have to assess various features of these devices. The streaming systems in both lower and higher configurations are available. You will find expensive and cheaper devices in this range. Android is now the well known operating system software program. Its Android TV version software is licensed to manufacturers of many device makers. An Android streaming box lets you stream movies, videos and other media contents to your TV in high resolution.

Since 2015, most major television networks have been offering Android TV integration. Even when a proprietary hardware is used, the basic underlying operating software remains the same Android. This software is used by many streaming box manufacturers. These devices turn a TV into a smart device. Higher end expensive streaming devices have better features but some cheaper TV boxes in this range can also contain high end specs.

Compare these Android streaming systems on various parameters to select the right one.

Regular Firmware Updates

This type of update is necessary to ensure the device continues to work properly. A particular brand and model of streaming box may have been shipped with certain programming errors. Once these errors are noticed, the programmers fix the codes. Latest devices are capable of updating the firmware as soon as you connect them to the Internet. Only large established manufacturers offer regular firmware updates. Go for Over the Air or OTA update system. It means the device will update itself without any manual intervention.


When you buy a cheaper streaming system, you have to forgo some features. Most of these features enhance your viewing experience and are not really necessary for basic viewing. If you are satisfied with the basic viewing experience and do not seek too many options, even a cheaper streaming system will do the job. However, if you have a high end TV and want all the best features in your Android streaming box, you should be ready to pay more.

After Sales Support

You will receive the standard warranty with your streaming product but does it come with good after sales support service? Check what customers of a particular brand of streaming box have to say about the support service provided by its manufacturer. Buy the product of a manufacturer that offers good after-sales services to its customers.