Qualities If The Best Hair And Beauty Artist

Finding the best hair and makeup artist is not easy. Mainly because there are thousands of artists out there claiming to be the best, but the truth of the matter is that they are only after your money for low-quality services. To find the best in the business, there are a few things to expect. We have compiled a list of a few things that top stylists such as Elite Hair and Makeup have. Here is the list:


One marker that identifies a business that is well-operated from one that is not is cleanliness. This is specifically important for hair and makeup salons. You should not notice things like gunk and hair stuck on the bottles of styling products, or hair scattered everywhere from the previous haircut at the premises. A good hair and makeup salon has spotless facilities including the restrooms. Cleanliness in such a premises shows that the business actually cares, and also, it upholds your general health.

High Degree of Professionalism

You should only be served by hair and makeup artists who uphold high levels of professionalism. Do not go to a stylist who only talks about him or herself because this is one sign that this is a person who only cares about him or herself. A good stylist should put your needs first. Apart from that, they should be dressed and groomed in a manner that shows they are professionals. Also, the artist should indicate that he or she is furthering his or her education. The ones who invest in education are typically the ones who outperform those that do not. Therefore, they will continue providing you with high-quality services for a very long time. Only the best stylists like the ones at Elite Hair and Makeup are the ones who are excited about learning how to get better and embrace change.

Client-centric Culture

When a service provider places all focus on the client, great things happen. Though this is a very important quality, sadly, you will not find it in every hair and makeup artist. Good stylists who put you first do not think about other things such as how much money you should pay. In case you go for a salon, let it be one that the stylists act as a team to figure out ways to best serve you. Therefore, only go for hair and makeup artists who practice a client-centric culture.


New technologies are introduced each and every day that improve services offered by hair and makeup artists. This means that you should only choose a stylist that is innovative and has embraced these technologies. Such a stylist will improve your overall experience and provide you with high-quality services.

Buying Designer Lighting Online

Whether you are redoing your entire home or simply looking for one new lamp, looking for designer lighting online opens up a world of options. You can find lamps from a variety of designers, in a rainbow of colors and browse through hundreds of pictures to find the lighting that is right for you. With the wealth of information available, buying designer lighting online is now simple and easy.


A wide variety of chandeliers are available online, some from very famous brands. You can find the perfect lighting whether it is for a formal entryway or a small dining room. Information is available to help you pick the correct size, such as knowing that for a dining room, the rule of thumb is a fixture that is 12″ narrower than your table and for an entryway, a chandelier should have a depth of 2 to 3″ for every foot of the ceiling height. You can even find instructions on how to hang a chandelier, no matter what type room it will be hung in.

Home Ceiling Lights

Replacing old ceiling fixtures is a great way to freshen up your home. Available in many different sizes and shapes, you can find a wide variety of energy-efficient and beautiful, trend setting fixtures online. Whether they are suspended or hung flush to the ceiling, these fixtures are perfect for providing overall light to the room. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen areas, flush or semi-flush mounted fixtures are easy to install and give a fresh new touch to any home do-it-yourself project.

Designer Lamps and Decorating Ideas

Online you will find a wide selection of designer lamps, from modern and sleek to luxurious to top of the line elegant. These designer brands, often loved by interior decorators, show innovative use of shades, materials, finial and base combinations. Styles are available from traditional Tiffany to contemporary, country cottage to modern, offering a wide range of choices and ideas that will complement your current décor. Browse the online photographs to get some ideas on how to coordinate your new lamp into the room. For instance, if you are redoing a seating area or living room, consider an odd number of lamps for a more natural look by adding a swing arm lamp or a floor lamp.

Wall Light Fixtures

You may think of wall fixtures as being strictly functional but the right wall light is perfect for sprucing up the décor in any room. Available in a wide variety of finishes and forms, a hallway is a perfect place for a contemporary sconce while one on each side of the bed in your bedroom will free up the top of your nightstands. Wall fixtures are easy to install, with options from having it hard wired to a wall switch to a simple plug-in style.

What To Look For In A Melbourne Guesthouse

hotel3503Melbourne is a great city to be in with a vibrant atmosphere, well-developed infrastructure, friendly locals, and plenty of interesting sights to see. A lot of people come here every year to attend various events, conduct their business meetings, roam around the city, and simply be part of this throbbing metropolis.
In order to enjoy your stay, you should first find yourself excellent accommodations that can serve as your base for the length of your trip. Melbourne guesthouses are often preferred by tourists over hotels because they are cosy and welcoming places with a touch of personal service. You will be pleased to know that there are several of them around town.

Location: Proximity to Venues and Transport Systems

The first thing you should consider is the location of the Melbourne guesthouse. If you are attending an event, seeing a friend, or have places to visit, then look for one that is in the general area. It would save you a lot of hassle if you are within walking distance of the venue. There will be no need to ride a cab and possibly pay large sums just to get around town. You might want to venture further on some days so it would be nice to be located somewhere along the public transport system.

Neighbourhood: Nearby Establishments for Convenience

Peace and quiet is nice but being in an isolated part of town may not be desirable unless you plan to rent a car. You wouldn’t want to feel hungry in the middle of the night and not be able to eat because the nearest store or restaurant is over a mile away. All of the basics should be found nearby for utmost convenience. Always check reviews for comments regarding establishments around the place. Other important ones include money changers, laundry shops, 24-hour convenience stores, and perhaps coffee places where you can hang out or buy a filing snack at any time.

Amenities: The Guesthouse that Feels Like Home

Look for features that make the place feel like home. The rooms should be clean with comfortable beds, air conditioning, and hot/cold showers. Some have shared bathrooms which is fine provided that there are plenty of stalls and everything is well-maintained. It would be nice to have a television in the room or at least the common area. Free Wi-Fi is almost expected nowadays. Read the reviews regarding speed and reliability especially if you are going to need it a lot for work and communications. View the pictures of every corner of the interiors to see if it appeals to your taste.